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From: erikc (fireweaver@insync.net)
Subject: Re: Where does which Bible condemn Homosexuality?
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Newsgroups: alt.atheism, alt.christnet, alt.christnet.bible, alt.christnet.second-coming.real-soon-now, alt.christnet.sex, alt.homosexual, alt.mens-rights, alt.p
Date: 1997/03/05
On Tue, 04 Mar 1997 03:30:55 GMT
Chief_Thracian@Athenia.New (Ezekiel Krahlin)
as message <331b85d1.27423235@news.wco.com>
-- origin: alt.atheism:


>|-----begin quote:
>|...I propose the new label "Thracian" over "gay male," to symbolize
>|the new-found empowerment of the homophile community in this century's
>|closing decade.  The word "gay" perpetuates a stereotype of ourselves
>|as flighty, emotional, and frivolous...not to be taken seriously, as
>|a citizen, as a human being, or as anything else!  (Surely, women
>|have a similar complaint against male chauvanists.)
>|     "Lesbian" is a beautiful term for the homosexual female; as
>|its name comes from a Greek Island with a rich, classical
>|history.  The region of Thrace also has a great history, and
>|likewise plays an honored role in Hellenic culture...hence I coin
>|the term "Thracian" for those who are commonly thought of as "gay
>|male".  Ancient Greeks first called their northern neighbors
>|"Thracians," and later, "Macedonians"...the people from whom
>|arose Alexander The Great.  "Thracian" may also be used as a
>|general term for both homophile women and men, who are sick of
>|the belittling and ineffectual descriptor, "gay".
>|-----end quote 

Why not "Hellenic" as a generic term for *all* homosexuals, then the more
specific terms "Thracian" and "Lesbian" for male and female, respectively.

The term "gay" could then be restored to its original meaning of "happy,
festive, joyous".

Erikc -- firewevr@insync.net

Most christians are like their bible, they are infallible and
show no humility when they are wrong.  -- Capella Dallas, Tx

To see just how messed up these people are, go to:
http://www.christiangallery.com/    (home page)
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