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Big Plans For A Tiny PC
11.02.08 (10:48 am)   [edit]

Asus Eee PC 1000H

The following article I originally posted to under pseudonym "Pewterbot9":

It will serve as my main system at home too, considering my low income and my sense of adventure. I'll connect it to my larger LCD screen (after tossing out my ancient Win98se box), plug in a full size keyboard and mouse (maybe get a bluetooth mouse), and use an external HD and DVD-RW drive. Oh yeah, a set of good external speakers too!

I'll get a coupla USB memory sticks or SD flash cards: one for data backup, another for loading Linux!

I'll also take advantage of those free online storage services, to backup my data redundantly. AND use Google and other free services to write documents and perform other tasks that I used to do exclusively on my HD, now that I'll soon have high-speed access. The Internet IS my HD! Yay.

Using the built-in webcam and mic, I plan to videoconference w/other activists around the world, while enjoying a cuppa java; and interview folks. (I'm an activist for both gays and homeless people, and like to give them a voice on the web.)

I'd like to turn this into my own Internet radio show, if at all feasible, money-wise. Otherwise, the show won't be live, but provide a new show at least once per week, that anyone can load and play. No streaming video, as it will probably be cost prohibitive. Download mp3's is the way I'd go...and since the 'net is so fast these days for most, what's to complain about?

I have no high-speed access at home. So while at wi-fi coffeehouses or libraries, I'll download whatever videos and audios I'd like to view/hear once back home. Including news stations, favorite TV shows and Internet-based radio.

So if all goes according to plan, I'll then ditch my old analog TV and VHS box. Screw digital and high definition! I'll get it all through the Internet.

I'm still thinking through whether or not to get a new desktop system...emachines makes it so affordable! Just in case my netbook breaks, gets stolen, or suffers some other unhappy incident. At least, I'll have some sort of Internet access until it's repaired or replaced. MAYBE I'll just get a second netbook? Hmmm.

The netbook has a noble history, all started with an MIT project to provide a cheap laptop to third-world children. On a similar and intriguing note, you may enjoy my own spin on this matter: The Parable of the Laptop Billionaire. I'm havin' FUN just contemplatin' my new netbook...and NOW I have one (FedEx just delivered it two days ago). And thanks, webmaster (or sysop or whatever), for's been a great help to me already, in just a very short time!

A laptop for every child...and you, too!

posted by: Constance (reply)
post date: 11.02.08 (12:18 pm)

I'm the "lucky' one!!! but you're right about the Goddess...but we need things to be better,like getting over that crazy Court date...but que sera ,sera...I'm not worried just will be so glad when it's behind us...Luv ya Zeek...Later,Constance & Don Ray XOXOXOXOOX

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