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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

E-SHEEPISH © 2005 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin PART 1: Sheep Hurling: Its Purpose & Significance (english algorithm by zeke krahlin) Esheep2 is a "desktop buddy". 1 How good a programmer is the hacker who created "Esheep2"? 2 Two main tests will tell. 3 Test one is measured by the ultimate # of different Esheep2 antics. 4 Test two is measured by how well Esheep2 remains unblurred on the screen as you hurl it around. 5 Count bonus for Esheep2 responding to being hurled. 6 Response by Esheep2 to your hurling is based on how well YOU can hurl! So don't assume right off that no Esheep2 response to YOUR hurling means Bad Code is present. 7 The only evil is Bad Code BTW. 8 Allow for Esheep2 to be more intelligent than appears. 9 ALWAYS. 10 Why would a hacker create "Esheep2"?. 11 "For Fun" is not ALWAYS the final line of code (see END). 12 Hacker may want to make himself known. 14 He is put to the Sheep Hurling Intensity Test. 15 If he passes, he is then graded to show how GOOD a hacker he is, or is not. 16 Or Hackers may want to communicate w/other hackers in secret. 17 Code lies embedded in the Esheep2 program. 18 Only highest skilled programmers (hackers) can read/write Code. 19 I say "Code" instead of "The Code" as I would say "Randolph" instead of "The Randolph" when speaking of my lover. 20 Also because Code is unique to all other coding. 21 For only Code has mastered Cryptography. 22 Government calls Code "Virus". 23 Government calls Marijuana "Drug". 24 Six to a half dozen. 25 END

PART 2: Esheep2 (Illegal Paypal Link) I posted the following to eBay's Paypal discussion group on 14 March 2005. Please click on the link below; for it gives concrete evidence of a serious infraction on visiting netizens' identity. This way, you won't have to rely on second-hand reports from myself or another. Dear eBay/Paypal netizens: Go to: Click on "CD Offer". Scroll down to section "How to get your copy of this must have CD", and click on "Click HERE". The literal link I get from right-clicking is very long, but here 'tis for the record: For one: the security lock on my Opera 7.51 Browser remains open. (That would be in the upper right corner.) For another: they ask for your REGISTERED PAYPAL PASSWORD as well as e-mail. on THEIR page! Even if the page were secured, they could still be intercepting for visitor passwords. But keeping it NOT secure, makes it a haven for unlawful hackers worldwide. (The correct word for this is "cracker", not "hacker". Keep in mind that the most dangerous crackers are those from government and military institutions...and NOT from pimple-faced geeks who live next door to you in EveryTown Amerika.) This is a great way for hackers to gather working PayPal accounts! Esheep2 is IRRESISTABLY cute...a common strategy hackers use to lure unsuspecting visitors. The OTHER temptation offered on the CD, is (quote): "Latest system updates for Windows 98, Windows 2000 - To keep your system healthy!" Now, since I still prefer Windows 98, that is quite a I'd have the final updates for this version, all on one compact little CD! Hard to resist, eh? Especially since I'll be reinstalling that OS numerous times for a few more years...that CD would be quite handy, even INDISPENSIBLE! But who or what, is or are, the culprit or culprits? Taliban? Bushistas? Queers? Greys? Eastern Europeans? Starving African children? Gremlins? In case anyone can't access the insecure page in question, here's an image capture: This page is NOT secure: notice the open security lock in the upper right corner. I think this is a necessary alert to remind folks that, for every cracker site found, dozens more go unnoticed. Whether or not Esheep2 is the real culprit, their page is a danger to visitors, by tempting them to give up their password, and thus their Paypal account. Paypal needs to know about this, so that is why I posted it here on eBay's Paypal forum. I'm afraid that posting directly to, will go unheeded. 'Cause I don't think Paypal is all that reputable, either. P.S.: If I get locked outta here for some predictable reason, anyone can contact me at: ../gaymail.htm
PART 3: Esheepdip (polluted Ebay) ---finis