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GOCT Is Da Bomb!
12.25.08 (11:08 pm)   [edit]
Just to wish you a most happy holiday season and new year. I am aware that there are human beings behind every web site, ISP, message board, blog service, et al. So I think sometimes it is a good thing to step back and thank the person/people behind this e-wall, for providing such an excellent service for so little price!

You don't know me of course, but I am a gay activist (and homeless advocate) who uses the Internet as a valuable tool for communication and raising awareness. But living on a low income forces me to make do with less than the latest Internet technology. And if it weren't for gracious folks like you--who diligently provide quality service at the very lowest price--I'd be incapacitated from doing my good works. Or IOW: w/o you, I'd be up the proverbial sh*t creek!

I have since acquired a netbook (due to its lower cost compared to standard laptops), and am freaking out with joy to finally be able to access the Internet via free wifi at this and that coffeehouse and library. Needless to say, this has empowered me greatly as an activist and cyberspace sojourner. Yet, when I return home, I must still revert to 56kbps dialup, for which your excellent service remains indispensable.

When the time comes to drop dialup, I will nonetheless continue to give you the highest recommendation to others who still use dialup, as an ISP par excellence which ALSO provides at no extra cost, robust news service with a plethora of newsgroups. Don't know how much longer I'll be needing dialup, but I thought to take a moment and post you my gratitude for your fine ISP service, for which I'm sure so many customers take for granted. Blessed be to you and loved ones, wishing you only the greatest success in your personal life and career.

Happiest New Year, goct.net!


posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 12.26.08 (8:59 am)

Dialup here. My friends were inundated with viruses when they went high speed. I'm not willing to pay high prices for this. In the east, Bell Atlantic is now "Verizon". They keep pushing this crap about high speed internet and cable TV for $100 a month. Why in the name of God would ANYBODy pay for something they can get free, like TV? PBS is voluntary contribution, corporate grants to cover for the needy.

Cable is crap. Verizon is banking on the notion that most people have more money than brains. NEWSFLASH little people: It is equivalent to cutting your own throat to make yourself more and more dependent upon contrived services.

So, yes - RESIST technocracy. Don't go willingly. They'll have you goose stepping if you let them.

posted by: zekeblog (reply)
post date: 12.26.08 (9:40 am)

A new spin on the Xmas goose!

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