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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


© 2007 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

A certain bigot (calls himself "MAD"; can't argue with that) on Alternet's message board made the following comment:

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but Jeffrey Dahmer, Andrew Cunanan, John Wayne Gacy, William Bonin, Randy Kraft and Robert Berdella (to name a few) were all gay and had deep-seated issues with their own homosexuality. In fact, I think the top six serial killers in the US were gay. Just a coincidence? I doubt it.

To which I responded:

Surely, some gays (a handful) can not cope with the broadcasting through churches, media, gov't (etc.) day in and day out, 24/7, of how disgusting, perverted, and criminal is the homosexual nature. Most gays handle this psychological crippling through less violent avenues: isolation, workaholism, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, and so on. BTW, suicide is much higher among gay youth, than any other segment of minors.

But there will always be the rare few who finally EXPLODE in violent reaction, and become murderers. As my title says: "Society creates its own monsters." Which also leads to this (logical) conclusion:

Until society aggressively condemns anti-gay violence it deserves its Dahmers et al. In fact, I'd even go so far as to claim such monsters are well earned, considering all the unswerving dedication and tremendous emotional investment the immoral majority puts into hating homosexuals.

Keep it up, and we may someday become your absolute worst nightmare. Homosexuals throughout history have always made the most fearsome warriors (Alexander the Great's army, Amazon warriors, the Sacred Band of Thebes, Spartan soldiers, the Mameluke Empire). Bring it on!

While on that same thread, "MAD" blithely posted another ignorant tract:

Whenever I hear of someone attacking homosexuals, I instinctively feel that they are probably gay themselves and beat others as a result of some kind of demented, misplaced self-hatred and deep sense of shame. People who are comfortable with their sexuality don't give a shit who other people sleep with.

My retort:

Wrong. They are most likely BIsexual...since most people are (approx. 80% of the population). It is much easier for a bisexual to play hetero, including the machismo card of homophobia. IOW, they can have their cock and eat it, too.

Everyone is terrorized by gov't/religious sanction to act sexually straight. Thus, bisexuals (the majority) feel the greatest pressure to bash, than do 100% heteros or 100% queers.

To confuse gays with bisexuals is yet one more form of homophobia: blaming the victims themselves for this excessive violence...which violence statistically is even more brutal than against women (at least, when we are talking about violence against gay men).

And I believe the reason for this, is resentment against the perceived freedom of the single male, whether straight or gay. Thus homophobia can be understood as anti-male bigotry in general: jealousy against men who are not tied down to the difficult obligations and restrictions that come with traditional marriage. And since most homosexual men remain unmarried throughout their entire lives (thanks to extreme persecution upon their kind)...there you have it: single men not shackled to the Ol' Chain&Ball.

Which also explains why single men who "seem" queer are also targets of homophobia. If this keeps up much longer, every male in Amerika will fear walking in public without a lady on his arm. And that's a good thing IMO, because only then--when more heteros are included in this Fag Bashing Holocaust--will enough people stand up for gay rights and fight back aggressively.

And many "innocent" straights have it coming to them, for in SILENCE they condemn their own pathetic selves.

Then I responded to poster "madaha" (same thread), who claimed that most Russians are gay-friendly, simply because she has a few Russian friends who are. Here's what Her Dizziness said:

My Russian friend IS gay! And living quite happily with his long-term partner. As for the other 2, they are gay friendly, and also good friends with the Russian. why should this surprise you?

I eagerly (nay, zealously) replied:

I am not and your friends are the exception, certainly not the rule. Practically all the Eastern European, Baltic, and Muslim nations have serious issues over anti-gay violence. A rare gay-friendly few do not a majority make. You are aware of course, that Russian society, including its gov't, remain extremely homophobic.

And if you act surprised over that, I'd say you're either lying, or dumb as a stick. See:

U.K. activists protest Russia Pride ban

Violence breaks up Moscow gay rally

Moscow mayor: Pride "satanic"

Russian lawmakers move to recriminalize homosexuality

Anti-gay violence rips through Moscow

Anti-gays plan daily rousts in Moscow park

Russian Christians "purge" gay cruise waters

Gay-friendly director slain in Tashkent

Uzbekistan journalists face gay 'offense'

Bomb threat, attacks mar Estonia Pride

Hate forces gay Dutch envoy from Estonia

Cops Hit Belarus Pridefest

Latvian anti-gay protesters throw feces at activists

Defiant gay activists march in Poland

U.S. envoy to speak at anti-gay Polish summit

Protesters overwhelm Pride in Romania

Eggs and bombs at Pride in Hungary

Violence erupts at Zagreb Pride

Pair of gay tourists attacked in Croatia

Azerbaijan prisoner amnesty excludes gays

Armenians Play Gay for Asylum (then fag-bash in their adopted nations)

You are obviously not gay-friendly enough to bother to read any gay news, else you'd know some of these things by now. IOW, you can't possibly be gay-friendly, if you remain ignorant of the relevant issues. You are a lukewarm friend to gays, at best.

Besides, I'm sure your gay friends (if you truly have any) would completely agree with my statements. Unless of course, they're deaf, dumb, and blind.

What amuses and frustrates me--as a gay activist--is how so many heteros who call themselves "gay-friendly" insist on being the last word on what "gay-friendly" really means, and what the gay issues really are...even when a real gay person (even if he's an activist) disagrees, and attempts to correct the erroneous hetero.

Moving right along, I snag poster "albrechtkrausse" and give him what-for:

why these 'crimes' justify an Alternet article?

Well, duh! Gays don't count?

Or maybe it is because the victims are "LGBTs"

Oh, I see: they DON'T count. Gays don't deserve news coverage and respect, by reporting abuses against them. UNLIKE other persecuted groups. "Goodness gracious, if we can't bash gays any more, who's left?"

Alternet ignores the African-Americans, cops, whites, and others killed by Mexican immigrants. Or the DUI accidents. Or the rapes. Or the "serial killings"

Nonsense, you are simply a flaming BIGOT. Alternet DOES cover all minorities. And by ALL, this means HOMOSEXUALS, too. Duh. is one of the FEW progressive news outlets that has finally learned the IMPORTANCE of incorporating the gay issue on an equal basis with all other minority issues. There are still PLENTY of liberal outlets that continue to IGNORE sexual minorities. Obviously, you RESENT Alternet's righteous pro-gay BOTHERS you big time, don't it? Well, look forwared to being bothered a heck of a lot MORE, as the gay issue continues to be shoved in your face, in your life, as long as you continue to HATE them.

But an isolated event by some Slavic immigrants

NEWS FLASH: Just because YOU pay no attention to the gay issue, does not mean ipso facto, that any anti-gay attack is "isolated". In fact, Amerika has a MAJOR and GROWING problem with doubt in part to bigots like you. (Goddess forbid you should EVER read any gay-relevant news, such as Being informed is NOT the way of the NeoCon, NeoNazi, or NeoChristian.)

Interesting, to say the least

You must be a very blissful person...after all, you know what they say about ignorance.

Whether you like it or not, Gay Rights has become a front-burner issue all over the globe these days. Why? Because violent homophobia and heterocentrism have run their course for WAY too long...and when a society perpetuates and ignores any sort of hatred long enough, it eventually BACKFIRES and winds up HANDING OVER all power to the very group it has abused.

A homosexualized world is a free world. A homosexualized world is a sane world. A homosexualized world is a world w/o overpopulation. A homosexualized world is a world w/o violent machismo. A homosexualized world is a world of equality for EVERYONE.

"I'd walk a mile for a camel, two for a
sheep or goat, and three for a boy."

(ancient Muslim saying)

Finally, I re-read the first poster ("MAD"), and got really pissed over this "top six serial killers" issue, and did my homework. In fact, I burned the midnight oil:

I know you got this so-called "fact" from the notoriously homophobic charlatan, Dr. Paul Cameron. He has been debunked some years back, as falsifying and distorting research about gay people. Very Nazi of him...and of you, for spreading such harmful disinformation.

Cameron's own page has a subsection entitled: "The top six U.S. male serial killers were all gay". And that's where you acquired the list of killers. Of course, you didn't bother to say just where you got that false claim from. 'Cause if you did, you would have been derided and hooted off this thread.

Cameron is described in gay news source PlanetOut as a member of "the Family Research Institute, a pseudo-scientific front organization of the religious right that has a long history of anti-gay propaganda."

I refer you to the following sites that debunk Cameron's false premises:

Cameron Facts quote: "Six serious errors are identified in the Cameron group's sampling techniques, survey methodology, and interpretation of results. The presence of even one of these errors would be sufficient to cast serious doubts on the legitimacy of any study's results. In combination, they make the data virtually meaningless."

Dr. Paul Cameron and the Family Research Institute. This site includes many examples of Cameron's propaganda.

Paul Cameron's Pseudo Science quote: "Through the years Cameron has claimed that gay people die far younger than straight people, are disease-ridden, drive drunk, shoplift, are murderers, eat feces, use gerbils for sex fun and urinate on one another.

Now, I've done my homework tonight, to come up with a list of notorious serial killers who have no reputation for same-sex attraction. Thus disproving Cameron's claim that the top 6 serial killers are homosexual:

-Donald Henry "Pee Wee" Gaskins - aka the Meanest Man in America; confessed to over 200 murders.

-Charles Cullen - nurse in New Jersey and Pennsylvania who killed as many as 40 patients through lethal injection.

-Donald Harvey - aka Angel of Death; hospital orderly, confessed to more than 80 "mercy killings" with 37 confirmed killings.

-Richard "Iceman" Kuklinski - professional hit man by trade ...killed between 33 and 200 individuals.

-Gerard John Schaefer - police officer who killed up to 34 women and girls.

-Tommy Lynn Sells - admitted to murdering dozens of people, possibly in excess of 70.

-Gerald Stano - convicted murderer of 41 women.

-Michael Swango - physician and surgeon who poisoned over 30 of his patients and colleagues.

-Coral Eugene Watts - aka The Sunday Morning Slasher; killed dozens of women in Texas and Michigan.

Just a typical day (er, "night") of my online activism.