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This could be you! I invite original contributions from gay people (and their allies), especially those who don't fit in with the mainstream, urbanized, jaded queer "elite" who often bar true individualists from participating. Are you lesbian or gay, and: homeless? veteran of Viet Nam or other war? person of color? low income or no income? eccentric and straightforward? isolated in rural or small-town America or other nation? I offer you your own space on my site, when other gay-identified places will not. I want your stories! (Or poems, essays, original graphics!) When ready, just click here to post your piece!

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Tom is a true peace veteran, having suffered imprisonment, bashing, and rape for his firm stand on human rights issues for 40+ years! We first met when he appeared at my door in 1985, to support my own struggle to renew the spirit of another great activist, Randolph Taylor (to whom my website is dedicated).

CHILTON, CRAIG (usenet articles)
Craig is a hetero male, who nonetheless sees the vital importance of standing up for sexual minorities; as much as for people of color, Native Americans, the disabled, and all other oppressed minorities. He speaks with much insight and eloquence. What a warrior!

DAVE (Liberated Christian)
Ever wish you had the perfect rebuttal to a Bible-thumping bigot who insists homosexuality is condemned by the Good Book? Dave's extensive and brilliant treatise provides the weapons you need to defend homosexuality a la The Bible. And (get this), Dave is heterosexual! (I discovered Dave in newsgroup alt.christnet, confronting the homophobes who thrive in that newsgroup.)

DAWSON, BRIAN (usenet articles)
I discovered Brian J. Dawson's presence in alt.politics.homosexuality, thread "Did Jesus Bless Homosexuality?". He is another (too-rare) progressive Christian who has the good sense and compassion to speak out for sexual minorities, in Jesus' name.

Paul Halsall has written an excellent account of gay and lesbian marriage throughout history and various cultures around the world.

KESKE, TOM (usenet articles)
Tom Keske is a self-made gay rights activist, who has accomplished numerous brave deeds on behalf of homo-liberation. This includes a hunger strike, as well as other acts of civil disobedience. Among various gay newsgroups,Tom frequents alt.politics.homosexuality, gay-net.aids, and bi-tran.

KINGSIX (usenet articles)
Author of the infamous "Seceeding from the het empire" (a must- read), Kingsix is a remarkable, fiercely individual free-thinker and survivalist who hails from the great republic of Quebec. His handle is a play on the term 'Kinsey 6", which is a calibration of human sexualty; "6" meaning "100% homosexual".

LACONIA (usenet articles)
Be grateful we have a fighter like Laconia speaking up so eloquently and forcefully on behalf of Hellenic Rights, in the Usenet newsgroups...such as alt.christnet, alt.homosexual, alt.politics.homosexuality, alt.religion.christian,, and soc.motss. Here are just some of Laconia's brilliant declarations that will inspire and quicken your soul (unless, of course, you're a homophobe--ha, ha!).

LASHER, NICOLE (usenet articles)
Niki is another Internet treasure I ran into on Usenet. I admire her aggressive defense of gay rights. If more bisexuals were as unquestionably gay-supportive as she is, I would regard them with much less caution. Her art and writings are a real treat.

LONG, BILL (usenet articles)
I have had the pleasure of making Bill's acquaintance in 1995. He is a seasoned veteran of gay rights, and has much to say against society's heterocentric conventions. I am honored to showcase his first essays specifically for the Internet audience.

I stumbled upon Mr. Norman's "How to Fight the Right Wing" on Rainbow Query's search engine...and have never been the same since. A must-read for anyone who really cares about achieving gay equality in Amerika.

One or more agressively pro-gay folks are posting provocative ideas (such as "heterosexuality is a sin") to various and sundry newsgroups. These posts do not come from me, or from anyone I know. The name "Psychologist's Society" is one of his/her anonymous handles.

I discovered this guy's intense articles in gay newsgroups, and invited him to contribute some writings to my site. His essay herein, "Sex, God & Money", blows the lid off the myth that heterosexual bonding is natural. For now, he chooses to remain anonymous, in order to not be distracted from his present research. You can find his articles in a diversity of newsgroups, including alt.politics.homosexuality, alt.religion.sexuality, and alt.christnet.

Julia Vinograd is a street poet slash Berkeley icon. For many years now, she has self-published smart little booklets of status-quo-stinging poetry...often about street folk, homeless people, and others victimized by capitalist tyranny and class enmity. Though not Lesbian herself, Julia has not forgotten our GayFolk, as revealed by the poems herein.

Waiting on more brilliant, creative contributions...maybe yours?