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writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

NeoPositivity (PART 1 OF 3):

NeoPositivity: A GAY RELIGION

© 2000 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

Note: the original term for my premise is "NeoChristianity".
But since this optimistic theory really has its roots in my study
of shamanic lore, I finally got around to changing its title as
of November 23, 2005.

I share with many GayFolk a keen appreciation of Wiccan lore;
though I'm sure others hold more specific and extensive
knowledge than myself. I majored in anthropology and world
religions, with a focus on the cultures of Native Americans
(from the Bering Strait to the Tierra del Fuego). I also have
read numerous books about Wicca, the Celtic people, and
shamanism...all of which I have diligently absorbed, and
applied the best of each to my artful practice.

I have evolved my own personal type of spirituality: a sort of
"fusion" of various worldviews, including Christianity...for
which I have coined the term "NeoChristian". My invention,
NeoPositivity, reveres and teaches the wisdom and dignity of
all world views...though still Christ-centered in the gnostic
sense. Reverence for nature, natural therapy and diet, and joy
of diverse cultures and their unique ways of celebrating
life's experiences. NeoPositivity is 51% matriarchal, and
49% patriarchal, with a whole extensive dimension revering
"Christa", the Female Christ.

Christ as Pegasus; Christ as the King of Elves; Christ as
Lucifer; Christ as that spark of light that started it all,
and joyfully and lovingly is constantly creating new worlds,
new beings, and shaping each of our lives into everlasting
fulfillment and meaning. By the definitions of Christ from the
Catholic Church, Puritanism, and Bible-thumping
fundamentalism, I'd have to say that my Christ is far
more Wiccan than Christian.

I have devoted my life to the practice of White Magic in its
highest revelation: the human soul. And I have triumphed. I
will soon post photos of my art that decorates my humble room,
with descriptions explaining the history and symbolism of each
piece. You will see that my works infuse elements of
paganism/Wicca, shamanism, Judaic/Christian myth,
Zoroastrianism, Greek Myth, and even atheism.

As this world's consciousness ascends into The New Century,
native peoples of every land will regain their eminence over
their own territory...and along with this, a largely
matriarchal and globally-tribal world society: a Class 1
civilization. Part of this--an important part of this--will be
the elevation of Wicca and Druid rites to a very powerful and
respected status. Furthermore: no civilization can leave its
home planet to visit others, without first becoming 100%
homosexual. And being "class 1" includes tentative journeys
through our own Milky Way galaxy, and most-benevolent
neighbor, Andromeda.

Some years back, I was writing a short story called "The Elf
of Gwynnyd Cavern". I never got to finish it, as it was
stolen, along with much other material, including my first
computer: a "Compaq luggable". Strangely (and wonderfully),
when my stories on diskette had begun to pile up, doing a "dir
/w" to view the listing, clearly formed several letters into
one word, when viewed from some distance. That is: the columns
of file names formed large letters: one or two letters for each
column. For example, it's easy to see how a column of file
names all the same length could be read as the letter "i" or
"l" from a distance. Or how another column could be
interpreted as the two letters "E" and "L", and so on. So 
here is the mystery word as it appeared on my Compaq 
luggable screen:
(Please note that the above example is meant to duplicate the
actual "dir /w" resulting display. I did not attempt to
literally replicate the original file names, which I have long

So what was this word that showed up on my Compaq's tiny
green-on-black monitor? This:


(In all uppercase, that would be: "ELFIN" lowercase,

"The Elf of Gwynnid Cavern" was about a little boy in the Dark
Ages, who was born with six fingers. Thus the ignorant
townfolk regarded him as a spawn of the devil; as they did
anyone with any sort of deformity. So he lived with his father
deep in the woods, to avoid the hateful actions of others. But
one day, some idiots tracked them down, and got hold of the
father, who told his son to "Run, run" and never look back.

The boy lived for quite some time as a lonely drifter of the
forest, until he stumbled onto a deep cavern, from whence a
strange smoke arose. He crawled into the narrow entrance,
weaving this way and that (using stale crumbs to trace his way
back; crumbs which, however, were eaten by a little lizard
that followed him). Finally, the narrow passage opened into a
majestic cavern filled with a glowing, ruddy light.

There, he saw the elf-folk quarrying large blocks of stone
from the earth. And in the center of this immense quarry
rested a dragon; one with shimmering scales of red and green,
just like Christmas colors!  The dragon was in a
beautifully-wrought harness that allowed her to drag several
quarry stones at a time, through the cavern's exit. She would
then take wing, and deposit the stones where more elves were
ready to ease them into their final spots to create what we
know of as Stonehenge. Let me regress a moment: How did the
boy know that the dragon was female? Because she possessed
rows of nipples from which oozed a glossy milk, and which
nourished the boy back to vibrant health.

The wee folk welcomed him into their clan, and the boy was
soon riding on the dragon's back, on their expeditions to and
from the cavern. Once the dragon (who adopted the boy as if he
were her own offspring) learned of his sorrowful past, they
swung around to the evil town in which he was born, and the
dragon, with one powerful burst of fire like a nuclear
detonation, breathed her destruction and vengeance on that
entire village.

On another day, while watching the elves complete their work
on Stonehenge, the dragon dug a deep, deep hole in the center
of this circle of stone monoliths. Then she laid a huge,
transparent egg into the hole, and covered it all up, to the top
of the ground.

The boy came to accept his destiny as the Prince of Elves, and
assumed his rightful reign over the Elf Kingdom. Where were
his elfin mother and father? That was to be revealed by the
end of the story, which I never got to. Nor did I get to the
part when the egg, destined to hatch in a distant future time,
finally hatched. When was this time to be? Now, during our
present lifetime.

So I am not at all your Typical Christian.  Blessed be!   =:)


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