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by: ezekielk

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Final Testament

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!!! Gay Ghost Online Censorship !!!
Tuesday 05.25.04 [12:00 pm]

Castle of Spirits update

I thought Castle of Spirits would like to know of my favorable review...and discovered their guestbook. In filling out the form, I included my home page location: After pressing "done", the resulting new comment appeared, revealing that Castle of Spirits censors all words "gay". Check this out:

Infuriated that I couldn't back up at this point, and edit my comment by spelling "gay" as "ghay", to pass through the filter...I post another comment:

As you see, I also spelled "gay" with spaces in between, which also tricks their censorbots. In fact, it is most likely almost all these censor programs have the word "gay" (and "lesbian" and "homosexual") banned by default.

This means that all these innumerable services that include automated censorship, will ban any mention of "gay", even when the owner is gay-friendly. S/he's just much too preoccupied with other stuff, to realize you need to opt out of anti-gay censorship.

So how about that? Even if you're against censoring queers, most nanny software will do it for you any way, by default. And how many "caring" heteros who run their own guestbooks/blogs/websites/forums remain wilfully uninterested in de-demonizing "gay", though pretend otherwise?

Hmmm, why not leave your own comment there, too?

(I don't see my comment there any more...they must have already censored my posts! Spooky B a s t a r d s !)

posted by: ezekielk | 2 comments (view/add) StaticLink eSend

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