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A Little Verklempt
02.23.09 (5:19 am)   [edit]
A Little Verklempt

France, while advancing at a rapid clip, still has serious issues re. homophobia. Violent and nasty issues. With a new twist that threatens to take down what few rights gays have won: Muslim agitation. Yet amid all this turmoil and threat, heteros once more enjoy the fruits of our queer labors with no regard to our own pleas for mercy...and our long-suffering struggles.

And this is what I've been warning the Gay Populace and Her Allies about, for some time now:

"Civil unions," "domestic partnerships," or any other term BUT marriage...once they do get established for homosexuals (if they do at all), will be peremptorally manipulated to favor heteros far beyond its original intent to celebrate gay equality. And even go so far as to reinterpret the meaning and intent--via majority-heterosexual revote--of these unions (or partnerships) as solely to profit heterosexual pairing, at the exclusion of all queers. And claim such alternative marriages as their own, original idea with God Almighty's seal of approval.

Just like they did with the original marriage vows, which originated out of sacred devotional friendship between brothers and monks that dwelt within medieval European monasteries. End of rant. Read the article in question (then talk amongst yourselves, I'm getting a little verklempt here):

From the Washington Post - 14 February 2009
Straight Couples in France Are Choosing Civil Unions Meant for Gays
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