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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin



© 2000 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

Note: the original term for my premise is "NeoChristianity".
But since this optimistic theory really has its roots in my study
of shamanic lore, I finally got around to changing its title as
of November 23, 2005.

I share with many GayFolk a keen appreciation of Wiccan lore;
though I'm sure others hold more specific and extensive
knowledge than myself. I majored in anthropology and world
religions, with a focus on the cultures of Native Americans
(from the Bering Strait to the Tierra del Fuego). I also have
read numerous books about Wicca, the Celtic people, and
shamanism...all of which I have diligently absorbed, and
applied the best of each to my artful practice.

I have evolved my own personal type of spirituality: a sort of
"fusion" of various worldviews, including Christianity...for
which I have coined the term "NeoPositivity". My invention,
NeoPositivity, reveres and teaches the wisdom and dignity of
all world views...though still Christ-centered in the gnostic
sense. Reverence for nature, natural therapy and diet, and joy
of diverse cultures and their unique ways of celebrating
life's experiences. NeoPositivity is 51% matriarchal, and
49% patriarchal, with a whole extensive dimension revering
"Christa", the Female Christ.

Christ as Pegasus; Christ as the King of Elves; Christ as
Lucifer; Christ as that spark of light that started it all,
and joyfully and lovingly is constantly creating new worlds,
new beings, and shaping each of our lives into everlasting
fulfillment and meaning. By the definitions of Christ from the
Catholic Church, Puritanism, and Bible-thumping
fundamentalism, I'd have to say that my Christ is far
more Wiccan than Christian.

I have devoted my life to the practice of White Magic in its
highest revelation: the human soul. And I have triumphed. I
will soon post photos of my art that decorates my humble room,
with descriptions explaining the history and symbolism of each
piece. You will see that my works infuse elements of
paganism/Wicca, shamanism, Judaic/Christian myth,
Zoroastrianism, Greek Myth, and even atheism.

As this world's consciousness ascends into The New Century,
native peoples of every land will regain their eminence over
their own territory...and along with this, a largely
matriarchal and globally-tribal world society: a Class 1
civilization. Part of this--an important part of this--will be
the elevation of Wicca and Druid rites to a very powerful and
respected status. Furthermore: no civilization can leave its
home planet to visit others, without first becoming 100%
homosexual. And being "class 1" includes tentative journeys
through our own Milky Way galaxy, and most-benevolent
neighbor, Andromeda.

Some years back, I was writing a short story called "The Elf
of Gwynnyd Cavern". I never got to finish it, as it was
stolen, along with much other material, including my first
computer: a "Compaq luggable". Strangely (and wonderfully),
when my stories on diskette had begun to pile up, doing a "dir
/w" to view the listing, clearly formed several letters into
one word, when viewed from some distance. That is: the columns
of file names formed large letters: one or two letters for each
column. For example, it's easy to see how a column of file
names all the same length could be read as the letter "i" or
"l" from a distance. Or how another column could be
interpreted as the two letters "E" and "L", and so on. So 
here is the mystery word as it appeared on my Compaq 
luggable screen:
(Please note that the above example is meant to duplicate the
actual "dir /w" resulting display. I did not attempt to
literally replicate the original file names, which I have long

So what was this word that showed up on my Compaq's  tiny
green-on-black monitor? This:


(In all uppercase, that would be: "ELFIN" lowercase,

"The Elf of Gwynnid Cavern" was about a little boy in the Dark
Ages, who was born with six fingers. Thus the ignorant
townfolk regarded him as a spawn of the devil; as they did
anyone with any sort of deformity. So he lived with his father
deep in the woods, to avoid the hateful actions of others. But
one day, some idiots tracked them down, and got hold of the
father, who told his son to "Run, run" and never look back.

The boy lived for quite some time as a lonely drifter of the
forest, until he stumbled onto a deep cavern, from whence a
strange smoke arose. He crawled into the narrow entrance,
weaving this way and that (using stale crumbs to trace his way
back; crumbs which, however, were eaten by a little lizard
that followed him). Finally, the narrow passage opened into a
majestic cavern filled with a glowing, ruddy light.

There, he saw the elf-folk quarrying large blocks of stone
from the earth. And in the center of this immense quarry
rested a dragon; one with shimmering scales of red and green,
just like Christmas colors!  The dragon was in a
beautifully-wrought harness that allowed her to drag several
quarry stones at a time, through the cavern's exit. She would
then take wing, and deposit the stones where more elves were
ready to ease them into their final spots to create what we
know of as Stonehenge. Let me regress a moment: How did the
boy know that the dragon was female? Because she possessed
rows of nipples from which oozed a glossy milk, and which
nourished the boy back to vibrant health.

The wee folk welcomed him into their clan, and the boy was
soon riding on the dragon's back, on their expeditions to and
from the cavern. Once the dragon (who adopted the boy as if he
were her own offspring) learned of his sorrowful past, they
swung around to the evil town in which he was born, and the
dragon, with one powerful burst of fire like a nuclear
detonation, breathed her destruction and vengeance on that
entire village.

On another day, while watching the elves complete their work
on Stonehenge, the dragon dug a deep, deep hole in the center
of this circle of stone monoliths. Then she laid a huge,
transparent egg into the hole, and covered it all up, to the top
of the ground.

The boy came to accept his destiny as the Prince of Elves, and
assumed his rightful reign over the Elf Kingdom. Where were
his elfin mother and father? That was to be revealed by the
end of the story, which I never got to. Nor did I get to the
part when the egg, destined to hatch in a distant future time,
finally hatched. When was this time to be? Now, during our
present lifetime.

So I am not at all your Typical Christian.  Blessed be!   =:)




On Oct. 4, 2000,  Jaguar wrote:

>  Would that your fantasy be true.
>  Life experience tells us otherwise.
>  A wyrd can not be avoided.
>  None can live your life for you.

First of all, you are mixing apples and oranges. I was
originally only discussing the human spirit, not
animals...whose karma is quite different from ours.

You cannot use a bird's death as an example to prove anything
about the human condition. But since you chose a bird as your
case, I described the process. Apparantly, I need to give
further explanation:

The moment the cat started to chase the hapless bird, its soul
migrated into the body of another that already
exists elsewhere, or was instantaneously created out of your
range of site. For the remainder of the chase, an angel spirit
occupied the bird's dying body, until it was finally killed.

The difference between animal-soul migration, and that of
humans, is that an animal's soul can migrate to an existing
body, whereby two or more souls can happily coexist in the
same body indefinitely. In the case of humans, such sharing of
bodies as a result of migration, does not occur. Instead, the
person who is about to die, has his soul suddenly shunted into
the other dimension, where he can witness his own death
process as acted out by an angel now occupying his or her old

If such a person is destined to be a survivor of a gruesome
experience--such as from a Nazi concentration camp--his soul
is finally returned to his original body, after the worst
agonies are over, and have been completely healed. Then, in
collaboration with the angels, he speaks to the world of his
abyssmal suffering at the hands of these evil people. He or
she has become, in essence, a Bodhisattva: one who has earned
the right to enter heaven, but instead decides to return to
earth in order to liberate more people. This is an act of
compassion, a sacrifice that only glorifies himself and God,
and the human spirit.

He has an unbreakable pact with the angels, to never discuss
the real truth: of his visit to Heaven, and return to act out
an incredible plot for the sake of humanity.

>  Your explainations are CHRISTIAN ones.
>  Not Wiccan, not Neo-Pagan.

False. Many Christians would see my viewpoints as

> There are no Angel-Actors to step in to substitue for
> the unpleasant bits. There is no learning if there are
> no errors.

What is most interesting is your point of view: you cling to a
belief system that demands extraordinary suffering as a
necessary part of life, and of spiritual awakening. Now that I
have offered a much more God-loving alternative philosophy,
one wonders why you would choose to continue in your
nihilistic world view. This says a lot more about the person,
than it does the final truth.

And the final truth is this: that our Creator is far more
loving than you can imagine; than most people can imagine. He
would *never subject any of His wondrous children to such
unspeakable suffering. Instead, He contrived this grand,
incredible plot to *teach us lessons of compassion, by
witnessing the supposed suffering of others...rather than
letting *anyone go through such horrid trials.

This philosophy of such a loving God is *not part of Christian
theology, after all. It is far more in line with neo-paganism,
which has a much better grasp on the gentleness of mother
earth and her creatures.

>  Life feeds on life.

Not in the way you mean it. Not at all.

> You, due to your bias, are terrified of the
> patterns of nature.

Nonsense, I hold them in great reverence. I am quite capable
of letting go of such beliefs that define nature as harsh,
suffering, and uncaring.

> Little wonder you take refuge in Christian
> myth & symbols, where nature is considered
> cursed.

Untrue, again. I see all of nature, and me along with this, as
incredibly blessed. I use many pagan and wiccan symbols in my
personal theology, which I coin "NeoChristianity".

> However, your symbols are NOT pagan ones,
> no matter how hard you try to pass them
> off as such.

A cross is not ultimately pagan? The four directions? The tree
of life? Oh, come on now. The true seed of Christianity--all
but forgotten by most Christians, but not by true pagans--is
that we are all crucified, by virtue of just being conscious.

>  Joy & sadness, pleasure & pain... life covers them all.

I didn't say we don't experience suffering. What I am saying,
is that God (or Goddess, as you see fit) never lets us suffer
more than we can bear.

Many blessings to you, and all others who jump to conclusions
about my perspectives. But I do know exactly what I'm about,
and my purposes in this of them being to speak out
to wiccan groups...which groups hold the truth of Christ far
better than most Christians. In celebrating the coven of 13,
they imitate the Great White Witch who is Yeshua of Nazareth,
with His 12 handsome (and really well hung, you better believe
it) disciples.

Why do you think Yeshua spoke in parables so often? Because he
chose his circle of followers based on their physical traits,
more than on their mental brilliance. Yeshua liked his buddies
hunky and not so smart. It came down to this: "Shut up and put
out". He had some real studs for soulmates.

Oh, yeah, and the true Yeshua was not the one crucified on the
cross. Like Jesse James, he found some hapless look-alike to
use, to make people believe he really had died. Actually,
Yeshua lived to the ripe old age of 92, carving out a
comfortable living selling fermented barley and grapes to
wandering pilgrims along the Via Dolorosa.

P.S.: The guy who was crucified was actually a time traveller
who wanted to witness Christ's story firsthand. Sadly, he was
in the wrong place at the right time!  :o)




Applying my new quasi-pagan philosophy of "NeoPositivity" to
The Holocaust, I have to conclude that the neo-Nazis are
correct in claiming that it never actually occurred. Granted,
I'm approaching this from a different direction than Nazis,
but the outcome is the same: there was no real holocaust. As I
said earlier, God would never let any of his children suffer
such horrors of war; that he'd first remove the souls from any
bodies about to undergo great torment. And surely, this
Holocaust qualifies as an experience too horrible for any
human to deserve, or endure. (This also applies to the Vietnam
War, which I will touch upon a little later.)

Actually, it was a memorable encounter with a skinhead that
led me to this conclusion about The Holocaust; which then
inspired me to develop this ground-breaking NeoPositive
philosophy. Several weeks ago (late September 2000) after the
sun had set, I was reading from my Faggot Bible at Harvey Milk
Plaza; when a very husky, young and blonde-haired man came up
to me and put his strong arm around my neck, while listening
to me read the poem "Welcome to Athenia". He then said (still
leaning against me, arm draped over my shoulders) with a thick
German accent: "I like what you are saying. You know, I am a
skinhead, a neo-Nazi, and we usually bash queers like you. But
you are different, you speak of important things. Read me
another poem, please."

So I then read one dedicated to my Nam Vet lover, Randolph;
the one entitled "Bring My Soldier Home to Me". My Nazi friend
liked that one a whole lot, and offered to protect me should
anyone give me a hard time in public. "You're no faggot," he
said, "you're different. What do you like to be called? Gay?"
So I said, "Actually, I like the word 'Thracian', because it's
a much more noble and warrior-type word for a gay man." And he
liked that, too.

So I read another poem to him, and while reciting, a gay man
walked by and remarked under his breath: "Screw you". My new
companion jumped to alert, and said, "See! That's a faggot,
not a gay...not Thracian. Want me to rough him up?" I said,
"No, that's not necessary. Later on, when I get really
infamous, I'm sure your support will be greatly needed." (I
loved the idea of my own bodyguard while reading my gay
screeds in public. But for now, my only protection is a
canister of pepper spray.)

He spoke also, of how the neo-Nazis are misunderstood in some
very important ways; that they are fighting to preserve the
German culture, they are not all bad. I respectfully listened
to him, and offered no argument in my attempt to hear his side
of the story. I don't remember all the particulars he spoke,
due to his difficult accent and broken English; but before we
parted, he asked me to write my phone number on his arm, so he
could call me tomorrow. After scrawling my number just above
his wrist, and saying our goodbyes: it struck me how similar
the numbers looked (due to where they were placed) to those
that were embedded on the arms of concentration camp

The guy never phoned me, but the next evening I thought
further on our encounter, when a vision came to me, through
whom spoke the Norse god Odin. He revealed wondrous images of
the northern climes: the beautiful lands of snow and ice,
kingdom of the Vikings. "We are a very strong people," boasted
Odin "We will protect you, we will vindicate you."

Then I saw a picture of the Greek gods and goddesses being
decimated in a horrible war in the skies...until the Norse
gods came to their rescue. And since then, the Greek and
Viking gods have been great comrades to each other. Now, I--as
representative of the Elf Clan/Gay Community--am appealing to
these Nordic deities to help us win our rights, our freedom.
Odin said, "Do not fear us, we hear you, and we love you. You
shall be victorious."

Then I understood certain other aspects about neo-Nazism. For
one, I have the philosophy that there is no death or
unspeakable suffering. So now, knowing or believing what I do,
how could I ever honestly tell a neo-Nazi that he is 100%
wrong? Based on my philosophy, I have to admit that they are
right on at least one vital issue: the Holocaust never really
happened, in the way most people think it did.

So how do I explain the Jews, in their role of scapegoat?
Well, they were willing scapegoats to be blamed for not
sharing their wealth with the rest of Germany, in order to
bail them out of economic devastation. In other words, the
Jews knew their role ahead of time, and acted out of great
compassion, this sacrifice of being the reviled
order to result in the maturing of the German culture, that
would finally give the world a more enlightened Europe that
will pave the way towards world democracy and global peace.
This is what WWII accomplished, and thus, by direct
association, credit must also go to Hitler and the Nazi
movement. I therefore conclude that Jews and Nazis
collaborated in order to fulfill this dramatic scenario...or
at least, certain ones of importance and influence.

So I think some neo-Nazis revere Hitler as some Satanists
honor Satan: that in his willfully playing the role of evil,
many of us were provided the opportunity to become heroes, by
challenging this demon. Not that you should actually do
anything that Satan (or Hitler) says, but that you should
respect his role in the scheme of things. Without evil in this
world, there would be no chance for us to be tested, and
offered many chances to become a true hero. Now, by God's
mimicking of great atrocities, he averts such actual, horrid
suffering; while at the same time makes us believe it really
occurs to such an extreme, in order that we may learn the
lessons of compassion and courage.

As a result of the lessons of WWII--this challenge thrown in
our faces by Hitler's Nazis--we now have a vibrant European
culture evolving the most progressive forms of democracies the
world has ever seen. So I believe that I have found a handle
on respecting at least one important aspect of our
contemporary neo-Nazis. And if the German people at large took
up this sense of respect, it is more likely that the neo-Nazis
will listen better to the points of view coming from the other
side, and thereby defuse what could become a dangerous
precedent, and repetition of Nazi terror.

And one more aspect of the neo-Nazi movement that I think has
justification: foreigners coming into other countries, and not
respecting the culture they're now living in, and remaining
isolated from one generation to the next; never assimilating.
A good example of this is the Chinese: they have a huge
population and land mass far exceeding any other culture...a
huge chunk of earth's real estate. Yet when they come into
other countries--many occupying a much smaller portion of
earth's land mass--they tend to create larger and larger
Chinatowns, thus threatening to water down or even wipe out
the native culture. This does rightfully upset people, and
could give rise to racist discrimination and violence...if the
Chinese don't learn to assimilate into, and acquire more of,
their adopted culture. After all, if they really want to
remain so exclusively "Chinese", they already have all of
China to return to. How much more land do they want?

And I believe this resentment of outsiders threatening to
eradicate the native culture, is another understandable aspect
of the neo-Nazi movement.

Before departing, Odin then presented to me a vision of the
Next Ice Age, to start soon (some time in the early part of
this century)... triggered by global warming. I saw wondrous
cities and parks all built of ice and snow, as the majority of
the human race adapted to the Arctic climate taking over most
of this planet for the next 50,000 or so years. And who better
than the northern gods to protect us, and teach us how to live
in harmony and great joy, among the icy realms of Asgard? (To
read of an earlier vision I had of the Norse Gods, see my
tale, "Visit To Valhalla".)

So the Norse gods--at least in metaphor--rule over all gods of
all other cultures...they are the ultimate protectors of this
planet. Preserving their mythology is therefore paramount; and
by extension so is preserving the German culture. After all,
were it not for the flooding of Germanic peoples across all of
what we now call "Europe", in the early Middle Ages, we'd
never have this wonderful European culture that grew of it. We
owe much to the Germans, and thus we owe some consideration to
trying to understand better, this neo-Nazi phenomenon.

Today, I just looked up "Odin" in my electronic encylopedia,
to learn this:

"Odin (Old Norse Odhinn, Anglo-Saxon Woden, Old High German
Wódan, Woutan), in Norse mythology, king of the gods. His two
black ravens, Huginn ("Thought") and Muninn ("Memory"), flew
forth daily to gather tidings of events all over the world. As
god of war, Odin held court in Valhalla, where all brave
warriors went after death in battle. His greatest treasures
were his eight-footed steed, Sleipner, his spear, Gunger, and
his ring, Draupner. Odin was also the god of wisdom, poetry,
and magic, and he sacrificed an eye for the privilege of
drinking from Mimir, the fountain of wisdom."

The part about his sacrificing an eye struck me like Thor's
bolt of lightning: I have just recently suffered a temporary
partial blindness of my left eye, due to an inflamed retina.
Now recovering fully, I take this experience as a physical
manifestation of the spritual metaphor for my own new-found
wisdom, especially that gained from Odin's incredible


This truth of atrocities not really occurring, but actually an
incredible "scam" (so to speak) to teach us lessons without
doing ugly damage to any innocent souls, can and should be
applied, of course, to all wars in our long history. This
includes the Vietnam veteran of which I greatly
love, who is Randolph Louis Taylor. Now, here's a man who
suffered (and may still suffer) terribly from knowing the
horrible crimes in which he participated. Granted, many
veterans of war are capable of forgiving themselves for such
atrocities, usually after many years' period of healing.
However, there are some people who, like Randolph, just could
never forgive themselves, unless they really were shown
(somehow) that they never actually did commit such crimes in
the first place...that it was all a dupe for their own
spiritual growth!

I therefore now realize (thanks to another angelic vision),
that my philosophy of NeoPositivity is a liberating force to
our surviving Nam Vets still suffering the ordeals of
war...and likewise to all our veterans of war and other times
of great horror. But these wonderful, heroic, and
long-suffering veterans cannot be tricked into believing this
new revelation...they must somehow be given actual,
unquestionable proof that they never commited great sins. How
this will be proven is beyond me at this time, but my angels
tell me all mysteries shall soon be unravelled in this matter,
for all the world to witness. I am joyful for Randolph's sake,
and for the sake of all our fine veterans. Semper fidelis!


Applying my NeoPositive philosophy of a truly-benevolent God,
to other traumatic eras of human history, will likely result
in profound insights never before considered: a new twist as
it were, on old events. So, like taking a second look at
neo-Nazi revisionism, we must now take a second look on all
important events in history by applying my NeoPositive
theory, to see what surprising insights await us on our new
adventures into the realm of mind and spirit, that have been
there all along, just waiting for the time we are ready to
explore. You might call this, perhaps, a new field of science:
"Psychic Archaeology".

ADDENDUM: Some of my comments from a Wiccan newsgroup, re.
my Neo-Positivity essay:

---Message 1 of 3:

On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 00:37:50 +0200, Theo Paijmans

>Obviously you have never visited the remains of a
>Nazi deathcamp yourself.

I refuse to believe in a Creator who'd allow such evil to
really occur. This includes babies being victims of war. Thus,
in so refusing, I have developed a philosophy that effectively
gives us back a loving God, without distorting events or
denigrating the noble history of the Jews or any other people.

Visiting a Nazi death camp will not change my mind, I am sure.
As a gay person, I have experienced firsthand, the evils of
homophobia, including its manifestation of AIDS: the failure
of our heterocentric society to intervene with any semblance
of compassion.

By my philosophy, no matter how "real" the situation seems to
you, or how "real" the evidence seems...nonetheless, the
actual souls that inhabited these victimized bodies were
switched to the heavenly dimension prior to any possibility of
ungodly suffering.

>Go on then, dream about Odin.

Your quick rejection of my philosophy only proves you are
totally addicted to believing in abject horror as a
reality...even though I have found a way around it.

So go on then, dream about horror.

---Message 2 of 3:

On Wed, 18 Oct 2000 05:10:27 GMT, "Aislinn White Rose"

>WoW what an excuse for not doing anything....Well
>thats ok they can rape and murder you .

Beg pardon, but, that is not my point at all...and I think
that most people who give my premise more than a cursory read,
would agree with me. News flash: history is riddled with nasty
folks who *believe all this horror occurs literally, and
*still sit back and never resist.

I would think that those who are friends and relatives of such
victimized people (as in the Holocaust, or Vietnam War) would
be greatly *relieved to discover that their loved ones did
*not meet such a brutal demise. Don't you?

However, there are references to my philosophy in most
religions...just they are not primary in their teachings. The
typical remark "Death is an illusion" has been echoed through
the ages by many wise people.

>I will just walk away cause you know, your not
>really in your body now and you aren't feeling it,
>besides it is Gods will

Oh, no, again you have not thought through my ideas very well,
at all. Obviously (to most any reader), we are *seduced into
believing that such horrors really happen...and thus, in so
believing, our reactions to such events test our true mettle.
The most courageous are those who stand up to such perceived
evil, at risk of their own death or torture.

It is only later--when we have learned all of life's major
lessons--that the truth is revealed: that such horrors were
only contrived, rather than actually manifest. And IMO this
philosophy is the *only way one can reckon belief in a loving
creator, while at the same time accepting the apparant horrors
in mankind's history.

Take the KKKristians, as an example. They believe in a loving
god, yet still believe that the worst horrors of humanity
actually manifest literally, all the way. IMO, they are only
half right. There is *no way a loving god would have such evil
manifest. The KKKristians, apparantly, have accepted rote
ideas, and therefore failed to think through a true definition
of a "loving god", and what that really implies. I have.

And I give credit to pagan ideas that led me to my belief
system...thus, the name "neo-Christianity" to separate it from
conventional KKKristianity. That is: I have "paganized" the
KKKristian religion, and thus cleansed it of its intrinsic

---Message 3 of 3:

On Wed, 18 Oct 2000 05:10:27 GMT, "Aislinn White Rose"

>WoW what an excuse for not doing anything....Well
>thats ok they can rape and murder you .

Furthermore, YOU DON'T KNOW at what point the person who is
suffering, has his or her soul leave that body. Only the
spiritual beings attending him/her know this. It is not up to
you to pass such judgement; it is your karmic duty to assume
that person needs all the love, comfort, healing, triage, and
whatever other attention is necessary to end his or her

But if you have done all you can, but to no avail, you of
course must walk away with a saddened heart. My philosophy
offers redemption from such sadness, in a way that no other
conventional religion offers. And does so without compromising
whatever religion or world view that person presently prefers.
You need not call my idea "neo-Christianity"; you could call
it "neo-Judaism" or "quasi-paganism", or even "neo-Neo" for
that matter. One may even just attach my philosophy to one's
current belief system, if you so please.