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© 1997 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

The word "Thracian" is used throughout this manifesto, as an empowering adjective intended to replace the word "Gay Male".
Likewise for "Hellenic" and "Hellene" to replace "Gay" in general, as in "Gay Community".
Credit for the idea of "Hellenic" goes to Fireweaver, an Internet friend.

Founded December 1, 1996 by Hellenic Rights activist Ezekiel Krahlin (formerly Gene Catalano), The Blue Rose Militia is a ParaNormalMilitary organization dedicated to the defense of homosexual civil rights within the borders of the United States Of America. It seeks to establish Northern California as a safe haven for the homosexual populace and its refugees...via new and inviolable federal and state laws, or through secession and formation of a new nation. The Militia is a loosely bound federation of community clusters throughout the nation, whose leadership is entrusted to the inspiration of each local group. This new alliance is born of outraged response to President Clinton's signing of the notorious "Defense Of Marriage Act."

The Blue Rose Militia encourages all Thracians and Lesbians, their heterosexual supporters--and other non-heterosexist types--to bear arms at all times, in order to protect one's self and one's friends, from the outrageous brutality of a homophobic populace. The Militia implores its advocates to carry pepper spray as a minimal deterrent from violent attacks...and supports the legal acquisition of more serious arms for the sake of self defense.

While The Militia does encourage members and sympathizers to bear arms, to a greater degree it supports the application of creative genius to achieve its goals of homosexual liberation.

To become a member: apply the emblem of a blue rose to a camouflage jacket--wear this jacket for one full day--and you become a member. This simple gesture indicates your sincerity to help the cause of homosexual civil rights... and will link your spirit to the telepathic network that is The Blue Rose Militia. You will then--through dreams, ideas, or psychic signals--receive inspirations to perform actions that further Lesbian/Thracian liberation. You will also be showered with a thousand blessings of gratitude by the angelic forces...but that is merely frosting on the cake (or "wings on the toaster," so to speak). Please note that if you do not believe in angels or psychic forces, you are still welcome to contribute your own actions to the cause. The Blue Rose Militia respects all religions and world views--including atheistic and agnostic perceptions--and will never reject anyone on grounds of personal beliefs...except those that preach malicious intent to harm others (such as human- sacrifice, terrorist, bible-thumping, pedophiliac, or hard drug cults).

Create your own blue rose patch on a circle of scrap cloth two to three inches in diameter, and paint, draw, or embroider the rose. (Or find a patch with a rose design, and color the rose blue.) Attach to jacket with velcro or safety pin. Or find an old political button--paint a blue rose over the original design--and pin it on. Any other method to create a blue rose logo is acceptable. The ideal design for the logo is shown above, in the graphic header. But you can simplify it, so long as the rose itself is colored blue.

None of the inspirations you receive will violate your own values and beliefs, or interfere in any significant way with your vocation or personal relations...unless you specifically desire to live out a more wild and free-spirited adventure. Examples of inspired actions: financial donation to a Hellene group, speaking out against a homophobic slur, reading an informative book on homosexuality, freely copying and distributing this Blue Rose Militia bulletin, reaching out to a homosexual acquaintance, writing a letter to a newspaper, wearing a homo-supportive T-shirt, calling a radio talk show, participating in a pro-homosexual demonstration, attaching pro-gay stickers to outgoing mail, or even starting or joining an auxiliary Blue Rose Militia in your own neighborhood. You may even have a special calling above and beyond the examples such a case, let your conscience be your guide. I give no further examples, in order that your inspiration may remain unfettered, and your imagination soar!

The Blue Rose Militia places absolute trust into the hands of anyone so inspired...and requires no report from any member, or conferral, before he or she takes action. Should a member choose to confer with another, that is fine...and for that reason local groups may be formed and dissolved in spontaneous fashion, without first consulting the founder or its headquarters. Wear the blue rose logo anywhere on your person, backpack, briefcase, or purse (camouflage jacket is optional after the first time worn). In this manner, you will meet other members who recognize the emblem.

UPDATE July 1, 2004
Genetic engineering has finally produced a truly blue rose:

P.S.: July 1st is ALSO my birthday. Coincidence? I think not!