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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

(a parable for the 21st century)

(c) 2003 by Ezekiel Grandson Krahlin

*  Blessed by the Great Spirit who gives me this  *
*              tale, and many more.               *

[ This little play is to be performed in the great
tradition of George Burns and Gracie Allen...only the partners
are two gay men: Randolph Taylor (my soulmate) and myself. ]

Three characters: 

Grandfather (Randolph)
Grandson (me)
Jack (any tall actor will do)

Randolph is totally covered by a sacred Navajo blanket that
reaches all the way to the floor; and a large painted longhorn
skull for his head. The skull designs are authentic Haidu and
Kwakiutl totems. (Grandfather holds the skull with his hands,
and moves it to the rhythm of his words. You never see the
actual person, except perhaps the hands for brief moments...
which themselves should be darkly gloved.) He walks onstage; a
single spotlight illuminates his presence. The only prop on
stage is a picnic bench about 15 feet behind him and slightly
to his right (which would be somewhat stage left). He faces
the audience.

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Grandfather: "Today my grandson arrives for the Big Powwow. I
hear he has grown a lot, since we last visited 23 moons ago.
How old is he now? Let's see. Hmmm...(pauses in deliberation,
then gestures). Ah yes, fourteen revolutions! Look, here he

Grandson enters from stage right on a skateboard, dressed just
like Grandfather, only smaller; including the skull. This
skull is all "punked out" with an outrageous pink Mohawk,
glo-paint, and many piercings. His blanket is also
non-traditional, that is: decorated with super heroes like
Xena, Spiderman, Dynamic Duo, Lone Ranger & Tonto, etc..

Grandson: "Hey, Grandfather, whassup?" (He high-fives by
knocking his skull against Grandfather's, causing a loud
"thock" to echo resonantly throughout the entire theater.)

Grandfather (looks down with great affection at his pint-size
protege, and eyes him carefully from top to bottom and back up
again): "Grandson, I do not think your father intends you to
go in that direction."

Grandson (recoils a bit): "Oh no Grandfather, don't get me
started, especially when we have just come together after so
long!" (Pauses, and shrugs.) "It's okay with Mom, 'cause she
wants me to enjoy what remains of my fleeting childhood.
Besides, breaking with tradition is not always a bad thing.
Never forget the Ghost Dance!"

Grandfather (nodding in acquiescent agreement): "[sigh] I
suppose each generation must shock the elders one way or
another, as a rite of passage. I only wish the direction you
are now taking will go somewhere that makes you into a brave

Grandson (shrugging shoulders expansively): "Aww c'mon
Grandfather. I'm already there, and have been for a long, long
time; many revolutions in fact; so many that the
Infinite-Fingered One can no longer keep count. You forget
that my spirit (as opposed to my body) is far older than
yours; so in the measure of Absolute Truth, I am
Great-Grandfather to your Grandson."

Grandfather (shaking head in slight disagreement): "No, I
haven't forgotten, Little Pony. I was only thinking that you
are such a brave spirit, you deserve to go in a direction that
reflects more nobility and less absurdity."

Grandson: "I am not here to argue with you, oh Silver Sage Of
My Soul. But I am suggesting that perhaps you undervalue
child's play in lightening a warrior's heart between battles."

Grandfather (gesturing astonished approval): "Oh, Little
Grandson. Your wisdom never fails to pierce my heart like
Hiawatha's Own Arrow." (Lowers his tall frame to embrace
Grandson, raising him off the floor.)

As they hug, Jack (of Jack-in-the-Box fame) comes onstage with
a large delivery bag of fast food in hand. Of course, he's
wearing his trademark ping-pong smiley head...only this time
with an eagle feather held firm by a plain, dirty headband.
The feather likewise is dirty, and bent.

Jack: "Hey, did you guys order a Sourdough Chicken Fajita,
three Paco Tacos, a Chichimonga Supreme and two large cups of

Grandfather: "Yes, thank you." (He politely receives the food,
hands it to Grandson, then pulls out a wallet and pays Jack
with some wrinkled old bills. Jack takes the money, signals
goodbye, and departs.)

Grandson: "Grandfather, the powwow will soon start." (He
points to the bench behind them, slightly stage left.) "Let's
sit down to enjoy our meal and togetherness."

Grandfather (who places a loving arm around Grandson as they
approach the bench): "That is good, Pony. For you HAVE taken
my advice." They both sit down.

Grandson (confused, as he looks up at Grandfather): "What
advice is that, My Guardian Angel?"

Grandfather: "You took a different direction after all. This
bench was east of where we stood, and you were about to
continue north, where only people full of themselves go."

Grandson (who was sipping coffee, spits out in laughter):
"Those are the latrines, My Old Friend."

And they laugh and touch as the powwow begins; spotlight
fading into black.


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