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PC Poltergeist

What's up with this funny box thingie that suddenly showed up on my computer screen?
I have to click "OK" else no other startup programs will load! Is it a virus? A hoax?
A remnant crumb of cheese still undigested? Or perhaps it's:

PC Poltergeist

If you know what this is, please tell me!
(My sanity depends on it.)

For those who really want to help, please read the following discussions:

alt.windows98 (4/15/04) : What's up with this "i" box? Hope it's not a virus (or an "i"-ris).

alt.virus (4/20/04) : What's up with this "i" box? Hope it's not a virus.

Problem still unresolved, even after all those nice people's help.

The i-box remains, a friendly little spook here to remind me that: "I yam what I yam!"