Free Me From This Bond
a real-life gay fairytale of divine proportion

Copyright © 2013 by Zeke Krahlin
(San Francisco gay street activist since 1983)

Chapter 1: Free Me From This Bond
(Includes one sample illustration by S. Rohan)

Chapter 2: Moby's Dick

Chapter 3: Sweet Sue

Chapter 4: Cheerz, Muthuh Fukkuh

Chapter 5: Latest Gift

Chapter 6: VAMC Interviews

Chapter 7: Howard's Cafe

Chapter 8: Dragon Prophecy

Chapter 9: Dragon Fire in the Hole

Chapter 10: Yevgeny Saves The Day

Chapter 11: Down the Dragon Hole

Chapter 12: Corner Delivery

Chapter 13: The Phone Call

Chapter 14: Angus Mac Og's Bounty

Chapter 15: A Quaternity of Poems

Chapter 16: The REAL Phone Call

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