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A Friendship Card
02.27.08 (12:56 am)   [edit]

Envelope & card (front).

Just a nice, blank card from Walgreens, with faux leopard-skin cover. The brown/black spots are actually fuzzy!

Envelope (closeup).

I started using a Pegasus ink stamp on all my personal snail-mail, say maybe a dozen years ago. The blue Pegasus represents my guardian angel Randolph, and the pink Pegaus is ME! Randolph guides me in all things important, including my soulfull letters. It is my belief he brought Larkin to me. Every time I see or think of Larkin, my heart lights up!

Card (open)

Card (open, closeup)

That particular butterfly in my friendship card is actually part of a scanned copy of a 5x7 watercolor. A single butterfly is depicted fluttering about a crop of orange-petaled flowers, kissed with ladybugs.

The painting was done by one of my mother's friends, there in Florida. It is the last gift from my mother before she died a few months later.

I'm sure she selected that one because of the ladybugs. For my favorite pajamas as a kid, were the ones with ladybugs printed all over them. One evening, I suddenly suffered agonizing cramps and was rushed to the hospital. I was only six years old!

I remember to this very day EXACTLY how the pain felt: just like a hollow, metal box in my bowels, jabbing its sharp corners like knives from the inside. It really hurt, but by the time the ambulance arrived, the pain had vanished. So instead of the usual appendectomy, they performed a general exploration...cutting open a 5-inch vertical slit just to the right of my navel.

Earlier that eve (before my attack), we were watching on the television set, "Snow White and The Seven Dwarves." The witch really scared me. I was eating moist shredded coconut from a can...which I believe caused my painful eruption. I couldn't eat coconut for twenty-five years! Now, it's no bother.

Turned out it WAS my swollen appendix, thus they removed it. They also cut up my pajamas on the operating table, and discarded them. When my mother asked about them, she begged to retrieve the pieces; she'd sew them all back together.

Ladybugs were my favorite insect, and we had many back in the 50's and 60's on Long Island's emerald, watered and chemicalized postage stamp lawns with a floral splash!

The sensimilla in that mini-baggie was obtained by my new friend and pot dealer, Amadu...a most handsome and joyful individual! Exactly how we met was quite fortuitous:

Approximately two weeks ago, I was taking my usual twilight stroll down Market Street to Church. Of course, passing The Metro, where Larkin often hangs out and works part time. More often than not, I stroll right on by without peering in to see if Larkin is there. But other times, I gain great pleasure simply gazing upon the darlin' Irish Soldier, even if just a flash. That night was one of 'em. So I stopped before the door, and gazed within: nope, no Larkin. He' s always REAL easy to spot, being 6'4" tall!

But as Larkin's appearance into my life has showered me with so much adventure and good fortune...often something sweet happens to me when thinking of him while out in public.

Soon as I pulled away from the door, this colorfully attired kinda flower child guy got right in my face with a BRIGHT smile, and holding a gold-lettered black sign about seven inches long and three high. It said:

Medical Marijuana
Are you in need?

His gray eyes sparked at mine, and I studied his face once more. He's a fox! And no spring chicken either, must be 40-45 and in VERY good health!

Thus began a new friendship, and access to a healing herb that has been DENIED me for so many years, for a REALLY GOOD DEAL! And I am sure it was guardian angel Larkin that provided this source of ganja through Amadu's hand. BTW, "Amadu" is a South African name, meaning "drummer".

The more I think of Larkin, the luckier I get!
Though for us actually being together (again):
Not yet.

Card (back)

Just a sticker, the plastic kind that shimmers between two images. In this case, between the puppy you see above, and the words "Pup Kiss!" From my leftover Valentine's Day schlock.

So this friendship card includes blessings from: Randolph (my greatest love), my mother, and a healer (marijuana distributor). They all formed a juncture in the fourth dimension, whose point in the third, is this article you now read! All done UNCONSCIOUSLY on my part, I didn't even REALIZE the significance of those three images, except with several hours' hindsight. So I blew my own mind, too, not just yours! Truly POWERFUL medicine has come through my latest love token to my sweet and brave Irish angel, Larkin.

The magic appears of its own accord, whenever the time is ripe. I simply CHANNEL what flows through. A convergence of three loving souls dedicated to my victory in all ways conceivable, made manifest in this friendship card. Could NEVER occur if the prayer or spell was NOT evoked with ONLY the purest of good intentions.

I am awesomely honored.


posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 02.27.08 (12:15 pm)

Nice sentiments.

posted by: Amadu (reply)
post date: 02.27.08 (1:03 pm)

Fabulous! I wish i had u do my bussinsess cards you have a great eye. THANZ Amadu

posted by: pegala (reply)
post date: 02.27.08 (6:34 pm)

lucky, lucky, larkin

posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 02.27.08 (9:25 pm)

Green. It will be nice to see it outside, thick and lush, not mixed with brown tundra.

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 02.27.08 (10:01 pm)

Beautiful day here, actually got pretty warm in Eureka V. and SOMA. Cool breezes, warm gentle sunlight...bright most of the day. Saw Larkin at the tacqueria, left him my friendship card. I'm sure he's preserving EVERYTHING so that--four or five years down the line after we're married--he'll open his box of memoribilia an pour its entire contents on the living room carpet.

"Do you remember these, Zeke?"

And I'll look and see ALL my love letters, trinkets, Mad magazines, book chapters and cards that I've ever presented him. This actually goes back before the tacqueria. After I was drugged and mugged August 2006. Sent Larkin three seperate letters via snail mail, care of the Hole in the Wall Saloon.

And we'll go down memory lane together, where he'll tell me how MUCH he cherishes every little thing I gift him with. And I'll finally learn HIS side of the story, and how each gift affected him, what he was going through at the time.

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 02.28.08 (1:51 pm)


I originally intended my piece "A Friendship Card" to remain a strictly visual blog entry...that is: no text, no words. Not even so much as one hidden link. But the next day after posting, I grew itchy to write some explanations, due to their intriguing nature.

Thus, I planned to add comments to the images on "A Friendship Card" a couple weeks down the line. But when Tom K. brought up the butterfly in an e-mail yesterday, I was inspired to write about it. And that butterfly was ONE of the intriguing images with a story to tell! Which then led to the rest pouring fourth from my frenzied fingers, and onto my beloved keyboard.

In these newly-added comments, you'll discover the magical aspect of my card creation, how that realization came with hindsight, and thus a law of metaphysics showing how good magic can manifest automatically and unconsciously. Though with intent to give clear evidence a little further down the line, a.k.a. "hindsight".

The medal of honor was an afterthought, simply my intense bond with a highly decorated Marine Corp soldier, Randolph Taylor. That is: "Blue Pegasus"!

posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 02.29.08 (2:43 pm)

I finally trained my firefox browser to remember my password, I guess, because now I don't have to type in my handle, it's automatically there. I haven't attached any face to it, although the blogmaster would be very kindly to devise an automatic thumbnail of the member's photo, if submitted in the profile.

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 02.29.08 (7:08 pm)

Yes, and one more thing I neglected to mention till now:

Before sealing the card, I wanted to include a printout of this blog entry. The first version, with images only. Just before folding it twice, into the usual square, something inspired my hands to fold it haphazardly, starting with one corner, then another, then the middle, then another edge, and another corner...well, it was spontaneous. I couldn't origami my way out of a paper bag, but the result was phenomenal.

Looking very much like a paper crane minus the wings, I first thought. There was the head w/pointy beak, the long neck reaching down to its broad chest, then three accordian creases for the body, with a fourth, smaller fold describing the tail which ended in a small, triangular point bent down.

It folded up into a coffin shape, albeit a bit cockeyed. I gingerly began to unfold it as if I were Larkin seeking to discover its contents w/o damaging the original creases. Having done so halfway, I began to fold it back into place, when one edge suddenly snapped from my fingers, and found its way beneath another fold, when previously it was on top. Voila! The perfect coffin! (Shades of the Little Queer Vegan Vampire, I suppose...another character in my personal litany about whom I shall write extensively, later on this year.)

I carefully unfolded again, to take a second gander at what I have created: It wasn't a crane at all...it was a fat snake...maybe an eel gliding through the water. Cute!

Not till the next morning, whilst taking a shower, did I again envision the folded masterpiece, to finally realize it represents the Loch Ness monster! Makes perfect sense, considering my Scottish heritage and deep spiritual roots in Celtic lore. Not to mention Larkin's 100% Irish soul.

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