Final Testament, queer
bible. Zeke for President, 2006


NOTE: My audio site was originally on this-or-that separate, free host. But due to paranoia about sound files violating music copyrights, they indiscriminately and with no warning whatsoever, DELETED all my interviews in one fell swoop. (Including my present mirror host, "".) This was back in Dec. 2001 (the "Dot-Com Bust"--remember?). So I have grafted my audio site onto this Final Testament, for the nonce...after suffering almost an entire year of not having a host for these original interviews.


I have grown tired of all the bashing Amerikan society does on our marginalized gay citizens, street people, and the disabled; so I have decided to help empower them by putting their voices on The Web. These are raw, unedited interviews which require your time and attention to appreciate. All interviews are broken into segments of 10-minutes-or-less *.mp3 files, to make for easier downloading. No file is larger than 1.4 megabytes.

All interviews are in the Berkeley/San Francisco area, done with a cheap microcassette recorder (Sony M-430, $29) and digital camera (Ixla SuperPro 640, $99). So please bear with me, in my "grass roots" venture: I'm doing this on a shoestring budget...that is, what few excess dollars I manage to hoard from my meager disability stipend. (And that's a mental disability, if you're especially nosy.)

Consider this an act of devotion on my part, in pursuing my ideals as one of the myriad urban shamans paving the way to a New, Improved Reality coming to your town, soon. And this is just the beginning: my interviews shall continue as a lifetime pursuit, so visit often (grow old with me, and whine)!

- Ezekiel J. Krahlin, author                


Special thanks to Jon, Feedle and Lorenzo (of Berkeley Unix User Group), and Dan (of IndyBay
), for their advice in various aspects of creating and hosting media files.