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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


© 2004 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

On Thu, 01 Jul 2004 Gaynet member "Eric"  posted (quoting a
homophobic U.S. politician):

And when we talk about legitimizing
homosexuality by granting same-sex
relationships the status of
marriage, we're giving powerful
ammunition to those who use
America's decadence to recruit more
snipers and hijackers and suicide

(My response as follows:)

Indeed! As I've been declaring for years now...and before any
other queer activist I know of...I've been warning our
community about the global gay holocaust soon due. I was
awakened to this vision as a direct result of Prez Clinton's
signing DOMA. And in this vision, Jesus Christ himself came to
me, and told me to warn our community...which piece you may
read at:

I also posted it widely across gay, activist, pagan, and Xian
newsgroups. That was back in 2000, four years after the
passage of DOMA. However, immediately upon its passage, I saw
trouble...the vision that came later, cystallized what sort of

Now, as for my vision of "Jesus"...I take this with a grain of
salt, and a Jungian this deity, like all
deities, is simply an archetype. As I was raised in a largely
Xian culture (like many, if not most, who read this now), my
visions are largely composed of Xian deities and symbols.
However, anthropological studies have broadened my mind
considerably, so now I do have visions with deities from other
cultural viewpoints, that include Native American, Hindu,
African, Polynesian, Innuit, Viking, Greek, and so on. This is
why I like to say:

"Anthropology saved my soul."

Personally, I would have preferred that Zeus, or a gorgeous
werewolf, or a Haidu Goddess, had knocked me to the floor and
ordered me to rise up and type this astounding vision on my
keyboard, to share with the world. As my personal preference
of worship is Pagan Animism.

But I think that my Xian-style visions and wording serve an
important purpose: to finally reach an understanding by
Christain fundamentalists, Catholics, and other
Xian-conservative types...about the essential wrongness of
their gay hatred. They would not so readily understand my
points, were I to use, say, pagan or Hindu examples. And
therefore why it's so important for some of us to reinterpret
the Old and New Testaments in favor of sexual
minorities...which is the main purpose of my activism, as
manifest in my website, and many newsgroup discussions.

So please don't get the wrong impression that I condone most
of this Xian fundie (or Catholic) best, if one
is going to describe my Xian facet, it would be
"Gnostic"...with great respect to the female Christ concept,
or "Christa". But let's get back to the topic at hand:

Colson's piece is further affirmation that we queers are
going to be blamed for every problem under the sun...which is
likely to lead to a holocaust, not just in the USA, but across
the world...which beginning will be recorded in future history
books as 1996, when DOMA passed.

But don't freak out, anyone, please...this is a game more
than any great horror that would truly manifest. For if you
consider Buddha's tenet that "you have no enemies, only
teachers", then you must reinterpret this apparent terror as
just that, "apparent"...which word is defined as:

"according to appearances; ostensible rather than actual"

There are three other definitions to that word, but this is
the one I use in this situation.

Just as Roger and Eric "apparently" attacked me most unfairly
(in the Gaynet mailing list, Roger being list mgr., Eric a
participant like myself) truth it was a test of my
ability to stand my ground w/o being equally smarmy back...a
test of my ability to withstand more "apparently" serious
onslaught by world figures and movements, including Islamic
and Xian fundamentalist.

The same applies to gov't and world hatred and persecution of
queers. They are not our enemies, because (in Buddha's
definition), there are no enemies anywhere, nor have there
ever been, nor ever will be...for any issue, not just the one
about gay rights!

So what is going on here? Well, you may read my general take
on the matter in my 3-part essay:


My concepts are not difficult to grasp; in fact, they are
rather elegant, loving, and with a healthy dose of humor. This
of course suggests that what truly horrendous "apparent"
suffering many humans were supposed to have undergone, never
did happen in the first place...that this is a grand deception
by our creator to teach compassion and appreciation of life's
great treasures, withOUT anyone really having to suffer
anything beyond what he or she can actually bear. Please read
my essay, for further explanations on how I believe this can

And my concepts came out of thinking through what Buddha meant
when he said you have no enemies, only teachers. But let me
focus just on this topic of Colson's clever, diabolical method
to place the burden of all human crimes, sorrows, and hatred
on queers:

So, not only are queers in Islamic nations, or anywhere else,
not being tortured or terrorized to any horrid extent...but
our own political enemies--who are actually our teachers--are
laying out the scenario for any queer person, to become a being more and more obviously anti-gay in contrast.

For as in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, where it says to show
no fear as one ascends through higher and higher levels; that
then, any demon approaching you will drop his mask to show
himself to be yet another angel...the same is true in our
present world (or "level"). Behind the mask of Dubya, Cheney,
Colson, et al, is an angel playing the difficult role as
enemy, in order to guide us towards our incredible destiny.

No one is being killed, no one is being tortured...and that
goes for Matthew Shephard, along with any of our other
martyrs, including Harvey Milk. It is an incredible illusion,
for us to learn our lessons...and when the lessons have all
been learned..then for us to see through this veil of illusion
(as I, and others have, such as Buddha, as well as numerous
enlightened average folk who humbly play the roles of unsung
heroes...though they are certainly most beloved and celebrated
in the angelic sphere; thus, they really do not lack for
appreciation of their bravery).

So what is the real test presented by Colson et al, IMO? It
is thus:

To not cave into fear, though all around may seem imminent
threats to your well-being, and even life...just like it says
in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

The moment a fear tightens your stomach, constricts your vocal
chords, or makes you break out in a sweaty drench...know that
this is a visceral reaction to a wrong-minded perception. It
is not a mistake to fear; but it is a mistake to give in to
such fear. Just stand your ground, and do what you know in
your heart is the right thing...which in most cases, means
speaking out against a bigoted or threatening remark. In some
cases, it may mean actual physical retaliation or protection
of another.

If you cave in to fear, by cowering, or not speaking out to
defend yourself or another, or even participating in
homophobic peer have lost, and lost big.
Silence truly does = death, in such matters. And the greatest
form of cowardice, of acquiescing to fear, is to live a
closeted life. No matter where you live, even in redneck,
backwater rural AmeriKKKa!

But don't forget: these same rules (as I see them) also apply
to heterosexuals. If they remain silent against homophobic
bigotry, for any reason (not just fear of losing one's
career, family, or even life), they too will be tossed to the
wolves of their own conscience!

It is quite true, what FDR said in his first inaugaral
address, that: "the only thing we have to fear is fear
itself-nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which
paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."

It is also quite true, what Harry S. Truman once said, that:
"A government is only as good as its people." Which of course,
applies to groups of people on a tribal or community level,
such as our own LGBT family.

So while it is indeed terribly wrong for any queer to
perpetrate slander, gossip, and bigotry in any form to another
queer, it is also wrong-minded for those so attacked, to treat
them on one level only, that is, as enemies. Much better to
figure out what your "enemy" is teaching you...if nothing
else, how to rise above such "apparently" hateful dogma by
setting a better example. (Which example may sometimes be
simply to knock the person down to the ground with a good
swift kick or punch...or application of pepper spray...though
physical retaliation must always be treated as a last resort.
One can make a good case for no physical response in any
manner; but I do not agree with this point. It just depends on
the circumstance, and how imminent any real threat seems.)

This issue is simply one of internal conflict, present in all
groups, particularly when politics (or religion) is a
consideration...and not at all unique to our queer community.

In so realizing we have no enemies, just teachers, the obvious
conclusion from this rise of homophobia worldwide is this:
Homophobia is coming to a head, like a pimple, and will soon
burst full of pus, then heal. It is a sign of our imminent
success...first, by taking incredibly courageous stands
against this evil, which will impress the world greatly (and
make some of the most homophobic folks quiver in their boots,
or Persian slippers or dusty, bare feet as the case may be).

And knowing we have no enemies makes it so much easier to
confront and successfully tackle whatever threats seem
imminent...and to live our lives now in greater harmony, and
enjoyment of the world around us. This is a universal truth
which applies to anyone at any time, under any
circumstance, no matter how "apparently" dire. So the real
problem in anyone's life is not conflict, chaos, war,
prejudice, or other horridly negative scenario, but educating
oneself and others if possible, to right-minded attitude. And
cultivating that until it becomes second-nature. The Zen
philosophy calls this, learning to make prayer a part of evey
moment...prayer being an appreciation for the beautiful and
good things in life that are always around us, no matter what
else is going on, or seems to be going on.

But it is also wrong-minded to condemn anyone who does not
think like this. One who has reached the level of "no-enemies"
perception, has no excuse for such hubris! One must only
accept this "apparent" ignorance as yet another test, most
likely of one's patience...and let's not forget God's sense of

One of the great puzzles of Buddha, is why is he laughing?
You've no doubt seen those statues of the laughing Buddha.
Well, the answer came to me, as I evolved into this level of
"no-enemy" awareness:

When the Buddha likewise reached this level, he looked around
to realize that no one was unduly suffering in any significant
way, that all is wonderful as it is already...and that all
this "apparant" evil was simply an illusion in order to teach
people how to learn compassion. So of course, he started
laughing with delight, and great love for God's incredibly
clever "scam"...which also includes our creators outrageous
sense of humor!

In closing, I'd like to leave with this simple quote from one
of the greatest heroes of WWII, which applies just as much to
our global queer community now, as it did to our allies

"We shall never, never, surrender!"

Oh, yeah, and one more quote...from my most-beloved of all
childhood heroes:

"What, me worry?"

That's not true. Actually, it's Sylvester the cat:

"Thufferin' Thuccotath!"