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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin




(c) 1998 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

hello again
angel randolph

what you really sent me when you mailed that photograph
was your big bright beautiful smile
and when I saw that gorgeous grin
like the brilliance of the rising sun
the ice age ended for me

     i'm a little old-fashioned
     never bother to cook my mastodon
     in a microwave
     or even shake n bake it
     for that matter

and the eternal spring cast its first
rays of golden light on my heart

the little buddie that has stood
beside you for so long
now opens his first petals
to the radiance of your soul

     just watch me grow and change into
     your boy of sweet innocence
     you are truly a man to admire
     as the flowers turn their faces
     to the sun
     i turn my heart to you
     and our arms embrace each other
     across this great continent
          can't wait to explore
          your continental divide

what great fun it is     to shoot our wads
at each other across three thousand miles

     my cup runneth over with the nectar
     of your masculine seed
     don't stop now babe cause i'm ridin'
     my big bronco in the sky

          i weep tears of joy across your broad shoulders
          and the great rains fall upon the world

          even daddies need daddies
          so i service you with a lube job
               change of oil
          and pump you full of high octane premium
          like the hot stud that i am
          cum to me for service
          and you'll always get a lot of freebies and "bonerses"
          my supply is stocked for eternity and i'd rather
          give it away to a loyal comrade
               than let it build up     or
               sell it for dirt

love me randolph
as no one ever has loved me before
love me for the child that i am
     so wondrously wrought by gods loving hands
     according to the blueprints of your dreams

know that i am still a virgin      like mom
     an embarrassing confession
     though zeus will do anything for a
     thunderous laugh
          is it my fault that i'm the butt of his jokes
               though the butt of his dreams as well?

love me randolph
for i see the world through innocent eyes
and can never understand man's unkindness
     even satan is my good buddie
     for i cannot conceive of a god
     that does not love every single one of his creations
i believe we are all given the keys to the gate
     some sooner    some later
and since the first shall be last
and the last shall be first

     it seems that lucifer should be the first
          lucifer   myself    your first begat
          radiant angel of light
          sacrificed as the supreme test
          for the endurance of our souls
          which you have so incredibly wrought
               o blacksmith of olympia

the scent of the flower of my soul
is for your olfactory nerves only
and as i open to you     my star
the jet stream of angels shall waft my pollen
over lovely amish country
and reach that adorable sexy nose of yours
     and when it hits    will it hit

     you think i'm acting silly and foolish
     now       this is gonna be lots of fun
     to see you grow into god himself
          through my eyes only
     and you yearn so bad to be with me
     that you'll break loose from your cast
          lo and behold  thou art healed
          this very moment

     and take the first jet you can to san francisco

     you will become a puppy in my hands
          for you already are this in my heart
               as i surely am to you
     i'll have no less than your absolute trust
     for you now know
          beyond a shadow's doubt
     that you can really trust me
     with all your heart

          and what a sterling heart you have
          my silver maned stallion
          how lovely you look in that picture
          your hair is becoming a crown of pure silver
               what a man     what a father
          would that
               if you feel like delighting
               the heart of your little pony
          you send a lock of your hair
          that i may carry it close to my heart
               in a locket
          at all times
               until the day i am finally
               in your cool strong arms
          it would well ease my pain for lack of thou
          and is a most romantic old-fashioned custom
          of true love and friendship

               oh but i shall sleep eternally
               should you spurn my soul's call
               to his mate

i sing for thou     and only thou
     my dearest little chipmunk
     my light of salvation
     my knight in shining armor
     my fountain of joy
     my father

     builder of dreams
          is there not a single dream of mine
          that you won't fulfill?
               architect of the universe that i am
               i nevertheless beg of you
               not to overestimate my skills
               for i am still an apprentice
          thou dost honor me greatly beyond any dream
          i ever had
               i know full well
          but i beseech thee to take a day off
          and get some rest        good man

          besides   i have been left alone to guard your house
          while you've been slaving away all day at the factory
          and a lonely heart is not what you want for me
               i've only been trying to get that through
               your lovely preoccupied head

now randolph you do understand my situation
     i am very certain
the hour is now and the time is short
and i need to be in your arms
before the curtain falls on this first act

     there is infinite strength confidence
     and joy from two comrades in love
     fighting armageddon at each other's side

your heel has been healed with a more durable steel    achilles
hasten to my side on winged feet   mercury
o    belerephon     the first horse of the apocalypse
let me mount you so we can lead the armies to the battlefield

     rear your head with pride     sexy steed
     as we forge through the dark flanks
     of satan's cohorts       counting a victory
     for each head we anoint
          and all shall be anointed

our love is the victory
celebrate now  for the weapons we bear are
arms of joy
arms of devotion
arms of humor
arms of flowers
arms of smiles
and armfuls and armfuls of boys
     and they are all invincible

          and best of all     i get to lick the good humor man's
          humongous popsicle
               as long as my little heart so desires
          and he always keeps a full supply in the freezer
               so i can thaw them out with my tongue
               and roll the vanilla ice cream in my mouth
               before gulping it down

dad       thou art my sundae special
drive up in a truck
cause it rhymes with fuck
drop your change belt and shove that
pink hard treat where it tastes most sweet
then let me daddy daddy let me
do you any way i please

     the only popsicle for which i yearn is yours daddy
     all the others smell so bad i can't even get near them

     let me tear off your shirt
     and rest my head on your manly chest
     as i reach through your fly to find something
          big to suck on
     and let me slide those spotless white pants
     over your muscular legs
          which you raise in the air to
          ease me on home

please daddy please let me do even more
let me make your big nest slippery with my saliva

     your buoyant eggs shall ride
     the waves of ecstasy

let me taste the sweetness of your crown
     and the first dew that drops on my lips
let me pierce your tight sphincter
with the dart of my slippery tongue
and let me raise your legs so that i can pierce
even deeper

     my hot breath smothering your fiery balls
     your cock so stiff it feels like it's going to
     burst from your skin

          what bursts instead is a fountain of ice cream
          for we are in candyland

and daddy
don't stop cumming  ever
i am your only child     your boy
who shall always thirst for your manhood
without satiation

     squirt yourself all over me
     and glide your rough hands over
          my face
          my shoulders
          my chest
          my back
          my belly
          my waist
          my hips
          my ass

               do this for me
               and my thighs will quiver to be open to
                    yet always resist
               the plunge of your finger reaching for the button
               that ejaculates me into whatever opening
               you put before me

i will always cum every moment we touch
so you'll have to spend several delightful more minutes
to sweeten me for the true coupling

     the moment i start rubbing my nest into yours
     i'll explode all over you
     and you'll have to tie me down
     in order to get me through the gate
          but then i'll really buck
          and you'll have to grab onto my horn
          to keep me down

and please daddy
wrap your strong arms and legs around me
to keep me down deep
deep inside you

     for when i finally emerge
     you will jerk in spasms of cum
     as i yank it out and plunge it in many times
          i will do it slow
               and do it fast
          i will do it smooth
               and do it hard
          but i will always do it good
          and do it so sweet
          your tongue will hang from your mouth
               yearning to wrap it around my fat joystick
               even though you can't
               because st. peter is busy shoving you
               through the pearly gates

                    entering heaven is like passing
                    through the eye of the sphincter

sudden    you relax
drop your heavy-muscled calves onto my back
and i slide the last three inches into you

     easily    easily         safely
     locked in heaven's mansion
     we moan our eternal comradeship to each other
     as my river of love flows smoothly through the gates
     into the land of milk and honey

my darling father
i want to bring you so much joy
i ache with need for you
the joy you already bring to me
     though three thousand miles away
is already far beyond what even i
     your very talented son
could begin to describe

     my talents spring from the loins of inspiration
     thou art that fountain from which i drink

          oh, i shiver to even think of your loving
          caresses on my trembling flank
          this little pony is so incredibly blessed
          to rest his muzzle on the powerful legs
          of his silver stallion stud

randolph       goodest and bestest friend for all time
i feel like i am your doctor who delivers you
only i am easing your rebirth into your soul's
next level     heaven
god has given me the incredible honor
to be your midhusband
     to make your new birth painless as possible
     and to stand guard to spank you
          should you have difficulty with

          your first breath
you are in confident hands my son
this is my specialty
i have already delivered you
without so much as a painful twinge of response
     so that you didn't even realize you were birthing

          now look around you randolph
               after reading this letter
          and see for yourself that it is a different
          and better
          world out there

then come to my side
for i have worked round-the-clock for many days
in order to be sure of a perfect birth for my love

     and i shall collapse in your arms
     with complete confidence that
          as my doctor now
     you will ease my own birth into heaven

     and into your heart