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Ghost Hunting In Cyberspace
01.26.05 (10:26 pm)   [edit]

There is this incredible site I stumbled upon about a week ago; and it is a collection of original 5-minute videos by one very funny guy, who goes by nom de plume "Snack Boy". Click on the flamingos above, to load the page of videos. That image BTW, is but one among many hand drawn by Snack Boy himself (I assume). And they add an additional layer of sauciness and charm to a very special and funny guy.

The page is a plain list of links to each video. If you don't use broadband (meaning you use the slow, dialup modem connection at 56k bits-per-second), you should download only the files that end in "28.asf". The list is an alternating collection of files that either end in the one just mentioned, or in "56.asf". It is the preceding part of the file name which indicates which files are paired. The 28's are smaller files than the 56's...probably because one was for 28k modems and the others for the faster 56k ones. (Essentially, it is the 28's smaller frame size that gives it the smaller file size.)

Just click on the first one, wait for it to finish downloading (about 5 mins. on dialup, few seconds w/broadband), and play. As long as you having a working version of Windows media player, or a compatible application, you should have no trouble playing these videos.

Sadly, though, it turns out that Snack Boy died in a car accident in May of 2004. :(

I've discovered him posthumously. Or more likely: his spirit came to me (while sailing cyberspace) to cheer me up as I pass through present life difficulties into happy resolutions. I'm almost done downloading them all--both 28's and 56's mind you--to save them permanently on CD...and give some away as gifts.

And while you're waiting for a video to download, may as well click on the "Parent Directory" link at top, to visit Snack Boy's main page, to learn more about him. That's how I learned he's now dead. :( :(

He's an incredible humorist, who at first analysis, I'd assume was gay, but no: he's one of your "metro" heterosexuals in a way. His antics do have that gay touch to them, however that is sometimes seen as having a theatrical persuasion...and that seems to be the case here. And what's his real name, you may wonder? Terry Crummit. You'll see exactly how he looks, in each video. I end this blog in homage to this brilliant young man whose departure has made this planet considerably sadder.

Goddess be with you, Terry Crummit "Snack Boy".
Thank you immensely for coming to me as the
angel you are, and bringing me your delightful
gift of insightful, uplifting and utterly
charming humor.

I will always cherish your videos,
and keep them near at hand.

Your newest admirer,
Zeke Krahlin

Click on image to view
Snackboy videos!


P.S.: This is not the first time I've discovered a wonderful soul posthumously on the 'Net, by accident. Or should I say "This is not the first time a wonderful angel came to me via cyberspace"? In either case, visit "Life on Brian's Beat", by a courageous gay man from Canada, who died at a young age 2, 3, or 4 years ago...I think, a tragic AIDS martyr. I can no longer find the reference, and his site is quite fact, I can't even find any dedication mentioning his passing away. I assume they want him to live on in the website, thus put him back in the present (and get rid of all that "memorial" stuff). Either that, or I've hallucinated! I do remember first discovering his site, and being both shocked and impressed that he has died, and another who loves him keeps this site up to date...and it still is, with fresh articles dated 2005! How could I forget something like that? So I just think they moved the material around, maybe getting rid of some stuff too. NOTE (June 23, 2009): His web page is no longer up, so the link to his site is now from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.


posted by: zekeblog (reply)
post date: 12.20.08 (4:11 pm)

UPDATE: As of Decemmber 20, I've begun uploading all the Snackboy videos, as a memorial to Terry Crummit. My youtube username is:


and the playlist is titled:

SnackBoy Terry Crummit - RIP :(

posted by: Susan Crummitt (reply)
post date: 01.07.09 (12:32 am)

Hello Zeke,
Thank you for your kinds words and homage to my Son. It's amazing that after four years people still admire and appreciate him, but if you had met and known him personally, you would understand why. I was blest with two wonderful Sons. And, so pleased to have found that you had done this. I have a few that his friends put on a CD, but didn't think I'd ever be able to have access to them again. You are correct, Terry drew and gave away most of his Snackboy drawings. I just wanted to thank you for what you wrote about Terry, and to thank you for taking the time to do this as a memorial to him. It's been over four years, and I believe that now, I'll be able to watch them.
Sweet Sue

posted by: viagra (reply)
post date: 06.23.09 (7:36 pm)


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