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Liberation Is Imminent!
11.26.07 (10:27 pm)   [edit]
From: Zeke
To: Thomas
Cc: Peggy C., Eleanor C., James D., John H.
Date: 26 Nov 2007, 08:48:43 PM
Subject: Re: Preparation for the worst

Thomas writes:

{{ Ezekiel, I saved away all the information- hope you will take precautions. }}

Well, I have no place to hide friends who live in a secure location. My building is a low-security slumlord apartment building: REAL EASY to sneak in and out of.

A LOT of people already hate me, and are just DYING for the moment to pounce, and tear me to shreds!

The ONLY precautions afforded me, are my wits. And when you think about it: that's my GREATEST weapon and protection. I must remain balanced and joyful, confident of a great destiny, and of my irrepressible resilience.

This message is being cc'd to all OTHER trusted e-friends (as you see), all of whom I now address:

I just uploaded the FIRST version of my 2 books, set up for easy pressing to CD or DVD. Includes the COMPLETE Larkin Chronicles, the first four (of 7 or 8) chapters of Friendly Ghost Detective Agency, and the UNFINISHED chapters of the latter. The (two) endings have already been writ, which are stunningly beautiful! Feel free to read that now. I will NOT be disappointed; in fact you'll be AWED and DELIGHTED.

DOWNLOAD NOW this newest update:

Once you unzip it to a separate, empty file, you'll see how EASY it is to open my books, and press to CD or DVD!

Permission is now granted by yours truly, to make as many CD's or DVD's as you like, and distribute them to whomever, as many and as often as it pleases.

As I continue writing (hopefully...'cause if sent to jail/prison, I most CERTAINLY will be banned from getting anywhere NEAR a computer, or from using any other writing/communication tool), I will of course UPDATE, and inform you whenever there IS additional material.

I think it's an artful concept, to share the development of the remaining chapters with my admirers and other netizens FORTUNATE enough to stumble onto my blog or website.

BTW, Peggy C. changed her phone number to:


and gave me permission to share it with you. The OTHER phone number now belongs to her wonderful daughter Julia. I suggest you CONTINUE using that number to contact Peggy, as I believe Julia would consider this an HONOR...and it would PROBABLY bring much JOY to her life, to hold such sacred responsibility.

(BTW Eleanor, you need to have my phone number; 415-xxx-xxxx. You are CERTAINLY invited to call me. Just know that I am on the Internet OFTEN, and you may experience longterm busy signals. Perhaps I should restore my Yahoo chat service? Let me know!)

As for the matter of prison: I will simply "entertain the troops," bring JOY to guards and prisoners alike. Surely, I will be SURROUNDED by lovely men who will bend on one knee to thank GODDESS for my benevolent and healing visitation! Then: I'll LIBERATE them all!

Hold me in lockdown? Ha! My psychic powers have grown SO strong, they don't even wanna GO there! In fact, they don't wanna cause me to have a WILD HAIR UP MY ASS (albeit it the hair of an ANGEL), and summon the Wrath of Hera upon their measly weasly cheesly little souls!

I am VICTORY INCARNATE! Dripping with success, there is NOTHING that could EVER happen to me now, other than WIN/WIN scenarios! How divinely elegant. How JUST.

You all KNOW I'm doing the RIGHT thing, in every WHICHWAY possible. I am ANSWERING to my conscience: for what I NOW understand to be Life's Mission, to even shirk that for a nanosecond would cause me GREAT self-loathing. AFAIC, I HAVE NO CHOICE! And I don't even MIND one iota; in fact I am JUBILANT.

My angels show me visions of lovely men RESCUING me from an evil fate, providing secret places to remain safe...along with LOTS AND LOTS of camaraderie and HOT, DELECTABLE sex! What's not to like?

The Great Adventure begins...and with it, GAY LIBERATION. I will likely wind up being transported from one paradisiacal hideaway to another, ALWAYS accompanied by at least SEVERAL bodacious and HANDSOME, totally DEVOTED gay BODYGUARDS. I repeat: "What's not to like?"

I've TAPPED INTO the psychic realm manipulated by our enemies, and TURNED IT AROUND to my magnanimous favor! Do you REALIZE what this implies, what incredible DESTINY this means for ALL good gay people EVERYWHERE?

I wanted badly to present Larkin with My Chronicles BEFORE Thanksgiving, but was delayed 'cause thought I needed to complete numerous more chapters. As it turned out, those chapters have since been SEPARATED from these Chronicles, and morphed into My Second Book Inspired By Such a Glorious Angel Of A Man, a.k.a. "Friendly Ghost Detective Agency".

So today, I was ready to bring the completed Larkin Chronicles to the tacqueria where he works. (See "A Larkin Thanksgiving" to view the gift packet.) I speedily walked the 10-or-so blocks, EAGER to share with him my heart's gift. On the way, a honeybee got in my face and, being kinda wary about stinging wing-ed insects since a child, I froze still (in hopes it would depart).

It didn't. I shifted left, the honeybee followed. Veered right: same. So I stood there, until it seemed to fly off. Taking my first step, I saw that the bee was now hovering over my feet! And what did I ALSO see when I looked down? This:

Literally CHISELED into the concrete, these words (though upside down):


I was exultant. For some months back, I was strolling down the street on my way to The Eagle, and just when I had this LOVELY thought about Larkin, looked down to discover those chiseled words! Of course, I took it as a benevolent omen.

Some weeks later, I photographed that Sidewalk Sundae Phraseology and added it to my chronicle entitled "A Larkin Reverie" at the file bottom. But the pic is ALSO attached to this e-mail. Neat, huh?

Now, I had FORGOTTEN the location of that concrete wisdom, so gave it no thought when trucking on down to Larkin's tacqueria today. It was The Humble Bee (now rare and endangered) who played Goddess's Messenger.

I was of course JONESING to bring this TREMENDOUS token of my love and friendship to Larkin, and so DESPERATELY pleaded to the gods, that he WOULD be there. As I approaced the tacqueria, I saw: Yes, he's THERE! My goodwill overflowed to a homeless black man pandering Street Sheets for a dollar. So I gave him a buck, hoping Larkin would witness my benevolence through the large plate-glass window (but alas, he seemed preoccupied what with slinging guacamole and refried beans), and we conversed. The panhandler greatly appreciated my positive words, and gave me TWO hugs (one left, one right) before I parted.

Such a delight to be in my beloved's vicinity once more! There was my Angel Larkin in all his darling glory, despite his run-down appearance and troubled demeanor. Plus I was looking FORWARD to their delicious plate of Chile Rellenos, after fasting since last night, to honor completion of Chapter Four. Two other employees were there: a young, pretty Latino women, and an elderly Mexican gentleman (short in stature and gray haired) whom I figured to be the owner.

Right when I gave him my order, Larkin called "Adios!" and departed for the day. "Great," I thought, "Larkin's gone, and now i'm STUCK having to place an order w/o him, and I certainly CAN'T leave My Chronicles hidden beneath this newspaper I purchased specifically FOR that reason!" (Factoid: I entered a grocery shop to buy the paper, as I had no coins. When I grabbed a Chronicle off the stand, the cashier said: "Make sure it's today's, I haven't checked." I laughed and replied: "Doesn't matter. I don't plan to actually READ it". Paid the perplexed employee my dollar, got two quarters in return, and departed.)

So here I am, about to WASTE $6.95 for a meal whose intended PURPOSE could not be completed, in spite of how DELICIOUS it would be after my 18 hour fast. The owner-cashier took my order, then announced it in Spanish to the lady server...and invited me to have a seat, it'll be right over. The woman called back: "It's not ready, maybe you'd like to order something else?" Meanwhile, Larkin stood outside waiting for the light to change: a mere 15 feet from where I stood, inside the tacqueria! "Interesting," I thought...then said, "Thanks, but I really had my heart set on those rellenos. I'll return in a day or two."

Then added before depart: "This place serves the TASTIEST tacqueria dishes in the city. My compliments to the chef!" And left them glowing.

Should I approach Larkin in hopes he'd accept my belated Thanksgiving gift? Or should I respect the dangerous locale, what with Hole in the Wall just one door up, where my enemies would likely do him great damage if they saw us in friendly commiseration?

I decided he already knew I have another gift for him (though probably figured it was two Mad magazines and a large Hershey's chocolate bar w/almonds, like for Halloween). And would make some gesture towards me, to indicate everything's okay. He did not. Didn't even turn towards me as he stood at the corner waiting to cross. I stood there too, only on the OTHER side (bare arm's reach away), ready to cross the intersecting street.

His light turned green before mine: he crossed, then sat against a building ledge. Tied a loose shoestring, then lit up a cig and lingered. What does this mean? Is it okay for me to approach him?

MY light finally turned green, so I crossed as if we never knew each other in the first place. I figured since he's telepathic he understands anyway how I feel, and respects and APPRECIATES me. And if he really was ready to accept my latest gift, he'd have made some sort of welcoming sign. I crossed on the other side of Folsom Street, glanced at The Beauty one more time, then departed from his site.

One block up, back on the same side of the street as Larkin, I entered the "Pick Me Up Cafe" (originally intended specifically for gay clientele, it has long since been taken over by your average but friendly Filipino family).

Quite hungry by now, I ordered their DELICIOUS veggie lasagna w/salad. "Sorry," said the jovial young cashier, "we're out of that today!"

Okay, Goddess is playing with me...kewl! And I ordered instead their EXCELLENT avocado sandwich minus cheese, and with extra avocado. I just LOVE avocado, and can't get enough of it. Toasted wheat bread with EVERYTHING (including jalapeno pepper, mustard and mayo). I sat enjoying the sandwich with a tall glass of iced tea, and thought:

Larkin can read my mind, he knows I'm here. If he wants to accept my gift now, he can just walk in. Sadly he did NOT show up. But I DID enjoy a very tasty lunch, and realized: "This is yet one more charming parable to write about: how Larkin set me up 'cause he KNEW I planned to see him today." I laughed to my thwarted self. (It's okay, Larkin. I love you always.)

I am just EAGER to bring Larkin These Chronicles, in case I'm arrested or disappeared in some other way. He doesn't have a computer, so can't visit my website, or view my writing on CD. So I just had an EXCELLENT phone conversation w/Peggy, requesting she bring him a copy of The Larkin Chronicles, to be sure he sees them. After all, he is SO belov-ed to me, and I wrote these chronicles because I am SO inspired by this most GLORIOUS of Men Among All Men. (Should I say: "MOTHER of all men"? Hardy-har!)

Thus the magic in my life, these extraordinary and sweet parables that seem to AFFIRM my future successes, and witness to the miracles that shall spill over and beyond my OWN petty little world, to eventually capture everyone ELSE on the planet, and turn their lives into Heavenly Delight.

I cast my net wisely!

Zeke Krahlin
Queer Prophet Par Excellence

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