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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


© 2004 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

On Fri, 9 Jul 2004 a gaynet poster wrote:

Gay Rights Site Runs 'Outing' Ad
Aimed at the Hill By Jose Antonio

This is a watershed...marking the shift from "outing" public
figures as "radical" gay activism, to "mainstream" gay
activism. The justification for doing so is inarguable,
considering the present threat upon our civil liberties and
lives. This will eventually--and quite rapidly, I think--lead
to outing others on lower levels of the
social/business/political ladder...starting with those who
remain closed in the workplace, yet are "out" for their
recreation. While the minority of us who are already "out" on
all levels, must continue to suffer any burdens and attacks
that befall the gay community by our enemies.

The resentment by this minority will explode, and spill over
to all facets of being gay in a homophobic society. This will
lead to a more evenly-distributed burdern, that will make life
far less frightening for the courageous minority, who've led
the way--and still do--at great risk for their lives and
livelihood. And it's the only way to go at this point...if we
want to see queer equality in our time.

I experience here in "gay mecca" daily hatred by closeted
queers, for my being so totally out. I'm talking about those
who enjoy our queer neighborhoods, bars, and clubs...while
remaining in the closet on the job and even among their
relatives. They enjoy the fruits of other people's
labors...that is: gay activists (both those officially
recognized as such, and those unsung heroes who regularly
stand up for gay rights).

There will also be rising resentment against those queers who
do not lift a finger for our rights...many of whom publicly
mock our good activist types, and make it most unpleasant for
these types to enjoy the very same hangouts these hypocrites
enjoy. You can see this in any gay bar, as regards the absurd
hatred for gay activists, which is as much of our bar scene,
as alcoholism and gossip.

I know first hand, for I am an outspoken, self-made activist.
Some of the resentment I experience also comes from
hypocrites online (this list being  no exception). Let this
serve as witness to my claims about internicine backstabbing. 

(But let me be clear on the fact that such a double standard
is typical of all minorities, and certainly neither exclusive
among queers, nor any more endemic than in any other oppressed
minority. And let me also be clear that I see this
"unfortunate" situation as a real test of an activist's
mettle...and in so accepting the situation as a
challenge will, in the long run, receive much appreciation for his or
her selflessness, hard work, persistance...and faith in "the
cause" even against the most discouraging odds. This is based
on my philosophy that Buddha is quite correct when he said:
"You have no enemies, only teachers"...which philosophy I've
recently discussed.)

These unevolved queers will finally be seen for what they are:
roadblocks towards winning our rights, and even exacerbators
of anti-gay violence and oppression. I've described them, and
foresaw their demise (and consequent schism in the queer
community) some time back, which essays I've posted throughout
Usenet, and on this list. They have a permanent home on my

Queer Turncoats in our Midst
(warning about these hypocrites)

Saint Eugene & the Abundant Well
(about continuing to share one's spiritual gifts, despite the
enemies that gather 'round to partake w/no regard for the
giver's well-being)

Spirit of Gay Pride
(about absolute faith in one's cause, that trivializes even
fear of death)

Do You Trust Tobacco Companies?
(partly about the acquiescence of gay bar patrons to intrusion
by companies known for anti-gay positions)

King Six's Betrayal
(good example of how some online queers use gossip to defame
the good efforts of their own activists who make many
sacrifices that all queers may live better lives)

Vampires in the Castro
(examples of how gay activists are often drained of their good
energies by spoiled queers who get their jollies that way)

Danger of Lukewarm Friends
(how unresolved homophobia due to family pressure destroys gay
on gay friendships)

Those Who Oppose Me
(how unkind queers go out of their way to block activists from
fighting for our rights)

I also want to note that the same resentment will rise
against any heterosexual who drags their feet on the gay
issue...especially those who have gay friends who never rise
to their defense, whenever a situation calls for just that!
(Example: when a co-worker rails against gays demanding
"special rights", or in some other way insults gays, such as
using epithets like "faggot" and "pervert"...your hetero
"friends" simply cower in feigned acquiescence, instead of
speaking out against such hate speech.

And it is for just such "straight" folk, I wrote the following

Hetero Sleaze vs. Gay Dignity
(showing the hypocrisy of S.F. judges that do not question the
homophobia rampant in our straight clubs, bars and hangouts)

Seven Litmus Tests
(some good ways to measure the gay-friendliness of your hetero
friends and family)

Suck my Big Fat Dick, Hetero Counterculture
(how unsupportive "liberal" straight counterculture is towards
gays, despite all their "lip service")

Hetero Shame Week
(a proposal for a new queer Holy Day, whose time has come)

True Tales From The Castro
(Eat your heart out, Armistead!)
Ezekiel Krahlin, Chief Thracian & Webmaster