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The Somalian Affair
A true-life saga by freelance gay activist, Ezekiel J. Krahlin.

Dedicated to our own Thracian war hero: Randolph Louis Taylor.

Each of my 25 packets sent to "Any Marine in Somalia" was identically filled with a letter, photocopied news articles, some prose and poetry, business card, and homemade decals...all neatly folded into a flat bundle, with my main letter of gratitude to our Marines, wrapped around the rest. All was then inserted into a plain brown envelope. (One naval officer who wrote me, sent this Somalian paper currency displayed above.)

For your viewing pleasure, each item in the packet has been scanned into separate image files. I prefer to let them speak for themselves, with no further explanation except for a brief description of each file, listed below.



  • Letters 1-4 arrived on the same day. For legal reasons--and out of respect to all my correspondents--I blocked out names, addresses, and other personal data.


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