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Yow, I'm 58!
07.01.08 (10:16 pm)   [edit]

Dear Larkin,

Don't know when your birthday occurs, but mine's today (July 1). So I'm using my b'day as the perfect excuse to celebrate yours. Besides, it has been a personal tradition of mine, to celebrate the day of my birth by doing something nice for another. In fact, the opportunity sort of threw itself at my feet:

This afternoon, while strolling down Noe Street after stepping off the N Judah,

I discovered someone's medical papers scattered on the sidewalk. They looked important, apparently a pending lawsuit by a male nurse who was injured on the job at Davies Medical Center. No phone number, but fortunately his full name and address were on page one.

So I enclosed my "Jehovah's Queer Witness" calling card along with his papers, sealed the envelope, stuck a stamp to it, and dropped it in a nearby mailbox. No reward or contact expected, but who knows? I sense something fortuitous in my good deed for the day.

This is not a cheap birthday card, so I'm leaving it unmarked, that you might enjoy presenting it to another. (See you manana, at the tacqueria.)

Your friend,



posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 07.02.08 (11:02 am)

Larkin, I would never eat at that pricey tacqueria. The overhead and taxassessment is too high, and the owner has to pass that cost on to the noodleheaded consumers from the bar next door. Last time I ate there was '78, it was Arabic, the "Pita Pocket Place".

Zeke's 58. I'm soon to be 55. I hate having to drive 55 (or at all, for that matter). Now I will have to live 55.

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 07.02.08 (10:11 pm)

Ha ha, John. Thanks for the history of that corner. BTW, they have the best chile rellenos ever, and cost LESS than other tacquerias ($3.50 per vs. $5.50).

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