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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


© 2004 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

First, read Larry Kramer's frightening and prophetic piece at:

then read my response to it, which I first posted to newsgroup
ba.motss. Here it is:

--begin my response

From: "" 
Newsgroups: ba.motss
Subject: Re: Larry Kramer And The State Of Civil Rights
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 01:04:34 -0800

On 29 Nov 2004 12:01:34 -0800, (David
Kaye) wrote:

> We're either entering the Dark Ages.  The original
> one lasted about 200 years.  I'm wondering if this
> one will last as long, or if it will be a short
> glitch in enlightenment.

It will be a short glitch, IMO. I've just finished reading
Kramer's frightening essay, and respect everything he has to
say, including criticism. However, such almost-complete
nihilism makes his claims only partially true.

I do not have AIDS. Being a bit of a prude, the idea of
catching VD scared me enough to have almost 100% safe sex,
starting long before AIDS was ever known. I've developed quite
a few years back, a spiritual and ethical understanding of
what it means to be homosexual...and some of you are already
familiar with my ideas. They're all on my website, and new
pieces are added as I evolve my philosophy.

I've never respected my brothers who indulged in promiscuity
and hard drug use. Yet I've also done my best to inspire them
to move in better directions. I've also shown compassion and
given hope to homeless gay people. And it hasn't been easy:
I've been bashed twice for it, and even more, almost
constantly belittled and vilified for almost two decades. Yet
I stand firm in my attempts to inspire our Family to become
more united, and loving towards our own.

I foresaw global anti-gay holocaust, long before even Kramer
did. I saw it as clear as day, the moment I learned Pres.
Clinton signed DOMA. But I also saw this Beast of Homophobia
succumbing to its own destruction, after approx. 2-1/2 years
of unbridled terror. I also foresaw a united and successful
revolt by sexual minorities (and allies) on a global level.

I foresaw many unsung heroes and new, surprising leaders rise
around the globe, fighting successful for Queer Liberation. I
know I'm one...and I also suspect hundreds, maybe thousands,
of like-minded souls whose lives have been simply a
preparation for these tremendous times now upon us.

How can we possibly turn around such insurmountable odds? How
can we possibly become so united as to form our own universal
health care, and true family spirit over the world? How can we
wind up as revered heroes to the rest of the world? My answer
can only be this:

Destiny. It's just what is meant to occur. Somehow,
miraculously, we will grasp that ring on the merry-go-round
bull's nose. It's easier to believe, if you believe in a
Creator, or Angels, or Elves, or Spirits. (or whatever). I
don't believe the victory of the Allied Resistance of WWII
could not have occurred without what I'll call "divine
intervention". Many stories of the era, tell of great heroism
which victories depended on remarkable turns of fate: as if a
benevolent hand from above were paving the way.

It is perhaps of utmost import, for speeches like Kramer's to
be heard. For in facing the Demon of Terror, we are better
prepared in knowing what we're up against. But it is of equal
import, to have leaders of great inspiration and optimism, a
la Winston Churchill ("We shall never, never surrender." or
Franklin Delano Roosevelt "(The only thing we have to fear is
fear itself.").

I foresaw a takeover of the Religious Reich long before others
in our community. And, I have been treated badly for many
years; written off as a screwball. But I accept that as part
of my path, to make me strong, and not take every little word
too seriously. What is happening these days, is far more
acceptance and understanding of my viewpoints, and less and
less vilification. I understand this as a sign that my
influence will increase...and well it should, as I truly
believe my ideas of self worth and victory will contribute
much healing and hope for all queers, everywhere.

Many, many people will die of AIDS, and most of them will be
heterosexual, not queer. This also means that many, many
homophobes shall perish. I refer to this time as "The New
Passover"; and I've even written a tale around it:

The Mask of Hours

The great plagues of the Middle Ages created an employee's
market, where wages were high, and all jobs were desperately
needed. So the long term outcome of Our People is not
necessarily one wrought with misery and extinction.

One might regard many of my writings as "prophetic"...though
in using such a word, I only ask you to accept my visions as
having arisen from pagan beliefs, not Christian. I've done all
my work, in that I've described all my visions, written all my
inspirational pieces, and created a database of all my
discussion on Usenet since I first logged onto the Internet
back in 1997.

So if somehow I should die or "disappear" at this point, all
the wisdom I've gained, has been uploaded to my website.
There, you will find ideas on how we can win our rights for
once and for all...using strategies of social engineering
("memes"), psychological terrorism, community bonding, and
right-thinking attitudes. You'll also find a lot of humorous
pieces...for I believe humor to be a very important aspect of
healing, and of ultimate victory.

I fancy myself the Bob Hope of the queer community: one who
lightens hearts and makes the queer troops laugh, that we may
better pass through these difficult times...that we may
joyfully fight the Beast of Homophobia, and finally hack it to
pieces where it shall never rear its ugly head again.

Please do not buy into Kramer's nihilism. Respect it as a
necessary viewpoint to align our forces. Share it with
everyone you know. But don't stop there. Read my works...or
others...who give hope, joy, and inspiration so necessary
these days. My page of links has such resources:

They are there to benefit the LGBT community, anywhere in the
world. My entire website in fact, is dedicated to This Cause.
May courage and joy be yours in such abundance, that nihilism
shall be swept away from this planet in our lives. Walk in
brightness, always.

Zeke Krahlin

Lavender-Velvet Revolution

--end of my response