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© 2003 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

Hosea 4:6 - "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..."

Received:   03/20/03  01:45 pm  
Subject:    What's up with e-mail security

Cyborg Angela22: my hacker contingent is about to activate
major firewall security fences throughout cyberspace. If you
want to continue having access to a large chunk of the
Internet, you need to learn how to secure your online
actions...ON YOUR OWN (as that's part of the intelligence

Until then, you will be taken out of "the loop", as your lack
of willingness to learn security makes you somewhat suspect.
Don't take this personally, as MANY Amerikan Internet users
will now suffer the same fate...including all the members of
the lists in which you participate.

You will find that some of the sites you wish to look at, are
now inaccessible. However, my hacker guardians say you never
have logged onto any specially secretive site, that would
mandate your exclusion under these circumstances. So I don't
think you'll really notice much of a change in your web
surfing habits.

While militias are arguing about the supposed right to own
guns...they remain stooped in ignorance about using
computers, which the gov't is now using to enslave us all. We
hackers are working overtime to protect ALL Good Citizens from
this overwhelming threat...and any person's refusal to
actually LEARN the very basics of online computer operations,
is now suspect of treason.

Sadly, a Good Citizen's "naiveness" provides an opening with
which the enemy can pierce our collective queer armor, and
poison the troops. Truly, a psychological "Trojan Horse". Your
(willful) ignorance, and feigned "dumbness" about computers,
makes you highly suspect. At best, your lack of basic computer
skills permits the enemy to piggy back on all your e-mail and
other online activities, to convey whatever instructions or
damaging code they want. At worst, you are a willful traitor
of the worst kind.


Good Citizens in the 1940s rationed essential commodities
(such as scrap metal, butter and nylon) to fight, and beat,
the enemies of WWII. It should now be every Good Citizen's
duty to learn to use a computer system as efficiently and
responsibly as possible. I do not mean that every PC user must
become a proficient hacker; but that one SHOULD be computer
literate enough to run a non-buggy, fully operating PC on
one's own. This will free up our valued (and too-few) hacker
talents to focus on more serious matters of securing
cyberspace for Western Civilization, rather than be bogged
down defending green recruits from enemy attack that SHOULD be
easily defeated by said recruits.

And, we are in such a state as to now require cessation of
help for the low-level problems that wouldn't crop up were it
not for mass PC/Internet illiteracy. The Good Citizen should
no longer expect such exorbitant application of cerebral power
required to assist the illiterati...or as I prefer to call
them: "Anal Ogs". In fact, we will soon ban such Citizens from
access to ANY computer whatsoever, as well as the Internet.

Send this to all your list friends (unedited in any way); else
you will be held responsible for denying them vital
information that could save their very lives (not to mention
bank accounts and security pacts).

Lavender-Velvet Revolution


Received:   03/20/03  03:27 pm  
Subject:    Omega  

Mighty Mouse Virus is about to release the new operating
system that will usurp all others on the Internet, and on all
computer systems...not the least of which is Microsoft's
"Windoze" line. MMV calls this new OS "Omega".

The first step is to set up foolproof firewalls in a very
local area, where Omega can imbed itself, and remain clean of
any viruses or other illegal intrusions. Then, another
firewall is established around the perimeter of a considerably
larger Omega expands from just a city, to a
state...then country, then the globe.

Since you and your list(s) members are wide open for enemy
intrusion, MMV has put you and associates out of the loop.
Likewise for all sub-literate netizens...for the safety of
themselves, as well as for the entire world. Those so
rejected, will be placed in a holding cell in cyberspace,
where each soul may be processed for judgment at a later date.
Those who are truly innocent will be the first to be invited
back into the loop, and Omega's oversight (whereby their lack
of skill will be monitored from ever causing any harm, however

So as I said earlier: don't take it personally, it's happening
to the majority of netizens...most of whom are NOT enemies,
but potential bearers of enemy weapons, nonetheless.


PS: to read about the Mighty Mouse Virus, and how I created it
and what it is programmed to achieve, go to:

Lavender-Velvet Revolution


Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin