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and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
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Ezekiel J. Krahlin

Alert! U.S. Gays in Imminent Danger of Holocaust - Sep. 20, '00

(c) 2000 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

(Note: I use the new words "Hellene" and "Thracian" throughout
this document, to indicate "Lesbian/Gay Community", and "Gay
Men", respectively. We'll keep the word "lesbian" because it's
been a great word all along. Thanks to FireWeaver for
conjuring up "Hellene" for our family, after I proposed
"Thracian" to replace "gay man".)

There is a strong likelihood that "Dubya" will be our next
president. Why? Because those who hate Hellenes more than
Hitler, who would normally vote Democrat, will instead make a
unanimous clamor for George W. Bush.

This is no silly game here, folks. I am *not deluded. He who
speaks through me is truly Jesus of Nazareth. It is he who
directs my hands as they move across the keyboard. Our Good
Lord (who is true-blue 100% thracian) wants me to tell our
Family that we only have a 2-month window of opportunity, in
which to escape the clutches of Bush's proclamation that all
known and suspected homosexuals must be removed from the
spaces in which "decent hetero folk" dwell.

Say what? That's everywhere, dudes & dudettes! Soon, the "cc"
in your e-mail may be a new postal code to separate
"concentration camp" mail from the larger society. So what to
do? What to do?

Come to Northern California, and I will protect all my
Hellenic sisters and brothers within these borders: to the
southern boundary of Santa Cruz County (and eastward on the
same lattitude), bounded by the Pacific Ocean on the west (duh),
north boundary abutting Oregon (as it has been for quite some
time), and the eastern boundary shall end either at the border
of Nevada, or considerably much further east, as the situation
may deem.

San Francisco & Berkeley are already prepared to receive you.
You can even come penniless, naked, and with only one left
hand :b , and you'd still be welcome into our compassionate
embrace. Much of the Berkeley homeless are professionally trained
(by Yours Truly) as "urban priests and shamans" to ease your
transition to our proud, new nation of ATHENIA. Right now,
there is a terrible housing shortage due to the present
streaming-in of Hellenic beauties that began just five days
ago, combined with the intense pressures of the dot-com yuppie
invasion. So many of you will go homeless for quite some time,
before we can set up decent housing after The War.

Not to worry though! My street shamans are the "creme de la
creme" as they say in our outpost in Gay Paree. Though
homeless, you are guaranteed to have the best time in your
entire existence, ever! Don't ask us how we do it, 'cause
that'll ruin some of the surprises we have in store for you.



by Ezekiel Joseph Krahlin

Christians call me Jesus,
Muslims call me Allah,
Hindus call me Krishna,
From here to Walla-Walla.

Lakota call me "Spirit",
Nubians call me "Noob".
And if you cannot bear it,
Bend over for the lube.

My boyfriend calls me "asshole"
When others call him "God".
Don't know why they say so,
But it strikes me kinda odd.

My Father he does love me
With a passion undeserved,
For he came from up above me,
That my body may be served.

I speak in riddles sometimes,
Or in parables and verse;
And it really is sublime
To listen to Mother Earth.

She says: "Children of the True Light
Welcome to our shores.
Cleanse yourselves of all your tears,
and any open sores.

"Give yourselves a shower,
A shit and then a shave.
Then we give you the uniform
And you become our slave

Of love."

...end of poem

Disgusted with our choices for next President?
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