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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

MEMES, DREAMS & OBSCENE SCHEMES © 2002 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin (Meme Buster) From: Zeke (queer activist #1) To: Sandy (queer activist #2) Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 Subject: Memes, Dreams and Obscene Schemes Sandy, I have concluded--after intense observation of the homeless population's increasingly hostile behavior, particularly against gay folk--that mental telepathy from enemy forces is turning them into their "Army of Jar Heads". They are like radio receivers, and will respond according to their overlords' instructions. Ergo: Any and all visibly queer people (a.k.a. "blatantly out of the closet")--such as queer politicians, radical activists and drag queens--are being targeted first, to gut out the very heart of what remains of our long-suffering Family Under Siege. This would cripple us all for good. This is why you were attacked last year (apparantly, around the same time I was, Oct. 21). And now, why I am being stalked and intimidated on my own streets. For I am one of the only Castro residents who wears gay pride buttons or whatever, to maintain gay turf. I am waking people up to this war...and it is beginning to pay off...though my hetero friends who are awakening, have yet to awaken to the part where they see the CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER against my life, at this present time...which is upon ALL GAYS who do not hide their gayness. I told them, that the homeless have driven me away from my own neighborhood. It is not safe to walk the streets of the Castro; thus not safe for *all* gays who are obvious about their being so. These rotten apples are making ALL homeless people look bad...and this is ALSO the fault of most of the GOOD homeless, who are mostly hetero. For they have not assumed any responsibility for using peer pressure to discourage anti-gay attitudes and epithets like "faggot". Thus, in their silence, have allowed the beast to grow large and ever more powerful. So the bashings and deaths that will undoubtedly continue for the foreseeable future, are brought to you by our own "gay friendly" hetero homeless. I told my street buddies that if I ever get injured again (like I did last year), reaching out to homeless people in my own neighborhood...I will never talk to any of them again, nor will they ever see me again. For I would know that they helped create the scenario for my own bludgeoning (possibly death), not just one more time, but countless MORE times, until they finally WAKE UP to the truth. I also told them they will be denied my friendship as long as the Castro is dangerous for me...I will go to other neighborhoods for my coffeehouse afternoons, and strolls. They need to really HURT for their ignorance; that is, if they do really love me for the kindness I've shown them...and COURAGE. So, I do believe they are moving their pretty little asses fast, to take the first decisive steps in eliminating the presence of: Dane who stalks me, if he sees me out in the Castro (esp. at night); Pendulum bartender Frank who is spreading rumors in that black gay bar, that I am racist; and Matthew, who bashed me last year, and is now VISITING a jerk upstairs from my apartment...and whom I confronted about this, with absolutely no concern for my well being, or that of anyone else living here. Last year, my hope was to become a story-teller throughout the Castro, for our homeless denizens. But what I encountered instead, was mostly exclusion and outright hatred because of my gay-activist stance. This is when I realized, they were turning my neighborhood streets into a hetero bastion that will gladly accept the gifts of faggots, but just as gladly bash them whenever the mood strikes. They are perfect mercenaries for the Religious Reich: doing the dirty work without having it traced to the REAL source of this hatred. So I'm counting on my buddies to be the REAL MEN I know they are, and drive out these violent thugs that terrorize us here in our own queer turf. I KNOW they are incredible guys, and will NOT disappoint the great expectations I hold for them so dearly, in my heart. With the advanced level of sophistication now utilized by sociologists and their peers, God only knows what memes and subliminal commands are entering the brains of these jar heads. "Kill upstart homosexuals! Kill upstart homosexuals!" I'm sure it's on the airwaves like radio and televison...this subliminal war. I have no doubt about that, nor about their targeting us brave types first. But we can RE-PROGRAM the jar heads to work for US instead. The "chips" in their brains are meme-implants...that is, solely created in the fourth dimension, which is imagination. They have no substance in this physical plane; but believe me, IMAGINING such a device by a well-trained mind ("meme expert") does a BETTER job of fabrication than we could ever achieve with our present, non-psychic technology. We RE-PROGRAM by disseminating powerful memes, even "meme-busters" that destroy those memes which perpetrate untruths, hatred and ignorance. These memes can be released in three major ways: as text in cyberspace (via newsgroups, e-mail, chat rooms, message boards, etc.) and meatspace (via stickers, flyers, posters, news ads, radio shows), word of mouth (an all-too-underestimated weapon in our psychic arsenal), and telepathy (utilizing meditative sessions where you imagine the chip implants CRYSTAL CLEARLY accepting your new program to wipe out and override their present instructions.) The new commands? "Kill all homophobes! Kill all homophobes!" and "Protect all sexual minorities! Protect all sexual minorities!" Anyways, I'm joking a bit here...for isn't HUMOR the most powerful weapon of all? Does not a good laugh go a long way towards expelling and defeating these ugly demons that THINK they have so much power in this psychic realm, and so they're ALL THAT, you know, all swelled up with wicked pride. Ha! Tap one with a pinky, and she'll pop into nothingness like a puffball. The Enemy has created an army of human robots set out to destroy all OBVIOUS queers like ourselves. We are safe NOWHERE on the physical plane. We therefore MUST learn to sharpen our wits for this first REAL BATTLE of this thing most call LIFE, but which I call ARMAGEDDON. We can only win by the power of our MINDS, and ABSOLUTE FAITH in our rightness. So watch your back, Sandy. Times are truly treacherous... especially since the enemy has achieved a sophisticated level of surreptitiousness. Thus, we are "conspiracy theorist nuts" while Our Family suffers ever greater persecution, leading to an official declaration of a holocaust against all non- heterosexuals. Our challange is to KEEP KNOCKING at the doors and hearts of those who are even HALF-listening to us. Eventually, their shells break, and they realize we are the true friends and patriots of Amerika, and of the world. But getting to break that shell, means a passage through their homophobia, where this might just TRIGGER violent attacks against you...especially if that person is already emotionally unstable (such as a drug addict, alcoholic, or overtly macho). But even ONE PERSON can beat all these wicked experts of mind control...if his mind is smarter than their smartest. I believe you and I BOTH qualify, as do probably hundreds across the globe, maybe thousands. And I believe a great awakening is happening in this select population, that we are being called to save our planet and all its wondrous inhabitants, from self-destruction. But such a prophecy has been writ by many, many cultures that are not only non-Christian, but many others that PRE-DATE Christianity by a long shot. But what is NOT mentioned for the most part, is how homosexuals played LEADING ROLES time and again, for guiding the masses to a better place, and better way, or even a better leader. Not mentioned, due to RAMPANT GLOBAL HOMOPHOBIA eradicting any and all evidence. Looks like their plan is to pull this off sometime into this holiday season (or slightly earlier, say between Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving). But it has also been writ OUR VICTORY over these nihilistic many of those same ancient cultures. And I believe that newly revealed archaeological tablets, books, and scrolls will present homosexuals as ROLE MODELS and LEADERS in every level of society, especially when it comes to SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE. The world will soon realize that many great cultures--and even civilizations such as the Egyptian, Greek, Persian, Chinese and of course Roman--actively acknowledged and reverently supported their homosexual prophets, priests and teachers, as guardians over the Great Family, which is their tribe or kingdom. And that heterosexuals were supposed to propagate and rear the PHYSICAL ASPECT of the tribe. The type of family unit they lived with, was ALWAYS decided by the homosexual sages. In some cultures, large extended families were encouraged, while in others, the minimal "nuclear family" unit was appropriate. So I'm just using my old psychic brain power, and just kicking back to see my own army rapidly manifest and GROW, which I have already named, "The Blue Rose Militia". I believe once we really get going here in the Castro (first project: driving out most of the street people, and keeping them out)...the "Gay Militia Meme" will rapidly spread across the nation. And to be sure it does, I've already released my proposal for this militia many times over, in Usenet, for the last several years. My memes can't HELP but be spread, it's in their "genes". (Ha, funny. My name used to be "Gene". Hmmm... eugenics is where "Eugene" is derived, which name means "well born" or "noble born". In spirit, I am indeed a king among men; as are you, Sandy.) Let this be my last letter until you return from what should be a WONDERFUL adventure! Feel free to send me any ideas you deem important, that this message may have inspired. The knowledge coming through is IMPORTANT. Many blessings to you and loved ones, Sandy. Till next we meet in E-land. --- Ezekiel J. Krahlin (formerly Gene Catalano) In service to our Gay Community since 1973 Lavender-Velvet Revolution: ---finis