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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


© 2002 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Sherriff of Castro Street)

I offer a more radical perspective for those queers who
crave liberation. The following two recent e-mails (identity
of Angela is concealed by this pseudonym) are no exception.
Consider them a yummy desert from your usual meal of
hypocrisy, terror, frustration, and tragedy:

---begin missives:

From: Ezekiel Krahlin
Received: 11/29/02
Subject:  Re: Adam's rib joke

> Then Adam asked, "What can I get for a rib?"
> The rest is history....

It is time to drop heterocentric humor (and worship), and stop
ignoring the other sexual groups, particularly gays and
transexuals. So while of course it's a "cute" joke, it is also
a meme to implant hetero dogma. We need to create and spread
memes that recognize and honor sexual minorities, for a

Dang it, let's here about Adam and Steve for a change. If I
hear one more Adam&Eve joke, I think I'll puke...same goes for
any OTHER (pro-) hetero joke!

So I would be dishonest if I said that I really enjoy these
hetero jokes...which have been going on for centuries, this
same old hetero role-playing that pretends to honor women, but
really is a pressure valve to allow women to more readily
accept male supremacy (which is of course a terrible illusion;
same goes for heterosexuality).

So straight people (or as we queers call 'em "str8s") need to
include gay-friendly humor; instead of this continued bashing
of gays by spreading anti-gay, bigoted jokes. After all,
straights make jokes about all other minorities...and by
excluding gays, this helps keep us invisible to the
majority...and by telling only BAD jokes about gays, makes
things even worse.

Whenever a str8 person says "Wanna hear a gay joke?", 19 times
out of 20 you can be assured that it's really a hate- speech
meme. An example is the following signature I often come
across, in hetero e-mail:

"Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks."

Not only does this degrade us gays, but assumes women are also
inferior, and mere sex objects for hetero men. Now here's an
example of a truly gay-friendly joke that heteros can share
(and which I made up, as I don't think anyone else is doing
this; or at least I haven't come across any that did not
originate from yours truly):

"There's a little homo in every homo sapiens."

(But Goddess forbid that too many heteros would actually start
cracking gay jokes that are PRO instead of ANTI.)

To balance things out, I have been creating more and more
anti-hetero jokes that have some of the evil bite so many
"gay" jokes have:

"Let's secede from those who breed,
Make it sin to *not waste seed!"


"I'd walk a mile for a camel, two for
a sheep or goat, and three for a boy."
---old Muslim saying

You see, most heteros are so full of themselves, they won't
TOLERATE any such jokes...though they crack all kinds of evil
jokes about gays, women, and all other oppressed
groups...jokes which AFFIRM such oppression. (Not that queers
can be racist, misogynist, too...I'm mostly focusing on the
gay issue.)

As a mirror shaman, I reflect back samples of their evil...and
they scream and cry like little spoiled brats. Well, if they
can't take the heat (that they dish out), then they ought to
get out of the planet,

Don't tell me heteros shouldn't be made fun of...are they some
sort of sacred cow, while everyone else (read "non- heteros"
and "non-males") is fair game? Time for heteros to join their
own world; and see just how much fun we can have at THEIR

By "hetero" I mean "heterocentric" (or "heterosexist" or
"heterosupremacist"), not "heterosexual". I believe that
homophobia has been such a prolonged evil, that the few good
heteros in this world ought to come up with a NEW term for
their sexuality, that would distinguish them from the hetero
bullies (who are the majority, still, in this nation and many,
many others).

The following is another pro-queer meme, in essay form (when I
say "meme" I don't mean the entire essay, for memes must be
brief...I mean there are one or meme phrases planted within
the writing...and memes can also be IDEAS generated by a
longer piece of writing):


Angela, I encourage you to share this message with others in
your's time to not ignore the gay issue, but
include it in our family of conspiracy theorists and
paranormal enthusiasts. So feel free to forward this around,
as you do other subjects.

Do not take this personally, I am venting as well as
informing. I wouldn't do this, if I did not regard you as one
of the great spirits in this world. And thank Hera for that, I

P.S.: I think I'll include this message in my list of essays
on my website...using a pseudonym like "Angela" instead of
"xxxxxx" (to protect your privacy, while acknowledging your
angelic self).

From: Ezekiel Krahlin
Received: 11/29/02
Subject: Re: Str8 deaths

>So sad about the killing. 

I'm rather joyful myself. Usually, it's the gay guy who gets
killed for not going back into the closet. I am supporting
this guy, with my letters. The outrage is just too much for us
queers to take this crap any more. Finally, a known homophobe
gets a taste of what we gays have been putting up with for
centuries: sheer terror, death threats, bashings, and

Let this man's outraged response (probably after months, maybe
years, of "sweet natured" lecturing by this "well-meaning"
lady...who is NOT a good Xian by any means. Let her stand for
the symbol of ALL hetero thugs: Next time it might be them)!

I hold no sympathy for "sweet" little old ladies who lectures
queers about the wrongness of their "lifestyle". No matter how
gentle they may seem, they are the equivalent of innocent
children used as human bombs to trick and weaken the enemy.
(As in Vietnam. Fair justice to Amerikan troops who had no
right to engage in such insane violence? Perhaps. Our present
human bombs by the Taliban and their ilk is just the most
recent example.)

Little old ladies who are vocally anti-gay--no matter how
soothe the voice--are just such human bombs, too. Indeed, it
is this very "soothness" that still catches many of us off
guard, hence vulnerable to additional attacks by more
dangerous enemies. Such innocent-seeming types soften our
resistance, and pave the way for further decimation of our
long-suffering Queer Family.

>Now both lives are destroyed! 

Nope, just hers. The guy's alive, and is receiving much
support from our community.

> Every gay should stand up and tell the world 
> that it is a usually matter of nature, not 
> nurture that brings about the lifestyle of 
> the gay. 

Str8s created this evil, str8s are the ones to be told this,
not gays. On top of all this evil, you expect us to assume
RESPONSIBILITY for the murderers? That's blaming the victim.
How much education should women be obligated to do, to those
men who raped them? If a woman should kill a man who keeps
stalking her, sure it's a crime...but aggravated assault can
be considered in such cases, thus lowering the crime from
homicide to self defense.

Picture this if you will: 1835 "enlightened" plantation owner
tells a slave with whom he is "friends" the following: "If you
nigras want freedom so badly, you'll need to speak out and
fight back." (As if the white plantation owner were not THE
problem in the first place!)

No, we are at war now, for sure. We have neither time nor
space for lukewarm soldiers.

> That might put it all into prospective. 

No it might not. It's already been tried many times over to
maximum effect. But still, the 'phobes continue to thrive and
bash. Why such outrage when one of 'em suffers the same fate
that millions of queers suffer now, around the world, and have
suffered for many centuries? Where's the outrage by this
woman's hetero friends, for her nagging and nagging about how
evil this young man is? Why didn't they ever bother to correct
her, and make amends with this young man? Don't you see that
they all FED INTO THIS SCENARIO, by regarding her as God's
Angel, and the boy as lost in the Devil?

Just because the devil wears a sweet face and is female, does
not mean the troops should lower their guard. In fact, this is
one clever method Evil uses to infiltrate our troops...with
gay-friendly heteros like yourself who distract our soldiers
by engaging us in what we SHOULD and SHOULDN'T do.

You are still in transition, Angela, in becoming part of our
queer family...and the things you need to learn still will
eventually make you realize the wrongfulness of your approach.
That's why I suggested in a past conversation, that you
withhold your opinions as you keep your ears, mind and heart
open to those gays who have befriended you?

Homophobes are as evil as Nazis: we should give them no
quarter in which to speak or act hatefully against gays. Do
not be fooled by old ladies of KKKristian persuasion.

> Gays have much to offer the world. 

Now that all our munitions are well stocked, yes, I agree.

> But as long as gays are  recognised 
>as deliberately sinful 

Etc. etc. I have no time to engage in such debates...just as
Churchill had no time for discussing with people who believed
that Hitler really isn't a danger.

> Ignorance holds no boundaries. 

Including your own. You are still possessed by some of the
anti-gay brainwashing that has been inculcated to your, since

> Once again we all lose.

No, this time it's a strike for gay people. As I concluded
some years back: the only education bullies respect and
acknowledge, is pain. Which is nothing more than giving BACK
some of what they dish out to queers constantly (bashing,
murder, villification, job loss, family rejection, and
sometimes homelessness).

The gay guy is quite young, and no doubt was a victime of
aggravated assault that this "sweet lady" keep knocking him
over the head with. I will do my best to see that he is
released from prison as early as possible, on grounds of
aggravated assault...and if the lawyer is a true friend to
gays s/he will use that tact; for it is the Truth, Angela.

You need to realize that I am not here to "educate" anyone,
including my comments here have been repeated
many times over in a larger, public venue: the Internet. To
engage very long with individual discourse would distract me
from my real mission: preparing our troops for civil war and
our consequent liberation, and inspiring and cheering the
troops along the way (as Bob Hope once did to the hetero

I predicted just such scenarios happening (gays finally rising
up against their tormentors), some years back. Like so:



Pennsylvania Dutch Gay Jesus says:
"Throw the hetero over the fence some hay."


(Things are moving pretty fast on the spiritual-evolutionary
scale here in soiled old, downtrodden hollow shell of a former
San Francisco (was it a dream after all?) called "Gay Mecca".
All I can say is: The Sleeping Giant has awakened, and his
heart stirs the people of San Francisco; though most remain
clueless on the conscious level..but not all! I am honored to
dispense the latest distilled wisdom given to me by my beloved
Guardian Angel Randolph: unto my heart and unto my hand. Enjoy
my latest missives to one "Angela22":)

From: Ezekiel Krahlin
Received: 11/29/02
Subject: Re: Re: Str8 Death (addendum)

> Point taken. I will constrain myself from any
> more comments whatsoever on the subject.

Sorry to see you collapse over such a light feather...but that
does happen often.

> But I cannot wonder, if the homo 's are against
> you and the gays do not speak up, who will?

Gays are against me? Nah...just some. Every activist for any
minority experiences hatred from some of his or her own
people. To interpret that "homo's" are against me, is quite an
exaggeration. I am wrestling with the urban jaded society of
San Francisco, which includes numerous sexual minorities. That
is not quite the same as being "against me". Just as a black
activist has to confront his own drug-dealing brothers who
would be his (or her) enemy. No surprise there. Yet I wouldn't
see such an activist being attacked by ALL blacks.

> But that question will remain mute as will
> all others. Thank you.

You're welcome! It is too bad that your hetero arrogance gets
in the way...but you have gone further than most, Angela! I
suggest you just take a few days break to absorb it all. You
are shocked to accept the truth of my statements...yes, it's
quite a blow to hetero supremacy, which residual dogma
apparantly lingers on in your own soul.

But you have come to understand so quickly, I figured you'd be
ready for the next step: my honest opinions without ever
offending you as a person, chose to interpret my
response as a personal affront.

> Then all that is left is war against those
> who will remain ignorant and who will learn
> to hate the hateful so a full cycle can be
> made once again. congrats!

Thanks, Angela! Sometimes one must go to war, as there may no
longer be peaceful options. Many Jews believed even up to the
last moment, that Nazis could be reasoned with, and turn hate
into peace. You know the rest of the story. I intend to not
make this mistake for queers this time: we MUST be aggressive
NOW, if we hope to stop the next holocaust from fulfilling its
ugly self as a result of centuries of anti-gay persecution.

Your interpretation of a vicious cycle being the result of my
clear thinking on what homophobia's all about, is rather
simplistic. But since you are in shock, I'm sure you'll make
the fair correction.

I tried to explain to you my strategy, but you put up that ol'
hetero wall.

> If all you want is the power over homo's,

Yeah, well, "homo" is not a friendly word for a straight to
use on a gay. So your slip of prejudice is showing, my dear.

Be that as it may, the "power" I want...and
influence to inspire sexual minorities to win our freedom. And
it's happening, big time...after all my years of dedication,
struggles, and risks.

> then why all this crap about misunderstanding?

Well, you have generated some of it...and I have merely
pointed this out. You care not to recognize that you sometimes
still tend to coerce me into a heterocentric way of thinking.

> I intend to reamain friendly but this is way
> past my knowledge. I bow out.

Sure, I hope so. But a "friend" is not how I see you, after
reading your reply. An acquaintance, yes...but I see no point
in supporting you so much with the building's problems, when
you persist with opinions that are ill-formed and not
respectful of my years of knowledge as a gay person, activist,
and counselor.

You take personally my criticisms of heterocentrism, when they
were not meant that way. Though I can afford neither the time
nor energy in educating one single that would
sabotage my activist progress.

And I'm sure that's not at all why you were sent to me, to
this building, right?

I look forward to resuming our friendship in the near just need to realize that I am right on target
with the gay issue. You CANNOT be the last word on this
matter, as a hetero, and not just that, but one who has only
BEGUN to look into the gay issue. I resepected you because you
really worked overtime to understand my philosophy.

So you fell back; I'm sure you'll stand up again real soon,
Angela. But really, you can't get away with certain unkind
comments; I will always point them out, it's my job. You
wouldn't need to apologize so much, if you'd slow down with
wanting to form final opinions so fast. I've been at the gay
issue since 1971.

And we live in a severely heterocentric don't tell
me what it's like to be's all over TV, radio,
Internet, billboards, stores,'s like a psychic
plague. What happened to this nation's promise to protect
minorities from the tyranny of majorities? Oh, I get it:
faggots don't count.

Ho-hum. Back to work. I don't have enemies; just way seriously
dysfunctional puds!

C'mon, Angela, take your medicine like a woman...accede to my
viewpoints on the sexual minority issue...all str8s
should...just as all whites should to blacks, if they want to
understand better, and maybe actually help.

But even when we get back together (again), this time you must
wear a pink triangle when with me in public.

Have a very pleasant evening. I do not consider our clash
anywhere near the par of my other one tonight, with Carl. He's
truly wicked (like Clint). You are most certainly not. What
you don't seem to realize is that you buddy up with me, you

That, plus the fact you are living in the most vital pro-gay
city in the world...what do you expect? Anything less than
100% pro-queer would be a sellout to our troops. They look to
me for guidance and inspiration. I could NEVER fail that

So you can always hang out with other gays who are
heterocentric in attitude for the most part (except when it
comes to conjugal matters)...and any other non-political,
non-aware gay you want. They're not my kind of people,

You, however, don't fool me for a moment. I have no doubts
that you'll pull through your mistaken notions like
gangbusters, once you've gotten some time away to exercise
your new wings. I have no doubt that you'll soon enough turn
out to become one of the most gay-friendly and dedicated
auxiliary-troop soldiers that ever will exist!

Don't be sorry, don't be shy
Jesus is queer and so am I!


From: Ezekiel Krahlin
Received: 11/29/02 
Subject: Re: Re: Str8 Death (addendum to addendum)

Angela, you send me interesting material from conspiracy, UFO,
and other alternative topics, including the gay issue. But I
suspect that when I send YOU gay-relevant articles, they don't
go beyond your hard drive. So tell me: have you shared some of
my messages, even one, to any such groups?

This is yet another example of how subtle anti-gay attitudes
remain even in many liberals (including too many gays). For,
what is anyone's problem with sharing gay-political stuff
along with other liberal and radical minority issues?

I'm sure that if I dealt with the ecology, or children, as
political issues, you wouldn't hesitate forwarding any article
on THOSE issues, eh? And you certainly have NO EXCUSE to
justify not sharing important political data about the gay
cause...esp. since you gladly do so for most any OTHER. And by
so not sharing, you effectively block further transmission of
my hard-earned wisdom. Put enough of your "gay-friendly" str8s
together, and we have a Conspiracy of Silence that inevtably
leads to anti-gay holocausts that go unacknowledged by the
breeder world at large.

No, it's not up to us queers to take a stand and fight back.
Not without a lot more heteros backing us up, and even
standing right beside us. After all, hetero supremacy created
this ugly anti-gay scenario in the first place...and it still
rages on, after all these centuries!

So don't you think that you, and most other liberal straights,
have some moral responsibility to get off your asses, roll up
your sleeves w/o whining, and help us knock down the
bullies...who--if straights don't do this now--will wind up to
be the NEXT victims of the oncoming New Age Holocaust. So I'm
really trying to point the way to saving your soul.

And nothing less than that. I do believe I am rather important
in this world.

Semper Fidelis,

Little Pony Zeke

For a good time, browse:


From: Ezekiel Krahlin
Received: 11/30/02 
Subject: Your First Assignment

Welcome to the Blue Rose Militia, operating underground in the
fashion of the French Resistance in WWII.

After some brief R&R, you will be ready to go on your first
assignment, as one grunt who just earned her wings. This one's
really a piece o' cake. So put aside a copy of this message,
for the day (soon) when you are ready to take up shield, armor
and sword:

Scout out the most popular online progressive political zines
such as, to see if any of their issues in the
past year brought up sexual-minority issues in a positive
light. Most likely, you must send them a letter to
the editor, criticising this horrid lack of concern, when they
have absolutely no problem discussing and respecting any other
oppressed-minority issue.

Do this for a dozen such zines. When ready for battle, I'll
give you that list. And I absolutely trust that The Spirit
will move you, when comes the time for you to compose your
missives to them. You only need to write the letter
will suit all the zines you target. Just change the "Dear
xxxxxx" to whatever name is appropriate. You know how that

Sleep on this; relax. Forget we ever met for the next few days
or so. I shall enjoy my afternoon hot cocoa and newspaper,
pretending I'm a galaxy-famous Guardian Angel travelling

Penny wise and Euro foolish,
I make heteros look so ghoulish


Yikes! Still more inspiration by Angela's kind patience to 
allow me to vent. (An excellent example of how, as a 
Practitioner of Kabbalistic Alchemy, I transform seemingly-
negative energies into seemingly-positive ones.) Enjoy:

From: Ezekiel Krahlin
Received: 11/30/02 9:05am
Subject: Re: Re: Str8 Death (addendum)

On Sat, 30 Nov 2002 11:47:03 EST, spoke:

<< The term Homo was to be lengthened into "Homophobe", >>

The abbreviation for homophobe is "'phobe'". "Homo" as you DO
know, is the insulting term for the homosexual (an already
insulting word to start with). So you don't pull the wool over
my eyes, knowing my reaction. This is manipulation for selfish
reasons, a very shameful behavior.

Nice try, dear. Keep stumbling over yourself.

<< a term with which you constantly label anyone who does not
agree with you, including me. >>

Nope. Stop trying to deflect back to me, what is your
responsibility to assume. truth is truth, no matter how you
try to dress it up, dress it down, or turn it around.
<< My statement was one of logic only. >>


<< If both sides cannot speak, who will? >>

But your DEDUCTION that my scenario would lead to both sides
not speaking. And that conclusion is simply WRONG. You are
forcing YOUR assumption regarding an outcome upon me...without
even considering my OWN opinion in this matter. So there are
at least TWO logical outcomes, but there's only room in your
world, for one. Guess which one?

<< You said the "word not to be used by me" are too ignorant,
stubborn, prejudiced, whatever, to speak and the gay should
not have to do it, then how will the lessons be learned? >>

I've been telling you how, but it's all just "in one ear and
out the other". Ho-hum.

Your are in shock and denial. The outrage you feel, you
mistake for my own attitudes over which you feign offense.
This sense of outrage is the emergence of the truth about
anti-gay hatred welling up inside your heart.

So give it a rest for a few days, Angela. Some folks just must
kick and scream as I drag them to Heaven, while others just
take a pleasant stroll with me. Obviously, you're a screamer.

(Say, have you ever seen "The Simpsons" episode with the
"Screamapillar"? It was a caterpillar type creature that
perpetually screamed except when someone paid it attention.)

<< If  this is incorrect, my question remains, who is to
speak? Who is to do the training? >>

I would tell you, but you put up a wall of heterosupremacy.
Wait till it crumbles, finally, and get back to me.

Or just go to my website...where all your question you have
been asking me are answered in my writings. Start with
"Neochristianity: A Gay Religion", which is the heart of my
philosophy...which I believe is simply a modernization of
Buddha's 8-Fold Path. Then (as The Doors once sang): break on
through to the other side.

Let's secede from those who breed,
make it sin to NOT waste seed!
Hail Athenia, brave new queer nation!

From: Ezekiel Krahlin
Received: 11/30/02
Subject: Re: Re: Your First Assignment

On Sat, 30 Nov 2002 12:31:16 EST you wrote:

<< I have not read the articles to find the info as I do not
have the time. >>

A lot of heteros make that excuse. No surprise here.

<< I barely can do my own mail but I have written, in the past
few months, to several to ask the stand they take on this
important issue. >>

I believe if you did, you'd have told me...because you know
that would make my day. Ergo, I don't believe a word of this.

<< I have not had such a terrible responce as one would expect
from what you say. Yes there are some but most simply stated
lack of knowledge, or a live and let live attitude or others
said they openly felt it was not a matter of judgement but one
of acceptance. >>

Hardly. Those responses indicate a total insensitivity to the
anti-gay massacres sweeping this country. Halloween in the
Castro was a typical example. Yet most heteros remain blithely
ignorant to such a national if we faggots are
after all, trivial to the world. And indeed we are: in the
minds of most Amerikan heteros. This is a fact, this is the
truth...yet you would bury this with deception. Suspicious
behavior, indeed.

<< I got only one responce of a negative nature from a Baptist
minister who let me know it was a bad question. Actually he
sounded a lot like you on one of your rolls. >>

Ahh, but this is a civil rights issue, not a religious one.
And considering the recent mini-anti-gay holocaust just this
past Halloween--which the City wants to sweep under the carpet
(never mind more queers get bashed next year)--I don't see how
you or anyone else around here, could consider my aggressive
stance as zealous by any stretch of the imagination.

Really, it's a matter of self-defense.

<< Anyway I read about half way down and deleted. >>

I don't believe you. I think you made this up, about sharing
my gay-relevant issues with others, including your fabricated
preacher. Again, you would have been bursting with pride to
tell me about this, the same day it happened.

So back up your claims with real evidence.

<< but am not willing to be the kind to person who you want to
be. >>

Which is what...AWARE?

<< Sorry. I like my peace, my children, my home, and my
friends, no matter what the belief or lifestyle. >>

Typical hetero response...with no regard to the plain FACT
that we queers know no peace, and suffer loneliness and social large part by so many "gay-friendly" heteros
who thinks it suffices to pat us on the back (like
well-trained capuchins) once in a blue moon. We are born, and
raised, and die, in a wartime environment...this unspoken
anti-gay holocaust that is Amerika's Most Popular National
Sport. Bread and Circuses...only instead of KKKristians and
gladiators, it's now gays and fems.

The rest of your "fambly valyooz" spiel I prefer to forget, as
it is such hokum it is beneath me to regard as anything but
bad taste.

Yeah, the guilt that heteros bear for ignoring the gay plight
so many centuries--while pretending to be really pro-gay--is
quite tremendous. I am just pushing this guilt off of my
shoulders, and off the shoulders of our entire queer
community...and asking my hetero friends to help us bear our
cross...which has been put upon us in the first place, by the
hetero majority.

You are too busy. I understand perfectly. I am, too. And it
has been a LONG time since I last allowed a het to disappoint
me. So speaketh THIS little red hen.

Now, in closing, I'm going to share with you another gay-humor
incident (a little risque, but still clean):

Randolph's spirit lay beside me last night, and we were about
to "fool around" if you get my drift...when he slid his hand
down my pajama pants, to grab my ample wanger. And he said,
"Ah, so THIS must be YOUR little Screamapillar." Needless to
say, I started laughing so hard and couldn't stop, we had to
postpone sex for another time.

(Hey, sex with a ghost is safe. Don't knock it till you try

"I will never abuse the Oval Orifice."  
     - El Presidente Zeke

From: Ezekiel Krahlin
Date: Dec. 1, 2002
Subject: E-missives to Angela (cont'd)

I heard back from Yellow Times, and they gave me the usual
rote reply, as instructed by the Religious Reich (or whatever
you want to call it). These folks are robots, SPIES for the
(homophobic/racist/rapist/warhawk) enemy. So read my reply
back (as a good example of how one must not give these type
ANY room to squirm...for this is the ONLY WAY to dismantle a
brainwash meme; which also has implanted into it a powerful
RESISTANCE-submeme against my "tuff-luv" strategy). First,
read my original message:

I can't find any article(s) in your archives
that cover the gay rights issue, in a
positive light. (I haven't found anything
anti-gay, just nothing pro-gay.) You seem to
cover all OTHER minorities on a fairly
regular basis, in a positive light. And you
are supposed to be a progressive, alternative
news source? Please guide me to your articles
covering sexual minority issues. Considering
that queers are being bashed, tortured and
murdered at an accelerating rate, here in the
US and in many other nations, esp. Muslim
ones. So I don't see how you could consider
gay rights a minor issue in relation to all
the important issues you DO cover. So, what's
your excuse? I'm really curious.
Lavender-Velvet Revolution

---begin my reply:

<< The Gay rights issue is not covered because we have come
across zero writers who are interested in bringing this issue
to the forefront. >>

Well if you stopped asking HETERO reporters to cover sexual
minorities, maybe you'd get somewhere. I have excellent
articles, both recent and old, and am quite capable of posting
to your news service, as your token little queer who refuses
to know his place.

<< You also need to work on your people skills. >>

How would you know? You're not a people, you're a breeder.

<< Alienating those who would like to help your cause doesn't
help anyone. >>

WRONG. This is how I separate chaff from wheat. And YOU dear
fool, are ALIEN to the cause of liberation and True Democracy.
Thanks for giving yourself away, sweetheart. But I'll give you
one more chance. Read on.

<< And that is exactly what you did by your rude and uncalled
for e-mail. >>

Being rude is NOTHING compared to the terror and deaths your
kind perpetrate against my sisters and brothers, who are also
my children in spirit. I am here to defend and avenge.

If you are not an enemy--or NOT a lukewarm ally--then you
wouldn't HESITATE to allow me the honor of becoming
YellowTimes' outstanding Hellenic ("gay") reporter. For any
interpretation of doing otherwise indicates you don't give a
flying fuck about us queers dying from mob holocaust against
us...all fomented and encouraged by the hate speech of a few,
and the silence of many (MOST of whom are HETEROS).

So in case you DO turn me down, and censor my mail from there
on, I say:

F*uck you and the womb you came from.

Q: How many heteros does it take to screw in a
A: I don't know. They're still trying to breed
enough brains to meet the challenge.
Lavender-Velvet Revolution

---end of my reply


---end of missives