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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


© 2002 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

Dear Editor,

I am composing this letter on the my spirits have
instructed me just this moment, to convey the following
information to all major gay newsgroups:

Why does what seems so obvious to people like us, elude your
average citizen? Why do we know in our hearts the rightness of
our mission, though all around scorn us and do everything else
possible to thwart us in our goals? Why do we feel special,
among our species?

Now here is the answer--the only REAL answer--my sisters, my
brothers. We are psychically gifted. We SENSE the future, we
KNOW the future (in some ways that count). Thus, what obvious
trends clearly show their eventual outcomes to us, are not at
all obvious to your average citizen...for they lack this extra
sensitivity that could protect them from such onslaughts of
terror and mind control. And why do we possess this gift in
the first place? Why are we psychic?

We are witnesses, beloved. We are remote cameras received by
the angelic hosts who stand guard in what Christians call
Heaven, but what I enjoy calling "Avalon". We are Control
Subjects for some divine plan; barometers of the human race.
Or canaries in the cave, if you will. We are the True Spirit
of Fey, we are the Faerye Folk wakening up from a long, dark
slumber, in the recombining of your genes. Tolkein said as
much in his introduction to The Hobbit.

Did you ever think about "Gaydar" in any serious term? It's
real alright, it's telepathy. As a survival mechanism, we
queers have evolved a high level of sensitivity towards
identifying anyone as gay or not-gay. Call it Gaydar and joke
about it all you will; for it is a joyous gift to have, is it

I am the Main Node of this evolving network...all instructions
and messages must go through me at one point or another...but
don't worry: that is not an order, but a simple observation
of how telepathy functions. It is our destiny, my beloved,
that we head this network...we and some a panel
of directors.

Prepare to have your mind flooded by a fountain's spillover of
incredible notions and fabulous inspiration that will set your
heart on wing. All your dreams, all your aspirations, for Gay
Liberation and Your Own Personal Salutations to Our Inventor,
shall come to pass in the sweep of Our Good Inventor's
gracious hand. For it is Her/His hand, and only Her/His hand,
that I do trust. Thus it is Her/His hand, and only Her/His
hand, who composes this missive via my keyboard.

And Our Creator honors you, True Believers, for you have done
mighty well for yourselves, great lassies and lads! For you
never once swerved from the True Path, trusting your spirit to
guide you always in the heart's direction. And S/He does tell
me (who is also My Father/Mother), that you shall very soon be
given worldly resources by which to commence the fulfillment
of these goals S/He assigned to you before you were even
born...which goals appear as inspiration to your own self.

Now, however, it is your time to awaken to a better
understanding of who you really are, what your mind really is,
and how to distinguish inner ideas from those that come
rushing at you from outside, whether bidden or not. The
psychic world is like a messy vegetable soup that you can
hardly make sense of...until some certain doors to the
unconsious are unlocked. But Cerberus guards these awesome
doors to protect any fool from treacherously sneaking through
them. Only those who possess The Key may enter. And you,
Hellenic Hearts, have just been presented with This Key by
none other than Our Commander In Chief, who is Our Inventor.

I am told now to leave you, and my keyboard, with a final
comment that you have just sampled one of my very intense,
and always unplanned, trances...during which time I convey
messages from the gods. In service to Our Gay Siblings, of
course. Always.


Ezekiel J. Krahlin

Lavender-Velvet Revolution