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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that it remain intact and
complete, including title and credit to the original author:
Ezekiel J. Krahlin.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


(c) 2001 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

September 18, 2001

I must say, this Age of Aquarius has certainly started off
with a big bang! Do you know that this is the perfect
opportunity for you to use whatever talents you have, to claim
victory for our Queer Family? In this New Age of Miracles, not
is all as it seems, and thus grief may be wasted on happy
souls, while joy is spent on "les miserables". For the time
prophecied by Thomas in His Gospel is now: "When the in
becomes the out, the out becomes the in [and I don't think He
was speaking of belly buttons, but that's okay], the forward
becomes backward, the backward forward, yes means no and no
means yes, gay means sad and sad means gay...then will our
Lord return to establish Heaven On Earth."

Now, the above was not a true quote, but a paraphrase, as I
don't have the Aquarian Gospels at hand. But I do trust my
angels that what I am channeling is reasonably accurate. After
all, it's only our souls at stake here, so how important is it
really, that I have the Gift of the Spoken Word and of
Discernment? In truth, it is ULTIMATELY IMPORTANT TO 

It is also a gift, for which I am eternally grateful and
joyful. Nah, "joyful" is but a weak description of this rush
of gold benevolence streaming through my veins; I can barely
sit still in this celestrial rapture of God's Heart in mine.
Yea, who protects me, protects the Holy Grail as well! (Let
those who have ears to hear and eyes to read, gather round me
to form a protective shield, for I remain virtually alone and
totally vulnerable to whatever comes my way...for creating my
militia of soldiers seems a rather constipated process, still,
even in these desperately outrageous times.)

May you be awakened to your mission in achieving Queer Glory:
that you may play your sacred role through your own
gifts...whether of painting, writing, dancing, speaking,
healing, joking, fighting, stealthing, hacking, or just plain
neighborly cup-o-sugar stuff. What is won through art, through
the heart a la carte, is won forever. So be smart! Any
physical acts of offense or defense must be part of your art,
or they shall fail you. But if be violent you must (to save
your soul or another's), weave it into your dance, or your
poems, or your stand-up comedy, or whatever the angels call
you to manifest. For we each are blessed with abundant
talents, though they be but unsprouted seeds, still, in your
bosom. Now, I come along like Mistress Mary Quite Contrary, to
water my garden, so bright with gay colors of every rainbow

Let Northern California be your beacon, for Liberty's Torch
burns brightly here! Soon, a temple dedicated to Athena shall
be built, to honor wisdom and women's suffrage, and lesbian
pride. At present, what stands now is a 4-story building-- 
1/2-block long with a flat-iron corner graced with a tower, 
covered in black netting like a shroud--that the crew may 
remove and replace old stucco with new. However, by the
time the veil is lifted (by Christmas 2001), we shall have our
world's first gay church, this temple! And I live there now,
in the heart of the heart of Gay Mecca: the Castro. The
building is numbered 2306.

And when the church is unveiled, so shall my Final Testament
(or "The Faggot Bible") suddenly appear in every book shop in
the world, as well as in every motel and hotel desk drawer,
replacing Gideon's Bible.

So, is there hope for us after all? Yes, Virginia, there is
not only hope, but extraordinarily benevolent intervention
about to shower us in Apollo's sun beams. Stay tuned for
further updates and inspirations by the Chief of Thracians: