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Ezekiel J. Krahlin


© 2001 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

The following is the last Usenet comment ever made by former
ally "Kingsix". His sudden disassociation with me is a
betrayal that cuts deeply, since he coldly writes me off with
label "schizophrenic", after all the many months we privately
corresponded as friends, and supported each other in
newsgroups, against harsh attacks. He has never posted an
apology. Now, I get even.  (Watch out John Havrilchak; you're next!)
Nonetheless, Kingsix has a brilliant mind and the kind of
sterling leadership we so badly need in these trying times.
That is why I created a Kingsix Usenet Archive, which
you should access after reading this piece.

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From: Ezekiel Krahlin (
Subject: Re: Ward Stewart & Ezekiel J. Krahlin ... Bigoted Peas In A Pod!
Newsgroups: alt.homosexuality, alt.homosexual, alt.politics.homosexuality

Date: 1999/02/02                                                                                                                                                                                       
On Tue, 02 Feb 1999 11:30:26 GMT, wrote:

>In article <36b3eef8.14740075@wingate>,
> (J. Northwood) wrote:
>> On Mon, 01 Feb 1999 04:52:02 GMT,
>> wrote:

>> >there's no escaping the fact that it written
>> >and posted by a homosexual and therefore it's
>> >a homosexual position on heterosexuals.
>> Not quite, little one.
>> It's a homosexual's position on heterosexuals.
>> Singular.

>That`s one way to put it.

>Another way would consist at stating that the schizophrenic
>prevails largely over the homosexual in the above mentionned
>case.Otherwise, Krahlin would not have associated gayness with
>being mentally disabled as he once did.

At times, what is labelled "schizophrenic" is actually nothing
more than a creative ability that attacks the status
quo...ergo, society at large prefers to define such a renegade
as "mad". We have a long history of artists/writers with
difficult mental burdens/gifts: depression, delusions,
visions, etc. In fact, one of our greatest statesmen, Winston
Churchill, suffered terrible bouts of the blue funk. And a
talented artist from the past, as another example of one who
harnesses his "delusions" is: William Blake.

Then there are those who claim to be spiritually or
psychically gifted...who have actually a book or two published
displaying their beliefs. "Seth Speaks" and "Out On A Limb"
are but two examples. Both authors speak like me, in the sense
they believe in the spirit world, angels, guardians, and the
like. Yet they are not attacked as nutcases. (Although of
course in some circles they *are; nor does this mean I myself
do not find their writings flaky and misguided in certain
ways...these are just examples I gave of the inarguable level
of respect they have, by virtue of being published. Also,
there are many *better examples I could give, than these two.)

Seems that, in our rigidly constructed Amerikan society (and
to a lesser extent, Kanadian), the only difference between a
madman and an expert, is to have one's ideas published. But
until you get published--or reknowned in some other way--you
are to be regarded as no more than a fleck of dirt, thus an
object of constant villification for speaking out with views
that offend status quo sensibilities. If you are not wealthy,
you are nothing.

>Otherwise, Krahlin would not have associated
>gayness with being mentally disabled as he once

I never associated gay sensibilities with mental
disabilities...except to point out that Amerikan society at
large (and to a lesser extent Kanadian), still defines
homosexuality as a perversion--a mental disability if you
will--a sickness much like pedophilia and rape: a danger to
our (hetero) society at large, that *must be condemned and
aggressively attacked (else it would get out of control and
overrun our fine, suburban green lawns with AIDS-tainted

The logical outcome of this perception: DOMA: the defense of
(hetero) marriage. Which as much implies that gays are such a
threat to society, that the heteros need to take a stand by
passing a federal act across the continent. In essence, DOMA
gives the green light to open hunting season against all
known/suspected gays: McCarthyism with a vengeance. The
crucifixion of Matthew Shepard is but a prelude of the coming

But back to the issue of "mental disability". It is one thing
to regard someone as mentally disabled. But then, to use that
perception as an excuse to regard such a person as somehow
inferior to one's self, incapable of intelligent thought and
dialogue, and not worthy of mutual respect...says a lot more
about the self-righteous critic, than the one who is deemed
disabled. So when I argue about schizophrenia sometimes being
an asset instead of a damage...I am at a complete loss, if
those who challenge me are not familiar with Carl Jung's
interpretations of schizophrenia, and the spiritual dimensions
implicit with such a condition. (As well as R.D. Laing and
other progressive thinkers in the field of psychology.) In
fact, schizophrenia can become a great creative gift, if one
is willing to walk the path it puts you on, and learn to
befriend your archetypes, while at the same time preventing
them from taking over the seat of your own ego.

Once this balance is achieved, these archetypal beings will
assist you with your life, guide you, and inspire you. In my
case, they often give me lovely dreams or visions...even funny
and outrageous ones...which I often then convert into fantasy
tales, and future prophecies. And my specialty is to focus
this gift specifically as a gay person, for our gay well as to support other gays who are so a method of harnessing these abilities to empower
our besieged community.

I have made numerous predictions regarding worldwide gay
revolution, and political upheavals on a global scale as a
result. I still believe these shall pass...though I apparantly
was premature in predicting they'd start by the end of 1998.
One of my visions showed me, an attack of biological/chemical
agents upon known gay communities...including all of San fascist right wingers. My guardians said the
perpetrators would be untraceable...not just because of clever
deception, but because of the silent hetero majority which
begrudgingly *approves of any tactics that destroy gay
people...thus government will drag its feet on finding the
suspects. And this attack and betrayal will foment a much more
aggressive movement of gay rights...along with several other
scenarios of a dramatic nature.

The other aspect of associating homosexuality with mental due to the excess stress of social torment put
upon homosexuals. This causes a higher amount of psychological
instability, than what heteros may suffer. It's just a simple
truth: torture a person long enough, and he is likely to
finally crack up...some sooner than others, depending on the
constitution of each individual. I have long ago, cracked up
from this tremendous strain of hatred yoked on my shoulders
(at age 22; I am now 48)...and have found my own way through
this, with new-found pride. Many gays regarded as "normal"
(w/o so-called mental aberrations), often adapt by becoming
alcoholics, drug addicts, simpering assimilationists, or just
depressedly resigned. I, on the other hand, do not pollute my
body with toxins, nor do I quietly acquiesce to the will of
hetero dogma, or emotional gloom.

But just because those who have managed to adapt by holding
down a regular job--regardless of their continued
alcohol/drug/depression--are regarded as "sane"...when
compared to one who has no such addictions or ailments, yet
does not hold down a job. It seems the only criterion in
Amerika, for judging one "sane" is whether or not he holds
down a job. Well, many, many people who work for a living, are
no more than robots, from cradle to grave. This may be
successful adapation to an oppressive regime, but certain can
be no measure of sanity!

To persist in labelling me as "mad" or "insane" or even
"mentally disabled", amid a society that is truly perverted
due to its continued murderous persecution of gay
not just laughable, it's downright hypocritical. Those who
regard me as mad, are using society's own prejudiced values to
measure against me...values which have no heart, no sanity,
and no respect for any individual, in the first place. It is a
measuring stick of no real value.

In light of this situation, to be called "mad" is a great
honor...but to be accepted, to be regarded as "sane" is a
horrendous curse. (Remember, you cannot be "sane" if you are
not "hetero", for one.)

I end with this quote from "The New Steinerbooks Dictionary of
the Paranormal" by George Riland:

---begin quote

Laing, Ronald D. (1927-     ).  The Scottish psychiatrist,
psychoanalyst and mystic whose radical investigations of
mental illness have altered long-held views and practice in
the approach and treatment of what is often incorrectly
designated insanity. After intense research in hospitals,
clinics, and actual home settings, and the use of psychedelics
(q.v.) as part of real social situations, Laing has concluded
that madness is the condition of society, not the so-called
mentally ill. Mental illness is frequently the only normal
sanity. For it is an effort to return to the true inner self,
and to the self's exploration of the cosmic universe, by way
of a mystical experience, the only experience that can provide
human sanity. This mystical revelation and the necessary
return of the egoic self into the social world is the only
means to create the sanity and humaneness for man's health and

---end quote

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