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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


© 1998 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

There is a certain type of queer, who devotes his time to cult worship
of Satan, Wicca, or some other blend of new-age and ancient...and
fancies himself all-powerful.  Goddess have mercy on anyone crossing
this queen's path...he'll put a hex on you that--should it work--will
have you prowling the gutters in six tentacles, fifteen eyes,
voiceless and insane.  (Good thing these spells never go beyond the
crazed imagination of the queen empress!)

These cults are numerous, under numerous names, but all share a common
thread: nihilism. In the boundless hatred that hetero society pours
upon the souls of gay people, some rebel in self-hatred, by turning
their agonies into a sort of black art (as it were)...similar to how
oppressed pagans began to mimic the Catholic Church by creating mock
masses; which in turn led them to be called "witches" by
self-righteous Jesus worshippers. And--just like these pagans--some
took this game so seriously as to turn it into a true worship based on
hatred and self immolation.

So, prior even to AIDS, we had a well-developed community within a
community, of Satan worshippers (and their ilk), that not only are
part of the gay community, but actually prey upon it.  (Please keep in
mind that I am speaking within the social framework of AmeriKKKa,
only.) So that, in seeking to achieve the misery of a gay brother,
they found a sort of twisted ecstasy. And the more gay associates they
could injure, the more spiritually achieved they became (within their
own nihilistic perspective, of course). So what better scenario could
come along than AIDS...something which even the dark queers did not
imagine they could conjure up.  The ultimate misery: of prolonged, and
excruciatingly painful, end days; even weeks, months, or years!. The
Mother Of All Soap Operas!

So beware, my true brothers of the light...that you may not be tricked
into falling into the clutches of these evil witches, who, I assure
you, are out there actively seeking to destroy your kind.  And what is
your kind? It is: one who truly cares about the liberation of
homosexuals, from this homophobic society...and who would never dream
of injuring a gay compatriot. (I commend our Lesbian family which, for
the most part, has avoided such nihilistic trappings, and as result,
set a better example of same-sex love than have most gay men.)

On the other hand, is the witch, the queer witch, whose greatest
delight is conjuring--and (ideally) witnessing--the misery of another
gay, especially one who is *innocent.  They play cruel and heartless
games in order to poison these innocents, their favorite tools being
alcohol and hard drugs. The innocents are often young, but not always,
and coerced (introduced) to the dark side of life, via cocaine, speed,
booze, and the black arts (in one form or another; there are even
*atheist varieties).

These witches revel in not just the misery and death of their gay
brothers, but even in the misery and failure of the gay community at
large...and even in their own agonizing form of dying.  For don't
forget: they idolize the soap opera:  and what is the soap opera other
than a fascination for the morbid and tragic? They will vociferate
about how much they care about gay rights, as they draw you into their
web with toxic enticements,  and a petty society of bickering and
betrayal. (One way to tell them out, is they always promote
*assimilation into society, not separation...because they really are
against true pride of being gay. You can also tell them out, because
they're not really well educated on any topic, including history;
though they'll pretend to be.) And if you don't watch out, you will
become a jaded not-so-old queen just like them, seeking to poison more
innocents, and undermine in every way conjurable, whatever good
achievements have been made on behalf of gay liberation.

I predict that some day soon (within the early years of the 21st
century), this underground cult of many different names, will be
publicly exposed, and rooted out...with much ado in the news media. Of
course, the homophobic right wing will make the most of it in
attempting to justify the belief that all homosexuals are innately
wicked. It will be revealed in the news media, that approximately 20
percent of the active gay community (in Amerika) was composed of these
turncoats...those who practiced the black art with such hatefulness as
to think nothing of spreading AIDS just for a little nooky, and of
ruining the lives of those who trusted them in marriage, friendship,
work, and play.

But this realization, this expose, of an evil in our midst, will cause
a permanent schism of the gay consciousness, as well as open the door
to the rise of millions of gays across the world (until now,
closeted), to take a stand to show the world that most gays are decent
folk.  And they will condemn, arrest, imprison, and banish their own
evil turncoats, who until their discovery, have worked incredibly evil
achievements to defeat and distort the honorable struggle for gay
liberation. (These turncoats would be as some Jews who became Nazis,
turning in their own people.)

We don't need to look any further than our own gay newsgroups, to find
these witches not just lurking there, but ruling over every
conversation that exists.  They are property owners, upper middle
class, mostly WASP, materialistic, yuppie queer clones...for whom
complete assimilation into the hetero mainstream is their greatest
dream.  For to them it means financial wealth and security, and
superior conditions over people of color, the poor, and all other
disenfranchised folk; including gays who fit those despised categories
(though they be the true homosexual majority). The AmeriKKKan Queer
Dream! We must also include among these witches, those who are *not
in their class, but nevertheless lick their asses, in hope of an
occasional crumb of recognition, power, or money.

And, if you don't maintain a stalwart presence in these newsgroups,
and persistance in views that you know are *right, these nasty queens
will pick apart every word you say, and you along with it (if they
can). I dedicate this brief exposition to a particular witch whom I had 
the gross displeasure of confronting in our gay newsgroups: