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Letters to Randolph
12.20.07 (12:30 am)   [edit]

All this fuss over Larkin, I almost forgot the main star in my life: Randolph Louis Taylor! I am incredibly grateful for Goddess bringing glorious Larkin into my life (in fact, I'd grovel before my enemies if need be, to PROVE my love for Larkin)!

However, no matter how you slice, dice, or splice it, Randolph is my PRE-EMINENT and NUMERO UNO lover and guardian angel. Larkin is (how do I say w/o hurting his tender heart) another most-beloved angel whom I simply ADORE as much as I do Randolph...albeit SECOND in line. I'm sure Larkin doesn't mind, as he totally ADMIRES my devotion towards Angel #1...whom I believe assigned marvelous Larkin to watch over, and eventually, love me with a great passion. I'd say it speaks MOUNTAINS for Larkin, that he should be the FIRST and ONLY man to enchant me so much as to FORGET about Randolph, whom I have thought about every single day since he shot himself in 1985, until I met darling Larkin!

Though Randolph has disappeared from my life since 1990, I continue to send him letters of kindness and hope c/o his cousin Kitty in Arlington, Virginia. And you know what? Even though Kitty never writes back, phones me, or answers my calls (another mystery yet to be resolved), NONE of my letters are ever sent back! Though in these last three years, my messages to Randolph are diminished in frequency, to about four per year.

It is, however, this NEW friendship with Larkin (albeit convoluted and tortuous) that has rekindled my devotion TOWARDS Randolph. So I decided to snail-mail a select collection of my writings to him, from both the Larkin Chronicles, AND Friendly Ghost Detective Agency. In faith that he is NOT dead, but alive and kicking, thanks in large part to my UNDYING love and faith in my Randolph's incredible calling as both a Vietnam veteran, and gay activist.

There is a strong element of "deja vu" in this, considering that ANOTHER time in the past--say, 1993--when I LIKEWISE sent a bunch of letters on his behalf, 14 to be exact. CLICK on the image above, to find out EXACTLY what I mean! The FIRST time, I sent FOURTEEN letters...this time, I sent ELEVEN...though only NINE are shown in this image. I wound up sending TWO MORE a few days later, is all.

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