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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


© 1998 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

(The following essay is an article I wrote in a gay 
newsgroup in February 1998.)

---begin article

Newsgroups: alt.politics.homosexuality
Subject: Re: Gay separatist manifesto
From: (Ezekiel Krahlin)
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 10:22:26 GMT

On Sat, 31 Jan 1998 16:43:34 GMT, (George
M. Carter) said:

> (Ezekiel Krahlin) wrote:
>>I just stumbled across another example of how bisexuals
>>often stab gays in the back, believing themselves to be
>>superior.  This is just another style of homophobia,
>>comparable to straights who also see themselves superior
>>to gays.
>Or in the alternative....
>I just stumbled across another example of how bisexuals often
>stab straights in the back, believing themselves to be
>superior.  This is just another style of heterophobia,
>comparable to gays who also see themselves superior to
>Think about it.

I have, and I don't buy into this heterophobia theory, one
bit. Any gay who does, already reveals his own self betrayal,
hypocrisy, and lack of pride. To accuse a gay person of
heterophobia (or biphobia), is like accusing a concentration
camp survivor of Naziphobia.

As far as the terms "biphobia" and "heterophobia"...they are
invalid because nonexistant.  Whatever disgust a gay person
shows towards bi's and straights is founded on truth, not
illusion...and homophobia possesses such extensive dimensions
of hatred, violence, and ignorance...that to even accuse a
gay person of either biphobia or heterophobia is in itself a
homophobic manipulation.

Biphobia is a crock.  So's heterophobia.  Homophobia, on the
other hand, is real.

A "phobia" is any unjustified fear or hatred.  From Random
House Dictionary:

pho+bi+a (fO_bEE uh)  n. pl. <-bi+as>
     1.  a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object,
activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to
avoid it.

Homophobia is totally unjustified.  It is a violent and cruel
act of persecution to a vulnerable group of people.  Ergo,
homophobia *is* a true phobia.

Fear and hatred of heterosexuals is quite real, as so many
are homophobic...and often difficult to discern which ones
aren't.  In our heterosexist society, no gay person can
safely be himself or herself--anwhere in our nation--without
the persistant threat of being murdered, beat up, job loss,
housing loss, or a number of other hostile responses.

"Biphobia" is a clever term created by the so-called bisexual
political movement.  Bisexual politics in large part, plays
on homophobia to create their own distinct identity...while
coyly pretending not to be homophobic in the least.  They
take the hard-earned achievements of lesbian/thracian rights,
and turn it into their own...rather than bravely participate
directly in the gay movement.  For the only real problem
bisexuals have in society, is their desire for homosexual
expression...they have *no* problem being accepted for their
heterosexual passions.  In a nutshell: Gays sacrifice their
lives for a better world, and bisexuals lick up the blood to
slake their thirst.

Bisexuals often portray their dual sexual drive as "perfect",
contrasting that with homosexuality, which is implied as
discriminatory to the opposite sex.  As if sexual arousal
were proof of acceptance towards truth, it is
only an itch for selfish pleasure, and is often used by
heterosexists to justify a sexual act that is legally seen as

Every incidence of violence against bisexuals has always been
a form of homophobia.  Just because the victim happens to be
bisexual, does not make the hate crime biphobic.  Beware, gay
people:  any bisexual who *insists* that biphobia is real, is
homophobic, and should not be trusted, ever.  Any real
fighter for gay rights--who is bisexual or hetero--has no
difficulty participating in same-sex civil rights without
feeling a need to create a separate political entity...that
is, "bisexual politics".  Bisexuality is real, but is not a
valid political movement.

If heterophobia (or biphobia) were real, we'd have roving
gangs of queers bashing straights (or bi's), queer property
owners evicting them, and queer employers firing them. None
of this is the case. But if you insist heterophobia is real,
by pointing out the occassional slur a gay might make about
straights...then you are equating an action that is so
ridculously mild as to be harmless, with another action that
is deplorably brutal and malicious. In other words, you
would be homophobic yourself.

>Meantime, I think you are intentionally distorting Boy
>George's comments to suit your own agenda. I may be wrong,
>but I believe him to be saying that sexuality is fully
>blossomed when one has no impediments to enjoying sex with
>same, opposite or other sexes. I think he would view
>heterosexuality as unevolved.

Again, you are perceiving a superiority where none exists.
It's like claiming one is not a complete human being, if one
does not enjoy the flavor of both chocolate *and vanilla. It
still comes down to the same old phony bisexual
machismo...another form of homophobia when you boil it down.

For a gay person to believe heterophobia exists, and that
bisexuality is a superior to oppress and demean
his own homosexuality, and spread homophobia among his own
brothers. And this is exactly what you, poor thing, are doing.

>It's a nice sentiment. It doesn't mean anything, really. What
>we each find attractive (a sexual turn-on) is idiosyncratic.
>One man's meat is [fill in blank].

It's not a nice sentiment at all: it's demeaning and
homophobic. But I agree: It doesn't mean anything on a
theoretical level, when analyzed by intelligent and peacable
people. However, it means *everything (our lives, our
well-being, etc.) when the majority believes it is so
important as to justify fear, hatred, and violence against

>Think of it this way. The separatist state of ___sexuals that
>permits only the true ___sexuals where people attracted to
>their own race are allowed. People attracted to other races
>are guilty of miscegenation and that is bad because it
>dilutes the people of the ___ race.

Doesn't work that way. I am discussing the idea of secession
as a way of creating a truly secure place on this planet, for
gays and lesbians. It is a similar situation to that of Jews,
who finally did form their own nation. I suppose you would
find the Jews as arrogant, phobic, or misled, for doing so?
Just because our persecution is based on our sexual
attraction, does not make our struggle any less valid. (For my
own part, I would define our attraction on a broader level, as
"affectional" rather than simply "sexual".)

For now, the best we can do is congregate in a few small areas
in a number of major U.S. metropolises...where we nevertheless
get bashed, threatened, and terrorized constantly in what is
still a dominant and violent, heterocentric ambience. Hence,
the majority of gay people remain in the closet, living in
fear, across rural and small-town (and small-city) AmeriKKKa.
Those who are professed gays are mostly in urban areas...and
are a mere smidgen of the real gay population that has yet to
be heard, known, or liberated. Indeed, we have our own silent

There have been proposals to declare San Francisco as a refuge
for people from other nations being persecuted for sexual
differences.  I don't see how such a safety zone could work,
except as becoming a sovereign territory.

>Me: Heterosexuality on an overpopulated planet is a
>psychosocial disorder.

Heterosexuality is not the is heterosexism that
is. It is a breeder manifesto that is bound to lead to plagues
wiping out 2/3 of our population, in order to bring things
down to a reasonable population level.  Once that happens, I
hardly think any society will look at unbridled reproduction
in the same light as previously. In fact, people may become
terrorized at the thought of breeding...and some may even be
*forced by law to propagate, in order to maintain even a low
level of populace.

>Ezekiel (and I think this is funny...)
>The legalization of hetero marriage has opened the
>doors to bestiality, pedophilia, child abuse, and
>other godless atrocities.  End this now!

I am amazed at how few self-proclaimed gays see *any humor in
my statements...which shows me how brain dead, malicious,
conniving, and deceptive many are.  Education through
entertainment *is my forte.

My web site kicks (but never licks) butt!

---end article

P.S.: To this original article, I add the following remark:

Do not forget *who coined the term "heterophobia" in the first
place: the Bible-thumping fundamentalist cults. Now, why would
any gay (or gay friendly) person ever want to define another
gay by using a label arising from the KKKristian homophobic which is intentionally created to trivialize and
demean homosexual equality? It truly saddens me, when I hear a
gay brother or sister accuse another of "heterophobia", as if
he or she really believed in the legitimacy of such a term.
Obviously, the "Religious Reich" has done a good job of
infiltrating our gay lexicon and consciousness, in such a way
as to partially usurp our growing pride and self-worth. 

     - Ezekiel J. Krahlin, 11/24/98