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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


(c) 1997 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

thinking of you this labor day
     happy LOVE'S labor day
browsing in walgreens aisle of greeting cards
(mini via dolorosa):

     In friendship...
     Hang in there...
     Something about you just makes my little heart
          skip a beat...
     I like you for what you are...
     Every day something reminds me of you...
     If wishing wells work, if crossed fingers count,
          if theres any magic in the world...
     A poem for you my love...
     Top 10 reasons to smile...
     When i think about us i wonder how i got so lucky
          and then i remember...
     Woke up with a wonderful thought today...
     Its just me sending a little card to give you a
          little smile a little lift...
     For my guy...
     When im with you i do things i really shouldnt do...


          a moose?  (broad brown antlers, huge honker,
                    head poked through open window
                    of your home, joyful licks)

          puppy dogs
          flowers, stars, crescent moons, hearts
          a snake?  (crooked stovepipe hat tipped in
                    friendly greeting, red bowtie)

pretending     wishing
these cards
       even one for gods sake

were sent from washington d c
return address randy taylor

oh why drown myself in grief?
why think of you anymore?


     writing letters in the donut shop
     to your adored one (jose)
            Dearest Little Squirrel
               i walked in
               for the first time
               our eyes met   could not pull away

your feet on the stairs of 689 castro
     as i stood at your door    about to knock
          walking in the rain
          beside you     under your umbrella
               i wanted to beg you not to leave
               but i said nothing

january 16 1985     11 o clock news     your face on the
     "randolph louis taylor   vietnam veteran     antiwar
      and gay rights activist
      gave speeches with ron kovic
          (author of born on the 4th of july)
      fasted 40 days in 84 for representation of
      vietnam veterans at the s f democratic convention
          shot himself early this morning at the vietnam
          veterans memorial in washington d c"
i turned off the t v     wept      thought it was all over
but next day discovered it wasnt   you were still alive!
     desperately sought your whereabouts     then wrote to you
     letter after letter      day after day  until

those incredible love letters before i flew to d c
     your desperate appeal:
          "please help stop the dying"
     your promise (never fulfilled) to be
          "as good a friend to you
           as you have been to me"

your old mans snore (open mouth) as i gazed upon you
     from the door of your hospital room in d c

marching out of the canteen in childish arrogance
     because i scolded you
     (walkman headphones over your ears)

wearing the tsingtsing-lingling panda t shirt i bought you
     your chest puffed with pride
     boastful strides through VAMC corridors
          new haircut
          such lovely waves of silver hair!

shirt pulled up for me to touch the lump
     bullet lodged beside your shoulder blade
          strong broad marines back!  sensuous smooth!
          agent orange skin cancer operation scars!
          brave soldier    proud veteran of armageddon!
          top gun   my hero   my little chipmunk!
          my beloved comrade in arms!

your moist cool kiss on my neck like a playful vampire
     beside the statue of saint francis
          i threw my arms around your shoulders
          raised myself off the grass
               (youre so tall!)
          to return the love bite

my lonely visit to "the wall"
     "the wailing wall of amerika"
     where you shot yourself   in the heart
     but missed
          vietnam veterans memorial
          black slabs of polished stone
          pressed into the side of a grassy mound
          inscribed with the names of the dead
               the deluded homophobic dead
                    except for the few true believers
                    in brotherly love
                         (who?  we may never know)
               bronze statue of five soldiers raising
               the american flag        WWII
               behind me & to my left
     i shiver
     while you play bingo back at the hospital

the agony of my departure     after 3 weeks
     alone     on the jet (peoples express)
     looking down from the sky
          the white house     the obelisk    lincoln memorial
          the veterans administration memorial center
               where you were
               knowing that by now you received my parting
                    bouquet of roses delivered to your door
                    tag attached:  "semper fidelis.  ezekiel."

          dupont circle  georgetown     foggy bottom
          the potomac river   chesapeake bay
               sudden burst of tears in my sleeve
                    oh how cruel you were to me
                    almost every time we were together
                    "ee-zee, i never asked you to come here"

even after 15+ years i cannot believe that i am not
     your hero      guardian angel      best buddy
     that you turned your love to hate

          but i still write to you
          compose verses in your honor

thinking of you this labor day


     If wishing wells work, if crossed fingers count,
          if theres any magic in the world...