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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


©1998 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

1:     "Did anybody visit you last night?"
2:     "No.  No One knocked on my door."

1:     "I see.  So what did you do?"
2:     "I let No One in."

1:     "And did you feel safe doing that?"
2:     "Well, if it was just Anybody, I would have been a
        little concerned; but I'm not scared of No One."

1:     "And why is that?"
2:     "Well, I guess it's because No One is a stranger to me,
        and I always give Anybody the benefit of the doubt."

1:     "But I thought you didn't like Anybody anymore."
2:     "That's true, but I like No One a whole lot more than
        Anybody else."

1:     "And why is that?"
2:     "Because No One brings me flowers, and Anybody does

1:     "That's very sweet, but did he really BUY them, or
        pluck them from a garden?"
2:      "It's the thought that counts, so I asked No One."

1:     "Oh!  And what did he say to THAT?"
2:     "No One said the same thing that Anybody would say,
        given the situation."

1:     "Which was?"
2:     "Well, No One looked me straight in the eyes and said,
        'What do YOU think?' and I said:  'It's not what I
        THINK that counts, it's what I SAY.'"

1:     "Was THAT your answer?"
2:     "No, it was THIS; but No One could ever be sure."

1:     "So you said THIS to No One?"
2:     "Exactly."

1:     "Since No One really knows the truth, I think I'll ask
        him myself."
2:     "Geez.  I don't understand why No One trusts me."

1:     "Maybe that's because you didn't let Anybody in, and No
        One is very flattered by that."
2:     "Could be...but then, No One had such a beautiful
        smile, I couldn't kick him out."

1:     "Wow!  You mean No One stayed overnight with you?"
2:     "That's right.  No One crawled right into bed with me.
        And THAT told me something right there!"

1:     "Oh?  And what did THAT tell you?"
2:     "THAT told me I can have Anybody if I want, but No One
        is better!"

1:     "Jesus Christ!  Did you really get it on with No One?"
2:     "I sure did.  No One wanted to fuck me, but I was a
        little hesitant."

1:     "Did No One finally ram it up your ass?"
2:     "Well, No One was there, so it couldn't have been

1:     "Wow!"
2:     "Yeah.  No One showed me a really good time last

1:     "Think you two will get together again?"
2:     "My God, I hope so.  He's a really fine man...not like
        Anybody, who dumped me for Someone Else!

1:     "Now, now, don't pity yourself.  After all, very few
        guys are lucky enough to get it on with just Anybody."
2:     "Oh, I know that!  But No One showed up with flowers,
        not Anybody."

1:     "You sure it wasn't Anybody, and you're not making this
        all up?"
2:     "Well, No One is here right now, so why don't you ask

3:     (No One speaks.)