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Homo For The Holidays
12.09.07 (4:57 am)   [edit]

A taste of country. A touch of class.

WELCOME to LARKIN.... a quiet, comfortable retreat where you can relax, enjoy conversation and awake to a refreshing compliment.

Impressive LARKIN has sheltered travelers for nearly a century. Today, candles in windows and porch lanterns glow with a warm welcoming light.

DISCOVER the DIFFERENCE.......LARKIN is family owned and operated with a personal touch.


Visit us during the winter holidays, when outstanding decorations transform LARKIN into a glistening winter wonderland.

Join our guests, who return year after year, to enjoy warm holiday hospitality.

LARKIN makes a perfect "home base" for any type of activity or just "plain ol' relaxing".



posted by: routanne (reply)
post date: 12.09.07 (12:27 pm)

Am I missing something?

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 12.09.07 (1:52 pm)

You need to have read previous posts, to comprehend this entry. In my blog, I've extracted certain entries and put them into a book, "Steal This Blog". It's a 2-volume dealie, absolutely free to read and share. First volume is called "The Larkin Chronicles". Volume 2: "Friendly Ghost Detective Agency". If you'd like, you can start reading them by clicking on "Steal This Blog" in the My Links section on the left.

They are incredible tales, if I say so myself. I don't think you'll be disappointed. In fact, I think you'll become a most enthusiastic reader. Thanks for posting here, routanne!

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