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The Gay Quran?
04.22.08 (9:11 am)   [edit]
Did you know that Muslims have an affectionate name for their holy bible, the Quran? It's "Final Testament".

But *I* didn't find that out, until at least FOUR YEARS after establishing the official title for my own web site which is (coincidentally) "The Final Testament".

FACTOID: If you Google the title "Final Testament" my own web site will appear second, third or fourth from the top of the very first results page! (And I don't even advertise.) But Numero Uno always turns out to be a link to the Quran.

So, my question to you dear e-friends is this:

Should I (1) KEEP that title and take some of the burden off Salman Rushdie's courageous shoulders, (2) RENAME the title and all references to that title from my web site, or (3) CHANGE my appearance and identity and go underground forever, an anonymous ghost (or angel) who fell to earth between the cracks (and hope that ONE of those cracks belongs to Brad Pitt)?

Waiting for your vote(s) on bated prefrontal lobe! (Use the comment box below.)


Salman Rushdie is well-heeled, and well-connected: part of the international community of wealthy elites. Whenever he needs to go into hiding due to his incredibly BRAVE stance in favor of free speech, all resources for doing so are at his fingertips.

As for yours truly (the Zekester), I have no real connections, family or otherwise. I'm low-income, unpublished, and expendible. Why, should I be disappeared this very MOMENT you yourself would not suspect skulduggery until WEEKS (or even months) pass. That's just how UNconnected I am! Scary, no? I am TOTALLY vulnerable to Islamic retaliation.

Not to mention gov't suppression by my own country. Which can mean a court (or Homeland-Gestapo) order of silence, a ban against my even getting CLOSE to a computer or Internet relay, house arrest, imprisonment, or even forced suicide.

Alright, enough of worst-case-scenario obsessing! It is my blatant HONESTY and CHALLENGES regardless of my own safety, that gives me POWER. Which power of course DOES protect me from any serious attack. (And the BEST way to hide a treasure, the old saying goes, is to display it right in front of the world's eyes!)

So I become ipso facto, living PROOF of the spirit, through my actions in FAITH. If one chooses the atheist world view, then one may perceive me as being very in-tune with social trends and manipulation (albeit for benevolent motives). IOW: social engineering on a personal scale. Like bringing the atomic bomb to the masses, only I gift you with powers from the mind (or spirit world if you like).

I therefore harbor an archetype of the most classical tradition: Prometheus. MY fire is a spiritual fire. Like Chiron before me, who freed Prometheus from being shackled to a cliff where an eagle plucked his liver each eve, I wilfully sacrifice my life to free CHIRON from his deep, deathly sleep. But I am also like the phoenix, rising from its own ashes.

Thus, in lieu of a curse from this or that god (as was the fate of Prometheus and of the centaur Chiron), I am blessed with incredible good fortune. The curse is finally broken. AND Chiron is resurrected at last! WithOUT my needing to die in the process, or even sacrificed to a curse.

Whatever the origin of this curse, and the reason for it. THAT part eludes me still! Probably, it resides in the marrow of our very DNA.

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