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(5/6/02 12:17:03 pm)
Gay Guy Discovers Unified Field Theory
(formerly "Unified Field Theory")

I = mc[SQR]2

enunciated phonetically:

"aye eekwul em see skweared too"

(with pronounced pursing of the lips on that final word),
and to be spoken in an accusatory "I do too" tone, like so:

"I equal MC squared, too!"

(Maybe even said while tapping an impatient toe on the kitchen's cold linoleum floor at 3 in the morning.)

To be clear on the concept, here is Einstein's equation re. the speed of light:

E = mc[SQR]

In essence, the UFO (Unified Field Operant) just revealed to me, is a mathematical extrapolation of God saying (to "E" or "energy"): "I'll ALWAYS be twice whatever you are."

But how it came to me is a real treat. Being the quick-witted jokester I know I am, this thought jumped to my lips before my mind could get to process it, and I spoke:

"I'm so brazen with my talents, I can even take the entire universe, roll it up into a little ball, place it in my hand (arm outstretched-- think 'Alas poor Yorick') and say: "I equal MC squared, too!"

This Manannan message board has the honor of being the first place I reveal the UFO 0] , which is every physicist's Holy Grail (coined by Einstein as the "Unified Field Theory").

Woe to whomever attempts to, or wishes to, remove the vital message herein!

Witness the GAY Miracle

Edited by: ezekielk at: 5/9/02 4:22:51 am
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