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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


© 2000 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

To my surprise and delight, on Feb. 8 2000, Art Bell 
featured a homosexual guest, in one of the most reverant 
and compassionate interviews he's ever done. Kudos to 
Art, and for telling one blatantly homophobic listener 
to "get screwed".

TO:    Art Bell, talk show
FROM:  Ezekiel J. Krahlin
DATE:  February 8, 2000
RE:    Gay Supportive Interview

Art: thanks a million for your gay-affirmative stance tonight (Feb. 8), in your 
excellent interview of your gay guest, Joel Rothschild. I am also gay, and believe 
I have spiritual "gifts", that is: prophecy and communications with spirit-beings 
(all quite fun and loving). In fact, I joined your message board back in Dec. 1998, 
with the intent to include gay people in the topic of spiritual talents.

Well, I only lasted a couple weeks before I was unfairly knocked out of your 
board by your sysops Karen Day and Keith Rowland...due to complaints by 
some homophobic members. I opened a topic on gay prophecy, and suggested 
that Art Bell's show start including some gay mystics, along with all the hetero 
ones. I said it is time for the world to acknowledge the good side about gays, and 
their important role in the spiritual (as well as earthly) scheme of things. 
Some participants were very kind and communicative...however, even though I 
said nothing out of line, the few homophobes pestered the sysops who then cut 
me from your board. They should have told the anti-gay group to cease and 
desist, or they will be cut out. Instead, your sysops took the easy and cowardly 
way out of this mess.

My gay prophecy is based on visions that show me how gay people will soon 
rise up, and gain powers of influence in many fields, across the world. Not only 
will gays be part of this human revolution soon to occur, but actually be the 
*vanguards of this New Age. That is why I say it is so good of you, to finally 
interview a gay person on spiritual topics. That takes guts, and I'm sure you'll be 
the unhappy beneficiary of some very mean-spirited hits: a taste of what it's like 
to be out and gay, every single moment, in this still-homophobic nation of the 

So, besides asking you to let me back on your board, I invite you to visit my 
website, where many of my prophetic tales are located: 
	The Final Testament, Bible for Gays Only 

One tale, "The Mask of Horus" predicts a "New Passover", this one to vindicate 
gay people. This is part of a collection I call "Parables for the 21st Century". You 
can find my writing section by scrolling down the main page, and clicking on 
"Poems, Tales, Letters & Essays". In fact, on that page is an essay about you, 
called "Art Bell's Hard Call", also regarding the gay issue.

Other tales/essays I suggest you read (if you somehow can find time, hah!) are: 
"Brian and the Werewolf" (a very poignant tale about gay love in the Dark Ages), 
"New Declaration of Independence" (a rally cry for gay freedom and even 
secession), "Birth of the Final Testament" (about the vision that led me to create 
a new bible on the Internet), "Blue Rose Militia" (where I propose the world's first 
gay militia), and "Threnody" (a poem to honor my lover, who may have died in 

Another section of great interest, is "The Somalian Affair", where I address our 
Marines in Somalia, with my complete support as a gay activist, and lover of a 
Marine. That page is also dedicated to my great love, Randolph Louis Taylor...a 
brave man who fasted for 40 days in 1984, on behalf of all Nam Vets. You will 
find news articles and photos about him on that page, as well as some of his 
letters to me, and letters from soldiers stationed in Somalia.

So thank you for reading my fax...and I do hope you'll peruse my website a bit. 
My God-given gift of writing, I use to free gays from the shackles of homophobic 
oppression. I have a broad understanding of being "gay" in its ethical and 
spirtual dimensions, of which sex is but a small facet. I am not only here to 
enlighten heterosexuals, but also my gay brothers and sisters, to our true 
destiny and great mission...which will soon shake the world, and finally heal it in 
the process. I am certainly not the only one so gifted, but definitely a 
least, in spirit.


Ezekiel Joseph Krahlin
Gay rights activist and prophet

Give us marriage or give us death:
Slay the beast of homophobia!

...........................................(end of fax)