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The Mistake You Made
10.02.07 (12:41 am)   [edit]
From: 	  Zeke
To: 	  Ron, Eagle Tavern Bartender
Date: 	  02 Oct 2007, 07:55:37 PM
Subject:  The mistake you made...

is not kicking out Gypsy for threatening me. To merely reprimand him is
nothing more than a slap on the wrist. You should have KICKED HIM
OUT...for at least three months. Now, he realizes he can get away with
his hostility, and continue to bad-mouth me.

Come to think of it (with a little hindsight), I don't even think you
DID reprimand Gypsy. You just CLAIMED that, after I questioned you
several times re. WHY you haven't 86'd the bastard.

I will CONFRONT Gypsy very soon, as to why he stopped being friendly to
me, regardless of how you feel about it. I will ALSO confront you, as to
why you didn't kick him out, when you would have done so PROMPTLY if I
or anyone else threatened another patron.

The Eagle is every bit as EVIL as Hole in the Wall, and I have LOST my
patience with the wickedness that is perpetrated each and every day
against decent people, including myself.

At least TWICE when Larkin has shown up, you HAVE NOT told him that I am
the one behind welcoming him back to SOMA, particularly the Eagle. Why
on earth haven't you done that little kindness for me, unless you are
part and parcel of the wickedness going on?

I am also through with Larkin, who is a scumbag par excellence, in whose
face I will gladly spit next time (and every time) I see him. I don't
CARE one whit if he beats me up, or even kills me. I STAND BY THE TRUTH,
no matter what.

You disgust me, the Eagle disgusts me, the Hole in the Wall disgusts me,
SOMA bars disgust me, ALL the gay bars disgust me. I have DONE MY BEST
to give the benefit of the doubt, but you have FAILED me big time, along
with Gypsy, Gary Clayton, Chris Altman, Larkin Kelsey, et al.

To my very last breath if need be, I will CONDEMN every single gay bar
in this city. A wicked cult has run them for DECADES, and I have nothing
good to say of the bars in any way, shape or form.

Get this, Ron: you have ALLOWED a hetero person (Gypsy) to harass me, a
gay activist, in a gay bar. And all you've done is slap him on the wrist
for THREATENING me. And you have NOT said ONE GOOD WORD about me to
Larkin, even though you've had MANY chances to do so.


MOST sincerely,

Zeke Krahlin

From: 	  Ron, Eagle Tavern Bartender
To: 	  Zeke
Date:     Mon, 1 Oct 2007 19:55:37
Subject:  Re: The mistake you made...

I'm sorry you feel that way.  I have always treated you very well and with 
respect and I think you are way out of line.  Good Luck on your journeys.


From: 	  Zeke
To: 	  Ron, Eagle Tavern Bartender
Date: 	  05 Oct 2007, 07:28:51 PM
Subject:  Re: The mistake you made...

Ron writes:
| I'm sorry you feel that way.  I have always treated you very well and 
| with respect and I think you are way out of line.

oh ha ha ha

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