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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

(to be distributed ASAP to all relevant gatherings)

© 2004 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

Date: November 10, 2004
Subject: My prophecies fulfilling
To: alt.religion.shamanism,alt.religion.wicca,

Hello again, sister/brethren pagans/shamans (and alternative/
progressive spiritual groups and believers in angels,
unicorns, faeries, trolls and things that go "Doh!" in the

Some of you are already familiar with who I am: Zeke Krahlin,
gay activist who regards himself as a gifted shaman of the
Pagan tradition. (The only form of Christianity I regard as
worthwhile, is the Gnostic variant...that is: those Christian
groups that regard other religions and world views as equally
valid and reverential as their own.)

In past years, I've told of my visions, describing a fascist
takeover of the United States, with a rapid evolution into
starting an anti-gay holocaust. These visions came to me as a
direct impact of Clinton signing the Defense of Marriage Act
(DOMA) in 1996. But until recently, my visions were regarded
by most as sheer fantasy. (There were a few, however, who
respected my statements, and understood where I was coming
from. To those online amigos I say: "Thank you from the bottom
of my heart; for you sustained me when others denied me even a
crumb of bread or drop of water.")

FYI: You need not take my word for my claims of accurate
predictions. I've posted them to newsgroups on a regular
basis, since 1997. And used Google's handy usenet database, to
create a record of all my usenet participation since that
year. Here's the URL:

So it will be a simple procedure to track down when I
originally posted my visions.

With absolute faith in my visions, I put my reputation on the
line, by freely reporting them in various relevant newsgroups.
Now, I've returned to not say "I've told you so" (which I just
did, neenerneenerneener), but to remind folks that some of my
shocking predictions have come true. Look at who our president
is! A president who's first action will be to outlaw gay
people by pushing an amendment to the Constitution, to ban gay
marriage. Is holocaust still an outrageous likelihood, to you?
Civil war? Which I've predicted as a direct result of sexual
minority issues. Gay Rights shall be the belwether of change
across this globe. Allow me to give a quick encapsulation of
my predictions for the near future:

Bush will likely pass the anti-gay marriage amendment around
Thanksgiving. This will read as a green light for homophobes
everywhere, to cast us from our homes, our jobs, our towns,
and so on. Dubya will declare sexual minorities an imminent
danger to Amerikan Hetero Fambly Valyooz. Thus begins the
Holocaust II, with gays the primary target. Quickly followed
up by Jews, Pagans, Handicapped, etc. etc. But they are also
partly to blame, by not standing up--often enough or numerous
enough--against homophobia within their own ranks, when they
should have.)

The sane part of the world will see the US an immediate threat
to this planet's survival...knowing that once a dictator
starts bashing gays, it's not long before he begins blowing up
bombs around the world. So these sane nations (which may
include China, Russia, Brazil, and Cuba) will group together
quickly, and become vastly more powerful than the US. They
will dismantle our government, that the USA will be no more;
this grand experiment gone awry, and become too hazardous to
allow to strive further.

With that, new nations shall be carved out of the former
USA...including Athenia, world's first gay nation (with me for
their first President).

What may then happen, is the restoration of Amerika piece by
piece...with Athenia remaining a nation unto itself...a beacon
for sexual minorities to follow if they seek refuge.

I now witness my visions of dictatorship and civil
war/holocaust unfold. Which affirms their truth, and the
resulting success of sexual minorities, shown in the visions
that follow.

And: Pagans shall also play a major, major role in world
revolution...bringing sanity, compassion, and diversity to
Amerika. (But they do still have a problem with their own
homophobes, which they must do their best to condemn, or even
drive out of their groups. And that is why I make my gay
presence known from time to time, in pagan/shaman groups.)

And women's rights.

But it will be the Gay Issue that will trigger global
revolution, which then will open doors of liberty to pagans
and women.

The only "flaw" in my prophesies, seems to be that I have my
time line too compressed. The visions can be so empowering,
that in my enthusiasm to see them manifest, I want to believe
they'll happen much sooner than the visions really show. I
thought the anti-gay holocaust would start the same year I had
my first vision of it: 1996. But now, it's obvious that should
this holocaust go down, it is likely to be started by Dubya in
the beginning of his second term.

Every minority needs to do all it can to cleanse its people of
homophobic attitudes. This is a most urgent karmic matter; yet
those homophobes remain that smirk at my declaration, in their
attempt to discourage others from considering my words. Which
only proves my point: that Pagans are not immune to
homophobia. Indeed, it's still a major infection for them (as
it is for most other non-queer groups). Albeit, a lesser
percentage of homophobes identify as Pagans, than as
Christians...say: 35% for Pagans and 85% for Christians. But
that 35%, while smaller than Xian zealots, is nonetheless too
large a number to be acceptable within any civilized

Any (non-queer) person or group that persists in maintaining
homophobic viewpoints--or continues to look the other way when
other members speak anti-gay slurs--or pretends they have no
problem with gays, they just don't want them around...will
soon wind up paying a terrible price for this bigotry.

Evil people--and this includes any and all homophobes--are
soon to get a taste or their own medicine. So to our Good

Despair ye not, for surprises await the Religious Reich.
Some will fall into bear traps, while others dine-a-mite.

What can good Pagans do to lessen homophobia within their
circles? Speak out against it, on a regular basis. Include a
no-queer-discrimination clause in your articles or bylaws.
Demand the same penalty for anti-gay slurs and actions, as you
do for expressions of racism, female bashing and child

Some of you will be derided, even ostracized, for your
courageous stand. There will be kindred souls out there,
likewise treated, that you may form new bonds and circles free
of heterocentric dogma. Which dogma BTW, extends to hatred of
women, progressives, pagans, artists, and so on. Their
homophobia is, however, their foundation upon which they
build...thanks to the majority of citizens TACITLY approving
anti-gay laws and behavior. You break this chain of evil by
smashing the anti-gay link. All other (non-queer) prejudices
will then dissipate. In closing:

I realize anti-gay marriage is the trump card to wipe out all
the rights of sexual minorities. And I don't think any other
(non-queer) minority or political group can make any progress
at this point, without wholeheartedly defending and
incorporating LGBTQ issues...even above and beyond any other
civil right, for some years to come. Defending and liberating
QueerFolk is the key to liberating everyone else. This is my
conviction, by which I strongly stand.


Zeke Krahlin

"Many are called but few are chosen;
Step right up for your lederhosen."
 - Big Gay Brother      [ ]


---end of my message