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AIDS CONSPIRACY      [ Return to top ]

AIDS Heretics
AIDS Info BBS Database - Home Page
AIDS Vaccine Scam Exposed
HEAL (Health Education AIDS Liaison)
Heal Toronto
Hepatitis B vaccine experiment & AIDS
HIV = AIDS Controversy
Infectious AIDS: Have We Been Misled?
State Origin: laboratory origin of AIDS
Truth on AIDS [Desrosiers `99]
Was there an AIDS Contract?

NEWSFEEDS      [ Return to top ]

Andrew Sullivan

Bay Windows (New England)
Gay Today
Gay/Lesbian International News Network
Gay Radio Network
Gaywire News Network

John McMullen Show
Karel Channel
Mike Malloy Show
OutQ Satellite Radio

Rex Wockner
Seattle Gay News Online

ORGANIZATIONS      [ Return to top ]

AlternaBay (auctions)

Domestic Abuse In Lesbian Relationships


g a y Z o o

Gender Web Project
GLBT Disabled Veterans

Indigenous 2-Hearted People (Native Amer. Youth)
Int'l Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission
Int'l & Lesbian & Gay Association
Isle of Lesbos...Home of Sappho
LGBT Addiction Recovery Blog
Lesbian.org: Resources
National Gay Boycott

Queer Liberation Front

Trans Equality

State Tax Filing for Same-Sex Couples (Turbotax)

PERSONAL PAGES      [ Return to top ]

Alexander's World
Andrej Koymasky
Andrew Hodges
AngryBoy: NO MORE!

Bastard Son of the Lord
Beach Gals
Beachbum Gay-Male Erotica
Blue Muse

Crusader's Corner
Dave's Gay Military Site

DJ Bear
An Elf In Exile

Glen's Place
Happy Valley Asylum
Holley's Hollow
House Of Rain

Kenneth Cauthen on Homosexuality

Larry-bob's Generic Queer Homepage
Life on Brian's Beat
Lone Heron

Nick's Home Page

Rictor Norton
Steve Taylor
Straight Girl's Gay & Lesbian Rights Page

Welcome To Insanityville

Will Doherty

REGIONAL      [ Return to top ]

Akron, Ohio
Australian Gay Youth Resources
Boston Online
City Search: Gay Mecca S.F.
Faery Village, S.F.
Gay Burbs

Gay Vegas
Gayly Oklahoman
Hermitage (Pennsylvania)

Lesbian Group Of Athens (Greece)
Men Of All Colors Together (Dallas)
NYC: "Gay Rights Up Against The Wall!"
Oklahoma Freedom and Equality Coalition
Out In Ohio

Rivendell Ranch (Wash. state)
Rural Gays Online
Slovakian Gay Sites
Southern Voice (gay Atlanta)
LGBT Community Center (San Francisco)

Three Dollar Bill Cafe (San Francisco)
Uncle Donald's Castro Street Gallery

SPIRITUAL / RELIGIOUS      [ Return to top ]

Active Jehovah's Witnesses
Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons
Bible and Homosexuality
Cathedral of Hope
Christian Lesbians Online
Gay & Christian Good News from the Bible
Gay Christian Network
Gay Pagan Webring

Gays for Jesus
God Loves Fags.com
God Loves Gays
Lord is My Shephard, He Knows I'm Gay

Responses To Religious Arguments

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Whosoever: News For LGBTQ Christians
White Crane: A Journal of Gay Men's Spirituality
White Feather's Ascension Community
Wild Boys Gay Journal

TOPICS      [ Return to top ]

Alan Turing - Home Page
Am I Gay? A Guide for People Who Question Their Sexual Orientation
Assault on Gay America

Collected Domestic Partner Information
Coming Out to Your Parents
Cyberbullying: Protecting LGBT Teens
Dear Mary .com
Earliest Writers in English on Homosexuality

Finding the Gender Pronoun that's Right for You
Funny Gay Males
Gaypage Awards
HIV & the LGBT Community
I Think I Might Be Gay
Independent Gay Forum
Lesbian and Gay Marriage - History and Culture
Lesbian Paradise

Matthew Shepard Online Resources
Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals -- Bibliography
Online Guide to LGBT History
Overview of Lesbian and Gay Parenting, Adoption and Foster Care
Queer Arts Resources
Queer History and Literature
Queer Youth Advice for Educators

Risk of Addiction in the Transgender Community
Sappho of Lesbos

SloGay (safe-sex male erotica)
Sodomy Laws (post-Lawrence)
STI's: a Guide for Gay and Bisexual Men
Tomb of Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep

Uncommon Realm

Wizard's Gay Slang Dictionary

ZINES      [ Return to top ]

Bad Puppy

Blithe House Quarterly
Bulge Report
Butch- Femme.com
Data Lounge
Holy Titclamps
Lesion Nation

Queer Nasty
School's Out


Berka Open Directory
Diveristy & Disability Links
Dyke Web Directory

Gay Men Online

Larry-bob's Queer Hotlist
LGBT Groups Directory

Rick's Link Farm
WebCastro "Hotlinks"
Where to Find LGBT Help and Support Groups
Women Loving Women Webring

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3rd Millennium Gateway

Anti-Pat Robertson
Bastard Son of the Lord Home Page

Biblical Inconsistencies

Cristo Rey
ColorQ (for people of color & others marginalized)
Christianity Meme Website
David Christopher Naylor Swanson
Defending God Against The Bible
Disabled Community

Equality Project
Fighting for Democracy
First Amendment Center, Berkeley CA
Fringe Folk (anti-"Dubya" site)

Globe of Witnesses
God Made Me Gay
Hecate's Domain
Hemp Evolution

Isle of Sappho - Women Magick

Ken Layne.com
Landover Baptist Church
Last Church

Lezlie Kinyon
Liberated Christians Home Page

New Spiritual Bible
Paul Brians
Planned Parenthood

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network
Sexual Minorities in the Military
San Francisco Call
Scouting For All
Ship of Fools
Site With No Name
Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse
Stop Prisoner Rape, Inc.
Torrey Nommesen
Toxic Psychiatry
Universal Way
Willow's Pagan Place
White Rose Society
Wired Strategies

Witches' Voice

Wolf Cross v5.2 - Bad Ass Werewolves
World Archaeology Magazine's Queer Edition

ANTI-HELLENE (know your enemy)      [ Return to top ]

American Family Association
Bob Enyart.com

Christian Gallery News
Christian Research Institute
Claremont Institue

Cutting Edge
Documenting the Desecration


Light of All Men

Pat Buchanan's Skeleton Closet
Paul Cameron's Skewed Research
Pro- Bush
Promise Keepers
Prophecies by Raymond Aguilera

Stonewall Revisited
Van Impe Bible Prophecy