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New Day
11.04.08 (3:30 am)   [edit]

Tom I'm thrilled to see so many HETEROS, CHURCHES and BLACKS speaking out STRONGLY on behalf of gay equality a.k.a. "the marriage issue." EXACTLY what stalwart activists like ourselves have claimed as the necessary path to victory. Don't you think that our voices over these many years have helped FOMENT such strident calls? That our analysis of WHY gay rights is of fundamental IMPORT to the human species' happiness AND survival, has finally sunk in to the Collective Conscience...a la the "Butterfly Effect"?

For if you truly believe you have something IMPORTANT to tell the world, all it takes is simple faith that your good words will eventually find ears that listen, minds that comprehend, and hearts that bind! At least, that is MY philosophy so painfully practiced. My teeth may be half gone, and the remainder well on their way to Neverland, I may be socially isolated and ignored at best, facing possible homelessness and premature disease/death due to INTENTIONAL neglect by our arrogantly corrupt gov't and medical system...but I have always kept my faith intact.

For it is only through tiresome tribulation that we are tested, and in so testing, we come to know ourselves worthwhile and even essential to the social fabric. It is this New Age I've so long dreamed about and fought for: an age where homosexuals are revered for their courage and long suffering by our hetero nemeses. I have spoken/written/posted time and time again, how VITAL is homosexual dignity towards the fulfillment of ALL people, regardless of sexual inclination. It is the ESSENCE of brotherly/sisterly love, and thus the downfall of patriarchal control whose main source of power is the threat and practice of violence as rendered by uppity males (to put it mildly).

Now, to HEAR hetero leaders of black churches grasp that most basic (yet elusive) significance behind homosexual liberation is most hopeful...indeed, incredibly UPLIFTING. And HOW they say it, how they convey this importance is so much in the fashion of how YOU, me, and a handful of other dedicated gay activists have said it FIRST, and for so many years.

I KNOW our voices have been heard...this is beyond coincidence, this is our dreams of gay liberation coming forth to blossom, thanks to our dedicated nurturing and defending our sacred garden against all intruders (no matter how frightening).

It has been--and continues to be--quite a thrill, riding the waves of cyberspace with you, my true-lavender ally, Thomas Keske. And to think our comradely relations started way back in 1997, when I discovered your bold voice on the Internet. We have yet to meet in person, but I certainly look forward to THAT great day. Seems we'll meet face-to-face FIRST via video-conference, but what-the-hey!

This message is DEFINITELY going into my blog, for inspiration is clearly guiding my keyboard. AND I'm typing from a first blog entry composed away from my humble domicile, Have netbook will travel! (Will my fantasy finally come true, of being a renegade activist on the run? Stay tooned!)

A government is only as good as its operating system.
-Zeke Krahlin

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