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If you are underage, or in any way forbidden by your government or religious laws from viewing X-rated subject matter, please do not read this salty tale. If, however, you are not restricted by any laws in your geographical location, by all means read on.

Masturbate Theater

(A True Tale From The Castro. Eat your heart out, Armistead!)

© 1990 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

January 7, 1990

My Dear Witt:

How much I do love you, good buddy! I have missed you very, very much these last few days. How much I want to hold you in my arms, for a long, long time, shower you with kisses all over that handsome mug, and tell you just how much I really love you, my Ninja Warrior. There is a very beautiful song on the airwaves these days, called "Anything For You"...especially lovely is the Spanish version. I dedicate that song to you, sweetheart. There are a lot of handsome men out there, that I could chase after...but I love you so badly, it must be a lot more than your good looks! I never imagined I could ever fall in love with anyone, any more than I did with Randy Taylor. But I love you so much, you are becoming, in my eyes, the most beautiful man I have ever met. Yes, you are incredibly handsome...but you are much more than handsome: you are beautiful. There is something so sweet in your spirit, that my heart can't hold off any longer, singing great praises to my buddy "The Witt."

Last night I got stoned on Thai stick, and contemplated massaging your broad, strong back while riding that firm, round, delicious butt of yours! You told me to peel off all your shirts, so I did, and, while pressing deep into your shoulder muscles, you began to moan and start rotating your ass. I got hard as a rock, and lost complete I pulled down your pants and began massaging those great buns of yours.

Before we realized it, we were both totally stripped, and I was sliding my hot dick smoothly between your cheeks, while continuing to massage your neck, back, and arms. I pulled back for a few moments, to admire God's handiwork on the beautiful stud that you are! You were in such a lovely pose: legs straddled across the bed, rump poised in the air (rotating slowly to the rhythm of your moans), and head turned on its side, eyes closed, with your tongue hanging out. I could not resist kissing your tongue, and that sly, upturned corner of your sweet mouth; with my body tightly wrapped around yours, your fine ass thrusting into my hot basket, begging to be plugged up with something fat and satisfying.

After many deep tongue thrusts passing between our lips, I kissed you everywhere, with little bites all over your neck, back, waist, and sweet, round buttocks. You rose your ass even higher in the air, and I knew it would be cruel to hesitate any more, by not sticking something in it! My desperate tongue slid up and down the crack, making it slippery with saliva...then slid into your tight asshole, in and out, in and out, deeper and deeper, hotter and hotter...while my hands played with your buns, controlling their rotation to the rhythm of a dance only you and I could share. I withdrew my tongue, and replaced it with two fingers slick with lubrication...sliding them deep, deep, into that pretty rectum of yours. Oh, how good it felt, your sphincter muscles grabbing and releasing my fingers as they plunged back and forth, the slip of my knuckles in and out of your tight hole, creating shivers of ecstasy through your whole body. Your ass muscles yielded to another finger, hungrily swallowing all three fingers up to the knuckles of the other fingers bent and pressed into the base of your scrotum. I tickled your balls while twisting and thrusting my three digits between the slippery walls of your hot, hot anus.

Slowly, I withdrew my fingers, watching you shudder with delight, as I slid them out, one by one. Your smooth body writhed under my hands that caressed you as a fine sculptor caresses his masterpiece. There was such a blissful smile on your face, I couldn't help embracing you, and kissing your handsome face again...and telling you how much I do love you, Witt. Then I backed off and, with my hands on both sides of your hips, lifted your hot buns into a position for easy entry. At first, it was tricky aiming the crown of my rock-hard dick right into your hole, because it tightened up (you're such a sweet tease!).. But you helped me by spreading your cheeks, relaxing, and using one hand to guide my throbbing rod through your sphincter and deep, deep, into your itching anus. "Easy, easy, Babe," you'd say, as I slowly stuffed my sausage through the walls of hesitant, but eager, muscles. But boy, did your ass grab onto my horn, once it was shoved all the way up to my balls...and did I ride my bronco just like a cowboy at rodeo! I pulled my fat cock back, until the crown almost popped out, then slid myself back into you, all the way...and repeated this many, many times, nice and slow, listening to your beautiful moans, "Oh, Zeke, oh, Little Pony, ride me, ride me!"

You raised your torso up, supporting yourself with your arms and I could dick the daylights out of you, doggie fashion. With my dick still up your ass, I climbed up your back, so no part of me was touching the bed...all of me was on you (my legs straddled over yours, my chest pressed onto your back, my arms wrapped around your strong shoulders, my teeth biting down on your neck). I pumped away and, sorry to say this, buddy, but you are so fuckin' masculine, I came in fifteen seconds, wads of thick sperm shooting deep into your intestines.

So we rested for a half hour, while I sucked on your fat dick, licked your balls, tasted your nipples and armpits, and, in general, embraced and caressed you. Soon, I was ready to fuck you again...only, since I came so recently, my hard-on would last a long, long, time; in order to give you all the satisfaction your manly heart desires. This time we lay on our sides, face-to-face. You wrapped your muscular arms around me, as my hard member nuzzled its way up your ass and all the way home. While I lay still, you moved your buns up and down...and oh, how my dick loved it! With your tongue hanging out, you moaned close to my ear...I melted in your warm breath and tight embrace.

My rod still thrust deep inside you, you gradually turned on your back, pulling me with you...and slowly raised your legs, first one, then the other, over my shoulders. I began pumping my hot dick like a well-oiled piston, my hands pressing down on your shoulders. I pushed harder and harder, deeper and deeper, and your legs kept slipping off my shoulders as you lost control and wrapped your arms around my neck, to pull me down and kiss me a hundred times. How beautiful it was to slide our tongues together, taste each other's mouths, and kiss your handsome face a thousand times...while deep inside you, which is where I belong all the time!

And when you finally came, you arched your back, showing off your manly chest like a peacock its beautiful your pectorals, your deltoids, that nice, tight waist, and those strong, strong arms that love to hold me as if to say, "Son, no one will ever hurt you again. I'll always take care of you."