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(5/6/02 12:35:10 pm)
Witness the GAY Miracle
The Elfin Magicke has finally blossomed on my website :rollin ...yeah,
for it is Excalibur itself ye shall discern
when to Zeke's site you turn!
So mark this address safely down
(you only get one chance, you clown):

But if ye should travel via his redirectional URL,

fear not! You are but a mere page away,
for clicking on Littly Pony will show the lay!

Advice to all who enter there:
Beneath the broadsword's pinkish point
stands the altar to anoint.
Lest ye slightly patient be,
the light show will not show to thee.

Egads! The Light that Shines is Mighty Fine...
and for the nonce: ALL MINE! :smokin


Oh what, oh no, oh my, oh rage! :eek
Problems with 0catch wreck my page. :\
We must but wait a while to see 8)
such simple art His Majesty. :p


One more secret to embrace:
Click on Manannan's lovely face!

Gay Guy Discovers Universal Field Theory

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