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dedicated to josh mintz

copyright 1997
Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

My web page is the beginning of a vision coming to fulfillment. It will eventually be renamed "The Final Testament" or "The Dyke/Faggot Bible". It will be a vast compilation of original writings and graphics...by anyone who cares to contribute to the positive awareness of the homosexual spirit.

No religious viewpoint will be barred, including atheism, agnosticism, existentialism, and so on. Eventually, it will be so large that many collaborators will contribute one or two megabytes of our own web space, that chapters may be linked together across the vast Internet global network. The beautiful works contained therein will shine with dignity, wisdom, and humor...and will touch the hearts of all people, and slay the beast of homophobia for once and for all. The vision that led to these realizations started as a dream two years ago:
I was standing in a medieval monastery, in a room filled with monks bending over their wooden benches in devoted concentration to the creation of illuminated manuscript. It was a most peaceful scene, with warm, golden sunlight passing through a window. Only the monks also possessed soft, downy white wings...they were angels! One angel-monk who stood beside me, gave me a nudge in the direction of the benches, and said, "Go, and see what they're writing!"

So I approached one of the seated monks and gingerly looked over his shoulder. Amid a border of brilliant gold-leaf and richly colored illuminated manuscript, he was scrolling a title across the page: "The Little Angel Who Wouldn't Fly". I gasped and stepped back, and said, "Why, that's my story!"

The Monk looked up from his work and smiled: "Yes, they are all your stories. You are to write the major part of what is to become the last and final testament for all time."
And that was the end of this lovely dream-vision. Other visions have shown Hellenic people around the world secretly gathering my writing to put into this new bible. And it would, by then, include contributions by many other Lesbians and Thracians...up to 70% of the entire contents. I was shown how one morning I will walk by a bookstore and see this bible of my dreams on display, as if by magic...since I didn't have to lift so much as my little finger to get it published!

Since then, I now realize that my web page is the birth of this final testament...and already, I have two other contributors besides myself. While I am obviously proud of my accomplishments --including my future accomplishments-- I am most proud of being able to provide a space of recognition to those who have gone without any pats on the back for their talents and courage.

You take this in whatever way you so choose; I don't care. But I do know my destiny is to play a major role in the next series of victories on behalf of Hellenic Rights...via my writings, art, and eventually, lectures. And many others will also rise to recognition, like myself. It could even be you...as I do not pass judgment on anyone.

My web page includes "The Little Angel Who Wouldn't Fly", as well as other intriguing materials. I am honored to have such inspirations, and to be able to contribute in such positive and empowering ways on behalf of all same-sex lovers. It is a shame that many of my own gay brethren still pick at me in such mean spirited manners. However, this will soon end, as more and more people realize I am not deluded at all...just incredibly gifted. And I have every intention of using this gift to the maximum of my abilities...which includes empowering anyone else, as often as possible, as soon as possible. I do not see myself as the only one with this growing awareness, this calling is happening to...and I expect a wonderful network of kindred souls to rapidly connect via the Internet at first, then in other ways.

April 1, 1997

Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this writing free of charge (including translation into any language)...under condition that it remains intact and complete, including title and credit to the original author: Ezekiel J. Krahlin.
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