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To: Final Testament Guestbook
From: Zebsurfer
Date: June 20, 2004

I'd like to speak out against your derision of the show, Gene
Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict. 

First off if you think the Taelons, the alien species depicted
in the show, is a representation (and as you say, a
misrepresentation) of homosexuals you are wrong. The Taelons
are no where within the scheme "human". They, in the show's
mythology, are asexual and androgynous and more specifically,
in their true form, energy based, having no physical exterior.
So this already rules out genitalia, the one key factor
defining sexuality. So they are neither MALE nor FEMALE,
sexually, thus they CANNOT be homosexual or heterosexual. The
Taelons are dubbed male, for the simple fact that it is eases
reference (it superficially eliminates the need of considering
them "it"). Why "male," may be the fact that you could
probably be right in that the show tries to elevate the "male
gender." But this argument is geared more to women's rights
than gay rights.

To get back on their energy-based life force, the Taelons are
in their long evolution attempting spiritual perfection, no
longer needing or being inhibited by any physical factors. One
fact could be that because they are "asexual" and also
"physical-less", they lack sexual drive (without sexual
organs, there cannot be sexual drive or even need of sex),
thus not being either "heterosexual" or "homosexual." And one
question is to you: where did you get the idea that they
depict homosexuals? Every single Taelon shown on the show is
played in real life by a female. The contradiction and attempt
at "females" playing male-depicted roles is one problem that
may support your argument of homosexuality. But, being an avid
fan of the show, I believe this wasn't the purpose or
philosophy behind the show. 

And when you say that the Taelons are "slaves" to humanity,
then I must say, you haven't viewed the show, or at least in
an unbiased way. Gene Roddenberry derived much of the show's
essence in depicting how humanity would deal with an advanced
alien culture, and the roles and problems that may be
encountered. This is what greatly drew me to show; it is
unique and focuses more on humanity than any other alien
species. The whole basis of the show was to show that despite
the Taelons "benevolent" gifts to humanity, they have an
ulterior motive to subjugate humanity to save their dying race
and to fight off their enemies and genetic brethren, the
Jaridians, by bioengineering, forced experiments,
manipulation, subterfuge, and geopolitical exploitation. All
these things are completely opposite to any slave or
subservient qualities.

Lastly, the most important argument would be the one that
encompasses "gender" as a whole. We can all agree that sex is
"what's between the legs" and gender is "what's between the
ears" (i.e. brain). Wholly considered, gender doesn't truly
exist, only sex. "Male" and "female" genders are subjective
and psychological labels we, as a society as a whole, have
pinned on people. We came up with the idea that females are
soft, sensitive creatures juxtaposed with males, the macho,
dominant, in-control-of-their-emotions hardheads. If that is
tue, would G.I. Jane be more male than female? Would the
Amazon warriors of the ancient times be males in essence,
although all being women? No. The inferiority complexes dubbed
on females is groundless and the societal label of males as
"sex obsessed, unintelligent, foolish pigs" is also just as

This leads into the argument of homosexuality, which despite
what is said, is pervasive (not in any negative connotation)
in society, and has a long history extending as far as the
beginnings of rational Homo Sapiens and is not cultured or
imposed of only in America. It is said that if the world
population was reduced to "100" people, "11" would be gay.
Homosexuality exists among ALL people and places. But
homosexuality exists exactly in the context it is limited to:
sexuality, that is when a "male" (the sex of a human) has
intercourse, copulation, or sexual union with a human of the
same "male" sex. Where the whole idea of psychological
viewpoint of lesbians as manly, or homosexual men, as feminine
or soft, is as mentioned of the "gender theory", groundless.
No matter how sensitive, soft, "sissified" a boy is, it
doesn't make him a homosexual. Only when he copulates either
through oral, anal or group masturbation (of sexual stimuli
involving 2 or more people, of the same sex) gives the title
of "homosexual" correctly justified.

I am in no way trying to justify the "heterosexual agenda," if
such exists, or trying to spread my message of homosexuality
or gender, either through a secular point-of-view or a
Christian doctrine. Although, I am trying to defend your
unjustified insult to Earth: Final Conflict, a unique
science-fiction anthology that tries to analyze the basic
ideas of what is "human." Before you can make a judgement, a
viewpoint, a statement about anything, you must first
understand it. After all, isn't that how all forms of
abhorrent prejudice (racism, sexism, religious persecution,
homophobia or even hetero-"phobia") is based - through
unreasoned, unjustified, un-"knowledgeable" facts?

---the end (To read one Taelon's impassioned reply, click here.)