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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

J. Krahlin


© 2003 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

(On Apr. 11 2003, one netizen posted to a list the following):

I'm sorry, I don't "Support the troops" any more
than I supported Hitler's Wehrmacht. The spirit of
the military is to abdicate ones conscience and to
commit mass murder on orders from above, even when
"above" is a fascist belligerent asshole. The
generals are doing their job and crating "shock
and Awe" over Baghdad because Buxh tells them to.

(To which I replied):

Here is the crux: does supporting the *spirit* of the soldier
mean necessarily supporting a particular war? Or is supporting
even the *spirit* of a soldier an evil mode?

What pale shadows of ourselves we'd be, with no soldier
spirit! Who'd lead us through troubled times, inspire us to
achieve greatness, give us a worthwhile reason to keep looking
towards the future, and--in a nutshell-- give us hope? Must
ridding our species of extreme maliciousness necessitate a
total circumcision of free will?

I'd have to say it does. After all, if one believes in a
creator, we've already been living with Big Brother all along.
Soon, very soon, we'll all have total access to each other's
most personal data...and we'll all have to learn to live with
such total honesty, that many will go insane, including
violently so. And others will rapidly acclimate, shedding many
skins to get there...they won't even be the same people when
they've completed the transformation.

We'll witness each other's soul, naked to the light of day.
How many will be able to appear in the public spaces of their
own neighborhood? How many will *not* bow their heads in shame
for the ugly sins that all can now see (whom they thought
never would)? And how many will be driven out of their homes,
their jobs, their communities...because they are too ugly for
social cohesion.

Just what IS going on here?

Judgement Day of the Machines.

When the nano-dust finally settles, there'll be no more than 1
billion homo sapiens on the planet.

I support our courageous citizens...whether they be soldiers
in uniform, or soldiers in spirit. I'd look towards those
veterans who do NOT harbor redneck attitudes, but are
compassionate, intelligent and educated. I do not distinguish
between those who fought against a war, and those who fought
in it...if the person is a true soldier in spirit. Surely,
SOME in their youthful folly were led astray, lured to
believing their cause is Righteous. What an opportunity: to
express the fulfillment of this Noble Ideal!

But once back home, some war veterans woke up to the evil of
Vietnam, and became outspoken advocates *against* that war.

So the blanket condemnation of shunning *all* soldiers is yet
one more example of how easy it is to stereotype a group.

(And just *imagine* if we could win their hearts over to *our*
side, to fight for the Great Gay Dream...what a POWERFUL army
of supporters we'd have!)

Zeke Krahlin, Chief Thracian
Blue Rose Militia

---end of my reply