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In Kelsey I Trust

11.19.07 (2:53 pm)   [edit]
From: Zeke
To: My E-friends
Date: 17 Nov 2007, 10:11:44 AM
Subject: Important Question!

Considering I am about to EXPOSE these rats via distribution of the Larkin Chronicles, with their REAL NAMES, accurate descriptions of their appearance and hangouts, plus some PHOTOS:

What do you think are the odds of them retaliating with a lawsuit, in order to lock me up for slander, false witness and perjury? After all, what I actually witnessed was NOT witnessed by anyone else...of if they did, they are aligned with the scumbags (not me), and will LIE against me. Also, all other evidence I have is CIRCUMSTANTIAL, thus most difficult to prove in court, even with legal assistance. And the onus of proof would be upon yours truly, for making accusations that Gypsy et al deals drugs, threatened me, etc.

IOW: their word against mine.

Furthermore, should the goons take me to court, I would INSIST on a jury...that their ugly souls be exposed to the Proverbial Light of Day. Do you think it's likely they'd be willing to risk such exposure, just to get back at me? After all the confrontations I've had, none has gone out of his way to kill me, burn down my building, or have me arrested. They seem to draw the line with gossip, and an occasional anonymous mugging. Beyond that, they know their schemes could then backfire and THEY'D land in prison.

I am counting on Larkin to do the right thing...I put my life in his hands by exposing myself to danger. I don't think this is a mistake.

It is my belief that Larkin is actually my ALLY, who has infiltrated the enemy ranks in order to flush 'em outta here. It is possible he's a narc, or some other kind of agent. Either that, or he's owned by drug dealers who despise me, and they could make his life VERY miserable if they ever catch him (again) protecting me in any obvious manner.

For there is this to consider: whenever we are under the same roof (meaning, a gay bar) he will NEVER let anyone harm or threaten me. He's proven that SEVERAL times in the past 11 months. If someone starts to get belligerent over me, sure enough: Larkin will appear right behind the cur, hovering over him like a warrior angel, ready to strike him down at the least provocation towards me. They are quickly driven away, never to darken my view again. Yet during such scenarios, whenever I turn to Larkin to say thanks, he'll turn tail and disappear from my presence, like I had leprosy!

Anywayz, you know my Larkin Chronicles are already out there on the web (my site and blog, as well as posted to Usenet groups). My next step is this: Wednesday I drop off a printout of my chronicles at Larkin's workplace (tacqueria on Folsom & 8th), where I'll leave it on a table when I exit. The envelope will say "Larkin Kelsey" in large, bold letters (like the other packet I left him for Halloween).

Then about two weeks later, I plan to post a brief e-mail to two key characters who are most likely NOT my allies: bartender Ron, and customer Dennis Wallo (who I befriended for several months). Both seem to be very good friends w/Gypsy. Subject header: "The Larkin Chronicles". Message body will simply contain the URL. They'll know what I mean by the title alone, for I jokingly told them some months back that I'm considering changing my stories from "True Tales from South of Market" to "The Larkin Chronicles".

They associate with drug dealers/business people who possess extensive networking, powerful connections, and copious wampum. IOW, they can EASILY afford the best attorneys.

So: you know my story pretty well. And the hard-drugs are NOT my is the general corruption and consequent death and misery their antics create. I am, after all, 100% in support of decriminalizing all hard drugs. Be that as it may, dealers are PARANOID, and do NOT grasp my reasoned, balanced spin on the matter. They are scared...and I'll probably make them even MORE scared by this further advancement of my chronicles.

If you have any time to reflect on this matter, I'd MOST appreciate it. But I respect your own busy life, and would never begrudge you if time does not permit that luxury. Regardless of your opinion (if any), I intend to go through with this no matter what. I believe I'm on a Great Odyssey, which includes rigorous tests of both courage and scrutiny. I could NEVER live with myself, if I don't speak out in public--one way or another--about egregious wrongs that I have both witnessed and suffered. Remaining silent, I'd become a partner in crime!

Okay, 'nuff said. Thanks for your consideration. No matter what your response, I will seriously regard those words as ONLY arising from the best intentions.

From: Eleanor C.
To: Zeke
Date: 17 Nov 2007, 02:15:41 PM
Subject: Re: Important Question!

You're definitely stepping into serious territory when you name names, post pictures, and so forth.

I'd be more worried about them doing you physical harm than about them going after you with a lawsuit. You've said you know the details of your own demise, and if you're confident that it won't be at the hands of these characters, and if you have the stomach for the ratcheting-up that may very well follow, then go for it. Remember, though--lawsuits are expensive. If they decide to sue you, then papers will be served and you MUST respond. You seem to be brave and dauntless, and I'm sure you've thought all of this out, but be ready!!

{{ I'd be more worried about them doing you physical harm than about them going after you with a lawsuit. }}

I've already confronted these idiots in the recent past, making myself vulnerable to bashing as a result. Nothing. I don't think they want to put themselves in any position where I am FORCED to file police reports and bring on media interest. They KNOW I'm very good at drumming up public/media attention and well as writing with a sharp and accurate tongue.

Besides answering to my conscience, another reason I'm doing this, is to find out how Larkin will respond. For this will likely put him in a position to defend me against so doing may enable him to EXTRICATE himself from this dangerous cabal. In fact, they might just DUMP him entirely, as our friendship (and my dogged persistence like Canario) may make him a hot potato in their hands.

{{ You've said you know the details of your own demise }}

Not quite. I know my DESTINY...the details of my demise are NOT known. My visions show me coming out of this latest intrigue smelling like a rose, with a Great Love and bunches of true friends.

{{ Remember, though--lawsuits are expensive. }}

I have NO money or resources to hire a lawyer. I'd be totally dependent on the state. If the attorney sent me is a jerkwad, I'd have no choice but to represent myself. I think my STRONGEST defense is the Larkin Chronicles themeselves. Imagine a jury mandated to thoroughly study My Opus (sounds "myopic"...hmmm). What a unique audience!

From: John H.
To: Zeke
Date: 17 Nov 2007, 04:56:07 PM
Subject: Re: Important Question!

If Larkin's cronies have criminal records, go for it.

In that event they can't afford to file any suits.

If not, I might be hesitant, but considering their playground, the Judge would most likely throw such a case out.

Internet complicity is hard to prove anyway.

{{ If Larkin's chronies have criminal records, go for it. }}

They ALL have criminal records, minus Larkin.

{{ In that event they can't afford to file any suits. }}

This is my hunch too.

Besides, I have a life-long record of mental disability...always a convenient out.

From: Peggy C.
To: Zeke
Date: 18 Nov 2007, 12:57:29 PM
Subject: Re: Important Question!

Hello, My Shamanic Warrior!

I don't think you are likely to be sued, but I do think you are putting yourself at risk of other probably worse kinds of retaliations. I am wondering what the result of the expose will be:

  • Fewer drugs in the SOMA?
  • A better relationship with Larkin?
  • Behavior changes in the bad guys?

I don't know the answer to your question I am afraid, but I hope you stay well cuz I like having you around and healthy so you can continue your good work.

{{ I do think you are putting yourself at risk... }}

Being sued is impossible: I am immune to that, due to my poverty income. It is going to prison that I'd dread.

{{ Fewer drugs in the SOMA? A better relationship with larkin? Behavior changes in the bad guys? }}

All of the above. But the most IMPORTANT reason I'm so persistent, is because I've been grievously wronged in several vulgar and harmful ways. And the threats of further attack remain. Since no one else is here to defend or avenge me...I have to do this myself. I REFUSE to back off, as then they'll do FURTHER damage to me, and around me. Since I have no fear of death...or even going to prison if I really must...I have attained the upper hand.

Under consideration that Larkin may be going through HELL in caring about me under a most scary scenario...I MUST respond by honoring him through courage, perseverance and fidelity.

I have concluded that--should this ever go to court--my BEST defense IS "The Larkin Chronicles". Imagine a jury required to read the entire work with utmost attention. What a unique and empowered audience I'd have!

Be that as it may, I appeal to the Highest Court that exists...and it ain't situated anywhere on earth. These Lofty Judges reside in the clouds above Mt. Olympus.

{{ I hope you stay well cuz I like having you around and healthy so you can continue your good work. }}

I will likely NOT be well, if I don't answer to my conscience. I would despise my lack of spine and wither into dust, should I never hand my chronicles over to one who I think will surprise EVERYBODY with his Magnanimous Righteousness.

From: Thomas K.
To: Zeke
Date: 17 Nov 2007, 08:34:45 PM
Subject: Re: Important Question!

I am not a lawyer, but I know that courtrooms don't really have complete predictabilty- there is an element of chance, with little that is so cut-and-dry that the outcome is certain.

One key to avoiding litigation is to make sure to give your own personal feelings, not assertions of factual matters that can potentially be disproven. Eg., if you were dissatisifed with a work that a contractor did, and want to complain publicly say "I was not satisified with his work", not "He is incompetent". The first statement is making a statement about your own feeling, which is definitely true. The second statement could be challenged with examples of other satistified customers, or state licensing, etc, etc.

I suppose that the second advantage is that if you don't have a lot of savings, their own lawyers will cost more than it is worth for them to pursue you. The natural advantage of not being burdened with wealth.

{{ One key to avoiding litigation is to make sure to give your own personal feelings }}

Thank you for your considerate evaluation, Tom. One more line of defense has just occurred to my enfeebled mind:

I was subjected to a date-rape drug via a Hole-in-the-Wall patron. This could have caused brain damage. So if a jury decides my perception is seriously skewed, they might conclude it was due to my drink being spiked w/o my knowledge.


posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 11.19.07 (3:41 pm)

Kelsey? The only Kelsey I knew in S.F. thirty years ago was David, the washed up cabaret pianobar "star" on Polk Street.

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 11.20.07 (9:45 pm)

Well now you know another one. Kelsey's a fairly common Irish surname...and LOTS of descendents of the Emerald Island still live here. Besides: I'm sure THIS Kelsey is a vast improvement over THAT Kelsey. :b

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